Aug 31, 2010

I'm alive after doing the Insanity workout

Yesterday, the hubs and I decided to pop in the Insanity DVD workout.

The name completely suits it.  It is INSANE!

We survived but boy was it crazy.  We only did the Fit test too.  There is a calendar which tells you which DVD to pop in each day.  I thought I was going to die. It's hard stuff but now I know why people are losing a lot of weight after doing this.  My heart was pumping outside of my body.  There was some floor exercises and because of the massive amounts of sweat after 7 minutes, I felt like I was sliding on my wood floors.  Eww.. Disgusting. I know. You're welcome.  You get these minute breaks in between, which only feel like 10 seconds. I was sweating, dizzy, fainty, sore.. and all that fun stuff.  I have never experienced a workout like that. I guess thats how the Biggest Loser contestants feel.  Oh, and the instructor, whatever his name is, is H.O.T.  Like real hot.  He doesn't look as hot here as he does in the video. I promise you that.

I think that's why I kept going, because the HOT guy was telling me to not stop and I was like "I won't stop for you handsome, after this you can massage me down!".  Yeah, he's that hot with his muscles all sweaty looking and abs of freaking STEEL... where was I?  Oh yeah, he's hot and the hubs was next to me and at some points I think the hubs might have caught me drooling.  But I'm not 100% sure.

Well, yay for us to have done day 1!  It really is a big accomplishment.  My whole body is sore today but that's OK.  We'll do it again today and in no time, we will be skinny flaunting our hot bodies!

And to keep score....

Mr. & Mrs. Newlywed Giggles - 1; Insanity - 0

Aug 25, 2010

Birthday weekend extravaganza!

So, this weekend was fun filled!  I went to Orlando, FL along with close friends, not to celebrate my birthday, but for a big convention for our personal business, MonaVie!  The event was called Family Reunion and boy was it fun!  It was a weekend filled with motivational and inspirational emotion!  Such an amazing blessed weekend!  God has been good to us.  Of course, being that I was flying to Florida the day of my birthday, I made sure to let everyone know that I was the BIRTHDAY GIRL.  How did I do that? By wearing a sash that says "Another year of FABULOUS" and a button that was filled with glitter and said "Birthday Girl"  Yeah I did. And I have proof!

This picture was taken at 4:30AM on our way to the airport.  I was PUMPED for a fantastic weekend to come and of course my birthday!

Need to have a sash AND a button! DUH!

Inspirational and such a blessing.  WE ARE ONE! Taking our lives and living it.  Thank God for putting Mona.Vie in our lives!  It is truly a blessing!

The hubs and I

"We're going DIAMOND baby! Financial freedom here we come! Woooooooooooooooo

Day 2 of of the convention!

We are soooo PUMPED to grow our Mona.Vie business!

The best energy drink out there!  Better than that crap called Red Bull.  This is ALL NATURAL and won't give you that crappy feeling crash!  

Needless to say, we had tons of fun and I am so grateful for our business!  


Holy moly

I turned 27 this past Friday.

It feel weird because that means I'm closer to 30.

But, i'm not freaking out like other people.

Age is just a number, right?

Aug 22, 2010

I had a birthday!

On Friday, I turned 27!

I've been away this weekend in Orlando, FL for a HUGE Mona.Vie convention event!  It was super fun and I have tons to fill you all in.

But, we were on a 6:30AM flight this morning and probably got about 6 hours of total sleep for the whole weekend so we're pooped!  Catching up on sleep today.

I promise to fill you in tomorrow on my birthday events!  :)

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Aug 18, 2010

Work Phone = FAIL

Literally about 5 minutes ago, I get a phone call on the phone at my desk at work.
So, I'm talking on the phone then all of a sudden I hear ringing.  It's coming from my phone. This phone is new to me since it's different than the one I had at my last job.  I didn't have a second line at my last job.  Seems I do here, but I have no idea how to answer it.
The phone rang for another 10 annoying rings while I'm on the call and of course the phone doesn't have all the labels for the 50 buttons so I had no idea what button to press to switch between both.

Seriously, major work phone FAIL.

Please note: NOBODY ever calls me, but of course in this instant two people call me at once.  Go fig.

A life changing birthday

In two days, I'll be at the following event.  This has been a life changing POSITIVE train ride we are on.  The hubs and I are super excited and have never felt better!!!!!

And it just so happens that we fly out on the day of my birthday!!!!!  Super excited.

