Jun 30, 2010

Today is a new day.

So I'm very happy right now.

Tonight, I'm going to see an amazing group of friends who are always thinking positive.  True friends are the ones who give you that contagious feeling of positivity and loving life!!!! So excited.

Also, had a good phone call today too that made me smile.  So, I'm here to tell you that I'M BACK!

Back to the silly person who writes the most crazy and ridiculous things that only happen to me so I can  make you giggle.  If you giggle, I'm happy!

I want to ask one thing for you all to really think about.
Cherish your life at this moment.  Don't EVER say  you'll wait for later to do something BIG in your life.  We take our lives for granted but there might possibly that one day that will turn your life upside down.  During that time, the only thing you will do is think "What if...." and "Why didn't I take advantage of my life and do the things I wanted to always do such as..."   If you have a dream,  GO FOR IT. Don't dream small, dream BIG.  For some people, their lives change forever and for some, they live with the "What if it is..." and linger with that in the back of their heads for weeks thinking the time they have wasted and the time they might lose.  Don't be that person!  It causes major stress on the body and mind!  And you lose yourself.  It's not worth it.  Be grateful for what you have and live every day as if it was your last.  Take it from me people, you want to be happy because being happy is contagious.

So, let's go out there and enjoy our life to the fullest like we deserve to.

xoxo my bloggy friends and thank you ALL for the support, friendship, comments, and giggles you have given me.

The joys of enjoying life..... it feels good!

I don't learn my lesson

Why is that every time it's windy outside is the day I decide to wear a skirt to work!!!!!!

Seriously, you think I would have learned my lesson after this happened last time I wore a skirt.
Guess what, I didn't!

What a day it has started out to be.


As of now, I think I'm done with the new blog layout.  Let me know what you think!

Under construction

So I decided to change my layout last night, but now I can't figure out to change the width of my two middle columns to fit a two column template ever since I changed it to three collumn for my last template.

So, the blog might look a bit weird if you're joining me for today.   Hopefully my fried brain will have some electricty left in it for me to figure out how to fix it.

Be back soon!

Jun 24, 2010

Check me out!

I was featured on Spotlight Thursday over at Unexpected Surprises blog.  Check Brittany out.  She's AWESOME. Enough said, no go follow her!

We have a new roommate!

So, we have a new roommate that has moved into our apartment with us.

No, it's not a puppy or kitten, it's a freaking mosquito!!!!!

This mosquito has moved in without even putting down a deposit and paying rent.  We barely see him because he likes to play the game hide and seek with us.  He hides pretty much all day and when I wake up in the morning, he comes out.  But we never see him, it's as if he's invincible.  And that's when he bites the living crap out of us!!!!!!  I have bites all over my leg.  Now, I'm allergic to mosquito bites so every new bite swells up like a huge welt.  THESE ARE ALL OVER ME!!!  It's so uncomfortable especially when they start itching!

So, the hubs and I are on mosquito watch so we can evict the non-paying not wanted roommate.

I can't wait till I get to smush that stupid mosquito and send him to mosquito heaven.. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Jun 23, 2010

Need your support bloggy friends

I'm so sorry I have been missing in action lately.  Work travel had me at San Francisco and it threw me all off balance.  Long hours that were smack in the middle of the day along with time difference that my body refused to get use to creating a very unhappy Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.

I need your support though.  I have SOOO much going on right now in my life and as much as I said that I wouldn't let it affect me, it has taken over.

I'm not me.  My mind is so scrambled and stressed right now that I'm losing it!  But it's bad as it's affecting my attitude both at home and work.  Which is a big deal that I need to fix asap!  With what's going on, it's so hard to focus but I just keep telling myself "You will get through this".  So, please send me funny stories so I can laugh again (i miss that), send me hugs, send me something to make me feel better because I have nothing left in me.

Work is kicking me in my butt too.  Because of lack of focus, things are going wrong way too much.  I feel super guilty and I know it's too late to fix anything, but I still feel like crap about it.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm trying to tackle everything at once, but I have lost that touch of time management which I need to find again.  Ugh.  Boss lady is not happy either, and that's the last thing I want!  I have a great relationship with boss lady and really take pride working with her, but I'm pretty sure she is losing some faith in me so I need to turn that around.  Maybe if I bake her cakes?  Who doesn't like baked goods?

So, I might be a bit moody, bitchy, sad, happy, frustrated, stressed all at the same time so I apologize to everyone now for the posts that might be coming up in the next few days.  The posts might potentially be a bit wacky!

So, i'm off to attempt to get my life and work life back in order.  Prayers requested for good thoughts.  That's all I would like to say now.  Just a few more weeks and then I will know which path God is sending me down.

xoxo my bloggy friends!
and thank you for being awesome bloggy friends. 

Jun 15, 2010

Here I come San Francisco!

So, tomorrow I will be on a 7am flight to San Francisco for a work trip.  I'm so excited because this is the first time I'll be in San Fran!!!!  So, any bloggy friends from there?  I don't have a full day to sightsee, I know bummer, but I will have some nights to probably just walk around and get acquainted with the place.  So, send me your ideas please!!!!!

Currently, I have my one big luggage and my carry-on in the middle of the living room because I actually have dragged everything I need to pack and piled it on the couch so I can watch TV while I pack.  I know, super lazy but I have to take advantage of being home!  I'll be in San Francisco until Sunday so i'm hoping the weather will be nice and that I can enjoy it!

Ok, I need to finish packing because having my clothes and underwear spread out on my couches is not looking pretty in the living room.

I'll make sure to check in before I leave tomorrow!

Jun 14, 2010

Wedding Wedding Wedding!!!!!

