Jul 20, 2010

Sick day = watching crazy reality tv

I have a migraine right now that is just lingering and making me like POO.  Major POO.  Big piles of POO.
Ugh. I really  hate these stupid migraines.

Anyways, I didn't check blogger at all this weekend, so I had a lot of catching up to do today.  Yesterday I stayed home from work because I guess I ate something bad at the restaurant we ate the night before and my stomach was just not having it.   It was a punching match going on in my tummy.  At least, that's what it felt like.  So, Monday and today are just not great days.  But, as I laid out on the couch wishing my tummy would decide to feel better instead of gurgling and bubbling up, I decided to watch the show entitled Jerseylicious.

As seen on  Jerseylicious .

Holy crap this show is the most ridiculous thing on earth.  I watched several episodes because it was so bad that I had to keep watching.  You know, like the Jersey Shore = horrible pathetic show that I can't wait till the new season comes back because it's just awesomeness!  Anyways, the show Jerseylicious is about a salon located in Central Jersey.  It's so ridiculous.  Two girls out of the staff that works there are literally ORANGE. Not tanned, but orange faces with white/cream color lipstick and gloss.  Seriously!  They look horrible but of course they think they are super hot.  WRONG.  Seriously, if you want a laugh, I suggest you watch one episode of this show.

Please note: I am a "jersey girl", but my face is not orange, I don't go "down the shore" to the club, I am not married to a guido, BUT I do occasionally fist pump. :)


Pollyanna said...

They're like female Oompa-loompas! What a train wreck!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Brittany said...

STINKIN' hilarious this show is! I was sucked into that hot mess express right away!

Jersey shore is HILARIOUS! :) you just HAVE to watch that train wreck!