Financial freedom and positive lifestyle, here WE come!  I invite you to take a serious look at this video so you can see what God has put in front of me and the hubs.  We have been soooo grateful ever since!

Check out our website too!


Aug 17, 2010

My back is for sale

Do you know anyone who might need a back?

The specs are:
Back from petite girl who is only 5 feet tall (she's not short, but fun-sized)
Serious inquiries only. I'll sell it for a penny. 
The back is in bad condition, especially the lower part.  It feels as if a truck ran over it.  With a little bit of maintenance it can be up and running in no time. 

Ugh.  I wish I can swap my  back today. Sitting in this stupid office chair isn't helping it either!  
Hope you're day is going better!  

PS. I haven't thrown out the fridge out of the window yet.  BUT it is still making that awful noise!

Aug 16, 2010

My fridge has a life of it's own

So our fridge has been "singing' periodically the last couple of weeks.  Sounds like the motor is acting up.
We've been praying for the fridge to last as long as it could because we just can't buy a new fridge, but today has changed that.  Since this morning, the fridge has been singing non-stop.  It's the most annoying sound on the world ever!!!!!  I just looked at my husband and told him that it's driving me crazy and I might just snap in the middle of the night.  LOSING. MY. FREAKING. MIND.

Stupid fridge.  Guess we're going fridge shopping.. Ugh!

Think of the sound as a high pitch beeping noise that occasionaly starts to spurt noises then go back to high pitch beep.  Pray that I live through the night before I gather the strength to pick up the fridge and throw it out the window.

Little men hammering away

There are little men hammering away in my head right now.  Their hammers are branded as "Migraine"

Boy do I hate those migraine hammers.  The little men probably bought them because they're known to be the best hammers out there.  They get the job done.

BUT, I have an army of little women who have a hammer branded as "Excedrin" which they are going to use to hammer away at the little men.

Don't you love it when the women win?  I know I do.

I've just released the little women.  I hope they win once again this time. I'll keep you updated.

Aug 11, 2010

Who knew vuvuzela's are hard to make noise

So yesterday when I got out of work, I was PUMPED with energy!  I was so excited to hang out with friends and go to Giant's Stadium to see the USA vs. Brazil soccer game!

BUT, we didn't anticipate the obstacle course we had to take to get to the stadium! We literally live 20 minutes away, but yesterday it took us an hour!!!!  Two accidents, rush hour, and 75,000 people = traffic from hell!

We eventually made it there in time to see the start of the game.  My one friend was very sad that she wasn't able to bring in her vuvuzela.  But NO WORRIES, we made full use out of it in the car on the way home while sitting in traffic trying to get OUT of the stadium.  We got challeneged by other vuvuzela users in their cars in the parking deck. So, sis-in-crime, who was the only one who made the loudest sound of out it, accepted the challenge and then the battle of the vuvuzela's started!!!!  Freaking awesome.  I never laughed so hard.  We had so much freaking fun with one vuvuzela!  We all wanted to try it out and quickly realized that it's not as easy as "blowing into it".  Freaking hilarious that half of us couldn't make a freaking sound out of it!!!!  There's video, and when I figure out how to upload it, you will pee your pants. I promise you that.

Here are some pics of me and my crazy (well some, not all) at the soccer game!

She had so much fun in the back seat of the car!

We are just AWESOME.  I'm rocking the headphones that my best friend has in the car for the babies to watch TV! hahaha!

Me and sis-in-crime all sweaty because it was a gazillion degrees outside and super duper uber muggy.  Ugh!

Not happy about the VERY humid and hot weather.  BAD idea to straighten out my hair.  :(

USA lost. boo

The new Giant's stadium!

I got some good shots of the American flag!

The hubs posing!

Mr. Newlywed Giggles aka soccer fan!

I saved the BEST FOR LAST.  This is me and my two best friends eating some salty nuts. HA!!!  I'm enjoying it WAY too much.  My best friend in the middle is just content sucking his nut.  And my other best friend likes to suck her nuts on the side and cleary saw a hot guy pass by. LMAO.  I love my best friends!

The joys of a night out to see a soccer game.
Please note: There was no liqour involved during this night, but if you were there with us, you would have thought we were DRUNK off our asses. But we were not.  

Aug 9, 2010

Sharks fist pump in murky water and at sunset. Trust me, 100% fact from Shark Week. Jersey style.

