Jul 31, 2010

important things

I'm doing a very important thing right now.

I'm watching Jersey Shore!

You might hate it, but it's a freaking train wreck and awesome!!!  I LOVE it, and not because I'm a Jersey girl.
I'll get back to you all when the show is over.

Oh and thank GOD for DVR!

Jul 27, 2010

No crazy person yet

I went to day 2 of my new job today.  I actually got a computer today and phone set-up. Go IT!
So, seems like people are cool.  I haven't had a chance yet to walk around the office and figure out who' crazy.  There is always a crazy/creepy person at any job so don't judge me.  I just want to find them and give them candy bars and share my pens so I'm in the clear when they go crazy.  It's true, just ask Dane Cook.

Jul 22, 2010

You are never going to believe what I bought yesterday

So, I start my new job on Monday which means my last day at the current job is Friday.  I was told by HR that I should take advantage of the money that is left in my FSA health card.  Now because I don't have the medical insurance  from my company, they put A LOT of money into an FSA health plan for me to use.  How nice of them.  Free money that I have used to pay for contacts, prescriptions, doctor visits, etc.  Awesome. Well, now that I'm leaving I have until Friday to use the money (FREE money) that is left.  I went to check my balance and let's just say there was more than $500.  So, I went on a shopping spree yesterday with my sister.

We bought a lot of medicine, cold packs, ointments, band aids, etc.  Anything that was FSA eligible, I bought it.

So, did you know that pregnancy tests are a FSA eligible product?  They are.  And also, pregnancy tests are freaking expensive!!!!!  So, my sister tells me you should get one. I look at her and tell her, "why on earth would I buy a pregnancy test now when I'm not planning on taking one of those for at least another two years!"  She says, "then keep it for when that time comes, look how expensive they are!"  

So, I'm thinking and say no, I can't do that.  I won't do that to myself.  It's freaky and crazy.
5 minutes later...
As I am scanning all the types of pregnancy tests (there are so freaking many!) and start looking at the prices, I'm like holy cow this is expensive!  So, I picked up a box of E.P.T digital (since I'm not paying for it I  might as well get the most expensive one!).
Me and my sister are cracking up. I can't believe I put it in the cart.

Next worry: hoping the hubs doesn't freak out on me when I come home and start taking out the purchases from the bag and sees the pregnancy test box and hoping he gives me a chance to explain my logic behind before jumping to conclusions!

Thankfully, I had time to explain WHY I bought the pregnancy test to him, he understands that no baby is coming our way for another at LEAST two years.

Oh yeah and did you all know that pregnancy test have expiration dates on them?  The one I bought expires 12/2012.  So, that gives me two years to use it, and if I don't, I won't feel bad about it because it wasn't my money that paid for it!

Thank you FSA health spending plan!

Jul 21, 2010

Exit interview - Check!

So I had my exit interview today!

I am sad AND super excited/happy to be leaving my current job.  I'm sad because I have learned so much working here!  My manager is SUPER AWESOME boss lady and I love her.  She's so amazing and has taught me so much.  The team I worked with was also SUPER AWESOME too.  Seriously, I was really lucky getting to work with great people.  My team rocks!  GO BIOMED/LIFE SCIENCE TEAM!!! And that's why I am sad, because I'm leaving the great and awesome people behind.  BUT, I'm happy because I'm opening up a new chapter in my life.  I am taking on a new and challenging position.  I will not have an hour and half commute anymore!  I won't have to walk 15 minutes in super hot weather, downpours, and super cold weather anymore!  I am getting my personal time back from the commute and also not spending a shit ton of money on my commute!  So, i'm HAPPY and SAD at the same time.  But this is a move that I have to take for me.  I know my co-workers are happy for me and thank god for facebook I can still keep in touch with most of them.  

So, I have two more days to go this week and then next week I start the new job!  Eeeekkkk.  

So, any words of advice for my first day at the new job?

Jul 20, 2010

Sick day = watching crazy reality tv

I have a migraine right now that is just lingering and making me like POO.  Major POO.  Big piles of POO.
Ugh. I really  hate these stupid migraines.

Anyways, I didn't check blogger at all this weekend, so I had a lot of catching up to do today.  Yesterday I stayed home from work because I guess I ate something bad at the restaurant we ate the night before and my stomach was just not having it.   It was a punching match going on in my tummy.  At least, that's what it felt like.  So, Monday and today are just not great days.  But, as I laid out on the couch wishing my tummy would decide to feel better instead of gurgling and bubbling up, I decided to watch the show entitled Jerseylicious.

As seen on  Jerseylicious .

Holy crap this show is the most ridiculous thing on earth.  I watched several episodes because it was so bad that I had to keep watching.  You know, like the Jersey Shore = horrible pathetic show that I can't wait till the new season comes back because it's just awesomeness!  Anyways, the show Jerseylicious is about a salon located in Central Jersey.  It's so ridiculous.  Two girls out of the staff that works there are literally ORANGE. Not tanned, but orange faces with white/cream color lipstick and gloss.  Seriously!  They look horrible but of course they think they are super hot.  WRONG.  Seriously, if you want a laugh, I suggest you watch one episode of this show.

