Aug 16, 2010

My fridge has a life of it's own

So our fridge has been "singing' periodically the last couple of weeks.  Sounds like the motor is acting up.
We've been praying for the fridge to last as long as it could because we just can't buy a new fridge, but today has changed that.  Since this morning, the fridge has been singing non-stop.  It's the most annoying sound on the world ever!!!!!  I just looked at my husband and told him that it's driving me crazy and I might just snap in the middle of the night.  LOSING. MY. FREAKING. MIND.

Stupid fridge.  Guess we're going fridge shopping.. Ugh!

Think of the sound as a high pitch beeping noise that occasionaly starts to spurt noises then go back to high pitch beep.  Pray that I live through the night before I gather the strength to pick up the fridge and throw it out the window.


rite said...

lol hilarious! My fridge always sounds like it is stomping in the middle of the night. (really its just making ice and overflowing the ice tray) But its really annoying and wakes me up every time!

Have a wonderful week!
Hope you fridge gets fixed soon!


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hahahaha - oh boy - my fridge sounds like a hungry stomach when the ice maker gets going.

~Tom~ said...

No wonder you deal with migraines. It would make me crazy enough to unplug the thing at night and pray it held till morning.

Blogs said...

I can hear it...time for a new one:)