Things the hubs and I learned from watching Shark Week.
  1. Don't swim in the murky water because that's were bull sharks go to work out and get all guido looking.
  2. Don't go swimming during sunset because that's when sharks get their tan on if they run out of tanning spray. 
  3. People who spear fish are at the most risk.  Let's think of spear fishers as the bartenders at the club.  The shark isn't going to tan and  pump muscle for nothing, he's going to get his drink on.
  4. Sharks love to fist pump their fins.  They're very good at it.
  5. They love house music.
  6. They eat seals in one bite.
  7. Figured I put a fact in there that had no jerseyisms to it. You're welcome.
Yeah, sharks are dangerous and shit can happen when you're in the ocean.  It's a risk you take when you stick your toe in the ocean.  Remember people, we would kill a shark if it was walking down the street because it's scary and dangerous.  Same concept for humans in ocean. We're in their turf.  Be watchful and stay tuned for next year's Shark Week.  I hear it's going to be even more awesome.

Soccer time = Vuvuzela time. Nooooo!

This  past weekend inlcuding today I made 60 empandas and a shit load of hot sauce to go with it.
On Saturday, I ate so much GOOD food that is soooo HORRIBLE for you, but I don't care because my tummy was ok with it.

Tomorrow, we are going to the USA vs. Brazil soccer game.  It's going ot be MAYHEM.  I. Can't. Wait.

My best friend is coming, along a vuvuzela.  Shoot me now. There's going to be around 70,000 of these in the stadium  because the game is practically sold out.  CRAZINESS. I might not be able to hear on Wednesday, but oh well.

So, tomorrow I plan to have super duper fun at the soccer game!!!!  I'll  be bringing my camera along too. Wooooo.. it's going to be fun.

Aug 5, 2010

Shark Penis

So, I'm watching Shark Week, "River Monsters" as I'm blogging.
And I just saw a Shark's penis up close and personal.


Things I learned about my new job so far:

  • My boss LOVES the word "cool."  Not like, he likes to say it, but he loves it so much that he says it about 4 times in one sentence that is only 6 words long.  AND it's even funnier because he's a New Yorker.  What New Yorker do you know that uses the word "cool" in excessive amounts?  Tell me, I want to know.
  • My boss is cool.  He made fun of one of my team members by looking him up and down and then saying "So Jersey."  LMAO... I cracked up and turned around to him and said good one!  And my team member was pretty awesome about it.  He's like , "I know."  HA!
  • I made a friend and she said I'm cool enough to be part of the "party" crowd.  Take that nerdy co-workers! BAM, in your face.  Please note: Not sure her exact meaning of "party" crowd, but I'm hoping it's just cool enough to invite me to happy hour so I can get drunk with my co-workers and get the REAL gossip about all the nerds who aren't part of the "party" crowd. Wooooo.
  • There is no way I am going to avoid the geese shit in the parking lot.  The geese have made home in our lot and around the other buildings too.  Now, there isn't only one or two here and there.  There's like 50 GAZILLION of them prancing around and taking their sweet ass time crossing the street. So, literally, there is geese shit everywhere.  I walk on my tippy toes to avoid it.  Stupid Geese. 

Aug 4, 2010

Dear Weatherman

Dear Weatherman,
You're stupid for saying it was suppose to rain today and it didn't rain at all!
Mrs. Newlywed Giggles who carried an umbrella with her for no reason.

Year closer to babies?

My birthday is coming up soon.

Which means I'll be a year older.

That year older means I'll be 27.

I'm not complaining about getting old.

I'm freaking because it means another year closer to the age of 30 which is my mark to have a baby by then.


I like being just the couple.  Of course I want to have babies.  But it seems like it's soooo close!

I still have two years to travel as much and enjoy our husband and wife time.

OK. Not freaking out much anymore!

I'm here, really I'm here!

I'm sorry for being MIA from the blog!

 I have been so busy getting use to my new work schedule for the new job that I have started!!  So I decided to take a break a bit so I can focus on the new job.  So far I'm loving the job and the people I work with so far seem to be really cool.

So, I promise to you I won't be gone for as long anymore!

Pure hotness

Aug 2, 2010

It's that time of the year again!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?
I hope you are...
Because this week is...


I confess.  This is the first year that we are watching Shark Week on Discovery channel!

This past Sunday we were sitting down trying to figure out what to watch on TV. Then we came across a marathon of last year's shark week. So we started watching.

After hour 2 of watching it, we were hooked and were SUPER DUPER excited to watch the premiere of Shark Week that just so happened to start Sunday night.  

So, it's official.  This week is the hubs and I very first Shark Week!