Please note: I am a "jersey girl", but my face is not orange, I don't go "down the shore" to the club, I am not married to a guido, BUT I do occasionally fist pump. :)

Jul 16, 2010

Club party at my desk

So one of the lights directly above my desk is flickering in and out because it's about to burn out.

I feel like I'm in a club with strobe lights on.  It was funny at first, but now it's super annoying and I feel like I'm going to end up in the hospital with dizziness and vomiting and end up crazy.  Seriously, it's super annoying.  So I e-mailed our office manager to let her know so she can send someone up to change the light and she writes this back to me:

"Thanks,  what a coincidence, even the lights are aware you are leaving and are showing some type of emotion.
I will look into it."

Hilarious!  If you knew this lady, you would never think a comment like this would come out of her.  Some people are afraid of her.  If you do one wrong thing, you will never ever get a pen out of her for your life!  Thankfully, I have always been on her good side.

So, hope the people come and fix it soon before I go crazy at my desk yelling "The flashing lights are coming for me!!!" while running around the office pumping my arms up and down like a butterfly.  Just sayin...


Jul 15, 2010

My desk is the Post-It warehouse

So, I have been cleaning out my desk and trying to get things in order before my last day.

Yesterday, I found 31 post-it note pads scattered throughout my desk and cabinets.

Think I have a post-it note problem?

Jul 14, 2010

Woken up by a Vuvuzela

Yesterday I got home from work and told the hubs that I was going to take a nap and to wake me up in an half hour so I had more than enough time to get ready before we left for a meeting.

He wakes me up from my nap 45 minutes later, clearly not half hour like I said, but what drove me more insane is the way he woke me up.

He just bought an iPad.  Well, there are a lot of "fun" apps avaialble for the iPad, one of them being the Vuvuzela app.  In case you don't know, a vuvuzela is a stadium horn.  These are mainly used for soccer games so if you caught glimpses of the World Cup, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They are SUPER DUPER annoying.


Well, the marketing people who work for Apple thought it would be awesome to have an app for the iPad where the picture of a vuvuzela is in the middle and everytime you press it, it makes the annoying buzzing sound.

The hubs thought it would be fun to wake me up using his little nifty vuvuzela app.

It is NOT fun waking up that horn noise after taking a nice relaxing nap!!  So, now I have to get him back when he's sleeping.  I'll let you know if I win that battle!

Jul 13, 2010

People are talking about me!

So I shared the big news yesterday with the bloggy world.   It felt sooo good to get that off my chest.  I didn't share my experiences with the bloggy world before because some of my coworkers read my blog and I wanted to keep it to myself that I was looking for a job in order to avoid "rumors" being spread around my job.

I think most people know.  I didn't go walking around telling everyone that I got a new job.  I'm just not like that.  I shared the news little by little with people here and there.  Some people probably even found out via Facebook and the blog.  Oh well.  See, I already stop caring!  aaahhhh... well, today I was in a meeting and at the end, I was walking back to my desk.  As I am passing a desk I hear "Well, she was originally from  [company name that was bought by company I work with now] and then came to NY office...."

That's all I heard.  I see news is travelling of my departure.  I was just a bit weirded out that people are talking "about" me.  Because it's weird coming out of people who I never really worked with.  But a smile came on my face when I heard them talking "about" me because it just gave me that notion that I made the right decision to move on to bigger and better things.  So, I'm a happy camper.

Now, I'm wrapping up some last minute activities and also attempting to clean up my desk.  This should be interesting what I find.....

Jul 12, 2010

Because of your guesses I have to say the news right away...

So, earlier I wrote a post about big news to share with everyone.  I forgot that my blog is linked up to my facebook account so all my FB friends can see too.  Then one person wrote down the guess of  "baby?" and BAM!, I get texts and IMs asking if we are pregnant! It spreads like wildfire anything you put on FB. So, in order to tame the fire down and not let this get way out of hand, I'm going to "officially" share the big news with you all.

I got a new job!!!!!!

Yep, it's official.  In two weeks I will leave one corporate world to join another.  But the other corporate world is 15 minutes away from my house! Compared to the hour and half commute and shit load of money I was spending to work in NYC.  Am I happy?  YES!  Am I sad?  Yes, because I liked my job very much, but just couldn't  handle the commute anymore and realized I was growing but my current job wasn't leaving me too much room to grow in. So, for the last 6-8 months I have been actively searching for a job and boy was it not easy.  It was frustrating and at one point seemed impossible to me!  When they say it's hard times out there, they mean it 100%.  But God was kind enough to answer my prayers and last week, everything fell into place.  I couldn't be happier.

So, sorry to disappoint those folks about the news not being about a Baby Giggles coming along.  But, keep up that hope!  In the future, it will happen.  Just pray that it's not twins in the first shot because I might just lose my sanity if it is.

