Aug 17, 2010

My back is for sale

Do you know anyone who might need a back?

The specs are:
Back from petite girl who is only 5 feet tall (she's not short, but fun-sized)
Serious inquiries only. I'll sell it for a penny. 
The back is in bad condition, especially the lower part.  It feels as if a truck ran over it.  With a little bit of maintenance it can be up and running in no time. 

Ugh.  I wish I can swap my  back today. Sitting in this stupid office chair isn't helping it either!  
Hope you're day is going better!  

PS. I haven't thrown out the fridge out of the window yet.  BUT it is still making that awful noise!


Pollyanna said...

You poor thing! Have you tried a small pillow behind your back? And sometimes one of those angled foot rests can help too.

Mystery Berry said...

Lol.I have a quick and painless solution. It's this really great product called Mona.Vie Active. It has fruit like tasting with a Chocolate over tone. The part that makes it great is the gluscosamine that should resovle the problem quickly. 4 oz a day keeps the pain away.

Aimee said...

Awwww Im sorry. Back pain sucks... You should get a massage :)

Hillary said...

Aw, no fun! I have back issues too and it sucks! I hope you're feeling better soon.