Aug 9, 2010

Soccer time = Vuvuzela time. Nooooo!

This  past weekend inlcuding today I made 60 empandas and a shit load of hot sauce to go with it.
On Saturday, I ate so much GOOD food that is soooo HORRIBLE for you, but I don't care because my tummy was ok with it.

Tomorrow, we are going to the USA vs. Brazil soccer game.  It's going ot be MAYHEM.  I. Can't. Wait.

My best friend is coming, along a vuvuzela.  Shoot me now. There's going to be around 70,000 of these in the stadium  because the game is practically sold out.  CRAZINESS. I might not be able to hear on Wednesday, but oh well.

So, tomorrow I plan to have super duper fun at the soccer game!!!!  I'll  be bringing my camera along too. Wooooo.. it's going to be fun.

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