So, I ask you send me lots of positive thoughts my way as I go straight into my new job and I'm praying transition is smooth.

I leave you with a bad picture of me looking like i'm Asian and like I'm 5 years old again .... I most definitely was tipsy (hence party cup in front of me along with Heineken bottle) when this picture was taken.  Just sayin...

BIG news to share...

So, I have some news to share with my bloggy friends!!!!

There are going to be some new changes with the Newlywed Giggles!!!!!!
Can you guess what it is???

I'll let you guess for awhile.... Let's see who gets it right!

Jul 9, 2010

I will be drooling tonight!

Why will I be drooling?  Because I'm going to finally watch Eclipse.


I would like to thank....

This "You're Going Places" award was given to me by Bee from Bee's Diaries who's so awesome.  I just started following her and she's great.  Just by her pictures you can tell she is a fun gal to hang with! Make sure you stop on over to her blog and become a follower because I promise you won't be disappointed!  
In order to accept this award, I must say where I think I'll be in 10 years and pass this on to 10 bloggers.

So, in 10 years I see myself in a house with a healthy family while enjoying financial freedom thanks to my Mona.Vie business.  My family is full of positive energy and enjoying life to it's fullest!  

So, I pass this award to 10 bloggers!!!!!! 

  1. Mrs. Bear at Think Happy Thoughts
  2. Katrina at My Life as a Married Girl
  3. Brittany at Unexpected Surprises
  4. Ria at Life as a Wife
  5. Mateya at Our Journey from Iraq to the Altar
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Make sure to stop by all the winners and they are some of favorite reads!!!!

Jul 8, 2010

I love the minions

I am obsessed with the minions from Despicable Me movie.
I get giddy every time I see the commercial/ads.

How can you not get giddy!!!!!!

We got some new toys!

Hubs bought himself one of these over the weekend:

He also bought my early birthday present for me which is this:

Needless to say, we are in LOVE with our new toys!

Thanks hubs for the birthday present!!!!!!  I think I love it as much as you I love you!  :)


What a weekend!  The hubs and I went away from Friday thru Tuesday for Fourth of July weekend.  We spent it at my best friends vacation home in PA up in the Poconos and boy did we have a good time.
A list of some of thing things that GROWN UP (the working full time; out of the college party stage grown up) people did.

  • Was welcomed with LOTS of liquor located on the counter, upstairs fridge, downstairs fridge AND the cooler outside on the deck
  • Consumed large amounts of alcohol.
  • Went to Camelbeach water park and when down water slides as we pushed the kids out of our way so we can reach the end of the line first
  • Drove to see fireworks and squeezed our cars in a two lane road that was converted into one lane because of all the illegal parking and made the trek through woods to find a good spot to sit on the golf course to get eaten alive by mosquitoes
  •  Hot Tub time!  Squeezed as many people into the hot tub, of course not forgetting our alcoholic drinks, and stuck out toes in the air while saying "Toesies!".  Well, one person did this over and over again and it didn't get old. We still cracked up.  (there might have possibly been "mooning" of a certain body part as well, possible.... I will neither confirm or deny)
  • Had a visit from the cops at 1am because we were being WAY too loud and giddy.  Cop felt bad for us because he knew it was a holiday weekend and EARLY for a Saturday night, but just asked us lower the noise.
  • Next day we decided to have a water balloon fight.  It somehow ended up guys against girls.  Girls won. We were so giddy and  determined that we started hiding bags of water balloons around the house so the guys thought that they had more ammo than us.  BEST. TIME. EVER.
  • Had even more alcohol and ate lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, rice, steak, and potato salad
Overall, we had a fab time!!!!!!!!!  Hope your weekend was fun.  

Oh yeah, if you want to have a really good time with friends during this hot weather that is a cheap activity to do, YOU MUST BUY WATER BALLOONS AND RUN AROUND LIKE YOU'RE 8 YRS OLD. SUPER FUN!  Your welcome for the idea. 

Jul 2, 2010

Having a bad day? This will cheer you up

In honor of Eclipse being out and yes I am a Twilight fan and I don't care if you don't like it and think it's stupid, I LOVE it and that's all I care about, I share this goodness with you.  If you happen to be having an off day, this should help.


Glorious weekend my bloggy peeps!!!!

Today I'll be leaving work at 12.
It'll take me about an hour and half to get home
Then going to run errands
Visit my parents, sis and niece and nephew and spend some hugs and kisses time with them
Back to my place and start packing
Get on road for hour and half trip to PA
Spend 4 GLORIOUS days with positive friends in beautiful Poconos!!!!!!!

Loving life!

So, to give you a giggle for the weekend, this morning I was on the train and two guys were talking.  Here's how it went:
Guy 1: So, I know how you can snag a girl this weekend
Guy 2: How?
Guy 1: Pour a bottle of glitter on your body and walk out into the sun.  The movie Eclipse is out and everyone loves that guy Edward because he sparkles and stuff.  Worth a shot.  Let me know how it goes.

LMAO.... How funny.

By the way, TEAM EDWARD!