May 30, 2010

Loving vacation.....

Hey everyone!
I know I've been MIA but that's because the Newlywed Giggiles are on VACATION!!!  A much needed one at that. 

We flew in Thursday to Orlando, FL and are here until Monday.  We came down with awesome friends who all love having a good time. 

So you might be asking yourself what we have done... well here it is in short list:
  • Thursday night = checked in hotel; dinner at Cracker Barrel (YUM!)
  • Friday = Two parks, one day, Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure; thank goodness for express pass!
  • Saturday = Chillaxed at the pool, then we were so excited to go to Gatorland, but as soon as we all started getting ready, the freakin sky opened up and drowned us in rain for a good two hours.  So, went to WonderWorks then to Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show then the hubs and I detached from the group and went to FunSpot to ride Go Karts!
That's it for now.  Tomorrow our friends fly out so we will have the chance to hang out with my family who lives here and relax for our early flight on Monday morning. 

Ahhh.... having so much fun here in Florida.  Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend!

Hugs and Kisses from sunny Orlando, FL!!!!!

May 24, 2010

I'm feeling GREAT!

What a weekend I had!  It was jam packed with POSITIVE energy and POSITIVE people!  Amazing how being around friends who are always thinking positive and have goals in their life that they are ACTUALLY pursuing instead of just dreaming!

We were soooo busy this weekend but it was all fun!

Lately, my mind has been turned around and I'm unstoppable!  I am loving every minute of my life NOW and going to love every minute of it in the future.  I'm so pumped with great energy that I might sound like a crazy person, but it's so true!!!!!  As I talked about before here, me and the hubs are doing BIG things and no one will stop us.  And because of these changes that we both have taken, we are loving life, even when things aren't going so well.  So many people forget to live life in the present moment but I'm so glad that we have re-evaluated our life and are now living OUR life.

Also, I just want you to all know how grateful I am for having a husband who is amazing!  He really just made this weekend so much better by being excited and not letting anyone crush our dreams!  I puffy heart him so much.

So, I have a two day work week before we are off to vacation!!!!!!!!  It is MUCH MUCH needed so we are excited.

But when I come back from vacation, to share this joyous time in our life, I am going to host a giveaway for you!  You, bloggy friends, are awesome with your positive energy and wonderful comments and blogs.  It is truly amazing how starting this blog has enriched my life with bloggy friends and support from you all.  I have some "friends" who don't support me the way some of you guys do so as a thank you, I want to give you a chance to win at my giveaway.  It's an awesome one!!! So stay tuned for the first week of June and tell your friends!

I leave you with hugs and kisses full of positive energy and hope your Monday is a great one.  Pass on the positive energy as well because it makes people smile and who wants to walk around all grumpy? Not me!
Happy Monday my bloggy friends!!!!!!

May 20, 2010

Announcing the giveaway winner!

This is unbelievable too that the winner ended up being chosen #1 on!

Congratulations to Mrs. Bear!!! I'll be e-mailing you as well to let you know you have won so I can send the information over!  Make sure you stop by her blog and tell her congrats!

Stay tuned for next week for another giveaway I have lined up!!!!!

A moment with the hubs

So these last two weeks have been a bit hectic for the hubs and I.  It seems that almost everyday after work there was something going on which we were out and about for.  Yesterday was a long day.  Long as in we stepped foot in our house for about 10 minutes after work before we got back into the car to head out.  We were in a meeting and at times we both looked at each other with a warm look.  You know that look your husband gives you that don't need any words to be spoken because you know that he's just "saying" I love you and adore you. That's the look we gave each other.  We have both been making BIG changes in our life and are so excited about it.  It's amazing how great things lead to greater things.  Last night on our way home, we were starving because we didn't eat anything before our meeting but neither one of us wanted heavy food.  I told him I was content on having a bowl of cereal but we needed to stop in the 24 hour Pathmark to pick up some milk.  So, we went out of our way to get some milk and as we were walking in the store, we were holding hands and were just on cloud 9!  These past couple of days big things have been happening and I feel like our bond is getting even closer.  Sometimes you just need to stop the busy life, and take a moment to appreciate your life at that given moment.  People worry so much about other stuff and tend to forget about themselves.

The hubs and I are ONLY thinking about yourselves now and no one else.  We have to make sure we are good before we can help anyone else.  And I'm happy with that.  I'm happy that we are both realizing that we need to make these changes for US and only US.

