Aug 25, 2010

Birthday weekend extravaganza!

So, this weekend was fun filled!  I went to Orlando, FL along with close friends, not to celebrate my birthday, but for a big convention for our personal business, MonaVie!  The event was called Family Reunion and boy was it fun!  It was a weekend filled with motivational and inspirational emotion!  Such an amazing blessed weekend!  God has been good to us.  Of course, being that I was flying to Florida the day of my birthday, I made sure to let everyone know that I was the BIRTHDAY GIRL.  How did I do that? By wearing a sash that says "Another year of FABULOUS" and a button that was filled with glitter and said "Birthday Girl"  Yeah I did. And I have proof!

This picture was taken at 4:30AM on our way to the airport.  I was PUMPED for a fantastic weekend to come and of course my birthday!

Need to have a sash AND a button! DUH!

Inspirational and such a blessing.  WE ARE ONE! Taking our lives and living it.  Thank God for putting Mona.Vie in our lives!  It is truly a blessing!

The hubs and I

"We're going DIAMOND baby! Financial freedom here we come! Woooooooooooooooo

Day 2 of of the convention!

We are soooo PUMPED to grow our Mona.Vie business!

The best energy drink out there!  Better than that crap called Red Bull.  This is ALL NATURAL and won't give you that crappy feeling crash!  

Needless to say, we had tons of fun and I am so grateful for our business!  


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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Good luck with your new venture!