Hello my bloggy friends!!!!!!

I hope your weekend was fab because I know mine was!

My best friend's wedding was on Saturday and we had a blasty blast!  It was great!!!!  I will soon post some pics of the beautiful bride and groom and of course the awesome bridal party that included me!

Happy Monday!

Jun 10, 2010

Wedding mania!

Remember when I told you it was time to plan a wedding?  Well, the time has come where the planning is almost finalized!!!

My best friend is here from Chicago taking care of the last minute wedding details!  We had her bridal shower on Saturday and it went great!
Tomorrow will be the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner then Saturday morning at 8am we will  be up and getting beautified for her wedding!!!!!

So exciting!  So, wish us lots of luck that
1. It doesn't thunderstorm like they say it will.
2. That it won't be 85 degrees because we might melt from the heat!

Ahhhh.... so excited for my best friend!

Let the wedding SHENANIGANS begin!

Jun 9, 2010

Hoping for the best

All I can do is think positive and hope for the best.  These are my thoughts today.

Too hilarious for you to NOT read

The wonderful H.I.T posted this today and I was pretty sure most of you can relate to this husband and wife instance!
I promise you if you click here to read her blog post which is 3 sentences long, you'll get a giggle!

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People watching is so fun

So yesterday I was hanging out at Hoboken terminal waiting to see which track my train was on.  So, I had a chance to do some people watching.  Let's face it, people watching is always fun and hilarious.  So i'm standing there and the race starts.  People who are running late are speeding through the terminal trying to look at the big screen to see which track their train is on so they can catch it on time.  When they do that, they tend to forget that they are running and NOT paying attention. All of a sudden, BAM!  They slam into bystanders who are walking/standing.  Of course, since they are running late they have no time to stop, so they slam into people yell out sorry as they continue running through the terminal STILL not paying attention.

I witnessed this two times yesterday in a span of 10 minutes.  Freaking  hilarious!  Also, I give the women props who run in three inch heels.  Now that's a SKILL!  :)

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Jun 7, 2010

I'm hosting a giveaway!

So, this weekend has been filled with wedding related stuff!!!  My best friend is getting married next week, so this past weekend we had her shower and bachelorette party!  We had a blast at both and pics soon to come!  Her cake was unbelievable too!!!!

So, how is your Monday going?   Mine is going good.  I have been coming into work earlier and leaving later due to summer hours.  I work extra the four days of the week and Friday, I only have to work till noon!  Awesome right.  One perk about my  job.  You would think that I would be exhausted getting up at 6 am but I'm not.  I feel amazing and get great sleep.  And I truly believe I feel this great because of the Mona.Vie juice drink I have been taking.  My best friend aka brother introduced me to the health supplement juice and I started taking it and LOVE it.  It's amazing how much better I feel.  Loads of energy and I haven't gotten sick since January!  Now, if you know me, I used to get sick at least once a month with a cold.  My immune system went downhill ever since I got mono in high school (which was years ago!) and my body just would not fight off any infections.  But ever since I started drinking this Mona.Vie Mun juice drink, I haven't gotten sick at all!!!!!  It's amazing!  What's great about it is that it taste real good too and it's all natural with no preservatives and all the crappy stuff that us American's have grown accustomed to put in our bodies.  It has the best exotic fruits that are jam packed with antioxidants and those babies are keeping me healthy!  Ha ha ha.  Both the hubs and I are drinking and we LOVE it.

So, I want to share all this goodness with you so the best way to do it is through a giveaway!!!!!!!

I'm giving away one bottle of Mona.Vie juice to a lucky winner!

HOW TO ENTER is super duper uber simple.

Just leave a comment saying you want to win because you want to  be healthy!!!!!  Make sure your e-mail is included or linked to your account so I can get in contact with you.
The giveaway ends on JUNE 16  so enter now and tell your other bloggy friends.  Would love to share the goodness of health around!!!!

GOOD LUCK my bloggy peeps and have a wonderful week!
I'll post a picture recap of my  best friend's bridal shower and keep you up to date on their wedding!!!! Sooo excited!

Also, if you want to read up more info about Mona.Vie, click here and you can see for yourself all the nutritional facts and what each bottle is tailored too.  Enjoy!

Jun 3, 2010

The vacation is over...:(

So, my vacation is over and I have been back at work.


So much is going on and I just wish I was back on vacation where there were no worries.  The question of "What if" is driving me crazy right now.  I hate this waiting game.  It sucks big time.  Why can't we just know exactly what's going to happen in our life.  But then my life wouldn't be my life if I knew huh?

What if it turns out to be this....
What if it is good news...
What if it is bad news...
What if I have no idea what to do....

These are the questions driving me crazy.

SO, to lighten things up a bit so I can get back to regular old corny me, I want to share a story.

The hubs has a cousin who's getting married end of this year and he was chatting on the phone with her.  Want to know the advice he gave her about married life?  He pretty much told her that everything will be great as long as they both can pee and poop in peace in the bathroom without interruptions.  You know interruptions like the wife barging in to grab her straightening iron or the husband barging in to grab a razor.

Good advice, no?  What do you all think?

Jun 1, 2010

I'm a pearly blogger!

Do you know what a pearly blogger is? If not, you must head over to A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys blog so you can see what pearly bloggers are all about!

She is fantastic and she has a dog named Batman.  That alone makes her awesome.

So, check out her blog post where she featured ME as a pearly blogger!!!!!  And leave a comment, follow her, and all that good stuff because again she's awesome!

And to her fans who are visiting from the pearly blogger post, Welcome!  Become a follower and enjoy my blog.  :) xoxo