Aug 9, 2010

Sharks fist pump in murky water and at sunset. Trust me, 100% fact from Shark Week. Jersey style.

Things the hubs and I learned from watching Shark Week.
  1. Don't swim in the murky water because that's were bull sharks go to work out and get all guido looking.
  2. Don't go swimming during sunset because that's when sharks get their tan on if they run out of tanning spray. 
  3. People who spear fish are at the most risk.  Let's think of spear fishers as the bartenders at the club.  The shark isn't going to tan and  pump muscle for nothing, he's going to get his drink on.
  4. Sharks love to fist pump their fins.  They're very good at it.
  5. They love house music.
  6. They eat seals in one bite.
  7. Figured I put a fact in there that had no jerseyisms to it. You're welcome.
Yeah, sharks are dangerous and shit can happen when you're in the ocean.  It's a risk you take when you stick your toe in the ocean.  Remember people, we would kill a shark if it was walking down the street because it's scary and dangerous.  Same concept for humans in ocean. We're in their turf.  Be watchful and stay tuned for next year's Shark Week.  I hear it's going to be even more awesome.


jules said...

HA HA HA. I love the Jersey Shore/Shark Week combination! What could be better?

Brittany said...


who'da thunk snookie and sharks had so much in common!!!!