So to end my sappy corny lovey dovey post, I leave you with a recent pic of the hubs and I!

The hubs is freakin adorable!  God I love him so much!    

I'm alive

Remember this post where I told you I was going to do something crazy?

I did it.

and I'm alive.

BUT, my legs are still shakey an hour and half later and I'm sure my legs are going to wish they were dead tomorrow morning.  Guess what? I'm going to do it again tomorrow and the day after etc.

I'm pumped to get my health back to where it should be!
But if you all would like to send some fitness and health support my way, I would really LOVE it.  :)

Out of curiosity?  Who has stairs at their work place?  Would you be willing to take the stair challenge?

I'm about to do something crazy...

So, these last couple of days I have been thinking that I need to whip my booty into shape.  So that requires exercising!

I get an hour lunch for work.  Instead of sitting down for an hour with my co-workers during lunch, I decided that I'm going to take that hour and walk up and down the stairs at my job.  We have 10 floors.  This should be interesting..... for the first day.  But, If I can get at LEAST a half hour of going up and down 10 flight of stairs, then I'm doing something!  Then after that, I'll eat at my desk while I continue to work.

Wish me luck that they don't find me on the stairs passed out..... going to fill up my water bottle and change my shirt into a t-shirt and put my sneaks on.

Pray for me!

May 19, 2010

My article has published in the FREE ebook!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SUPER DUPER UBER excited right now to share this wonderful news to you all!

I had the opportunity to contribute to the FREE downloadable (PDF format) ebook titled "What I Wish I'd Known Before The Wedding" .  Please check it out!  The article I wrote is "Where are my clothes?".  It will make you giggle!  It's the story of how I forgot certain items in my bag that I "packed" for the honeymoon night.  Ahhh... the memories.

I want to thank Denee, founder of SheJustGotMarried, for giving us the opportunity to participate in this wonderful book and for all her hard work in putting it together.  You are awesome Denee!!!  If you  haven't checked out her website you MUST! Especially if you are a newlywed!  The site caters to all newlyweds and not so much anymore newlyweds too!  They have a blog, which I love being a part of, a boutique where you can sell some of your new/used wedding items, a "Lifelines" section that highlights different topics everyday, and so much more!  Make sure to check her out!

Also, I would like to thank the hubs too because if it wasn't for him choosing to love me, I would have never had the chance to share this hilarious story with you all!  Thanks hubs!

May 18, 2010

Under construction

Don't mind the sudden changes of my blog.  It's currently under construction!


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I want to get on The Ellen Show!

So, I'm obssessed with The Ellen Show!

I love her show so much that I DVR it since I'm working when the show is on.  I think she's hilarious and such an uplifting person.

So I need your help!  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I have been tweeting to Ellen to get me on her show as her featured blogger!!!!!!!!  This might work, and then it might not.  But I'm willing to try.  Will you help me?!?!?!

Here's what I have been doing.  I try to tweet as often as I can this statement: "Help me get on the @TheEllenShow as her featured blogger!!! Please retweet to @TheEllenShow!"

So, run over to my twitter page and retweet and tell your friends to retweet please!

Thanks awesome bloggy friends!

May 17, 2010

I'm not rude. I just enjoyed my wedding!!!!!!

So, I was out and about when we were talking about weddings.  Somebody we know is getting married and the MOB (Mother of the Bride) stated that the Bride told her that she refuses to go by every table and say hello.  At that instant, I jumped in and said "yeah, we didn't do that either because it takes forever and people should know you are really thankful for being there."  Right after I said that, the MOB says "Well, I think it's really rude to not say hi to the table.  That is disrespectful.  These people made arrangements to come to your wedding and the least she (bride) can do is spend 5 minutes at each table saying thank you.  We are going to have about 13 tables so it will only be about an hour of their time." 
Now, I have this shocked face, but then again, I did what I wanted at my wedding.  But she pretty much told me to my face that I was rude for not saying to all 175 guests of mine.  Then she tops it off with this statement: "If she doesn't say hi, I'll just go around to people and tell them to get in your car and go home since the bride and groom didn't thank you."  
Seriously?  THIS really got to me.  First of all, you're paying for the wedding so I'm sure you don't want these people leaving.  Secondly, maybe your daughter and son-in-law would like to fully enjoy their wedding considering that an hour is a lot when you have a 4 hour reception where the first two hours are pretty booked with first dance, speech, and dinner.  
Now, I will give you my reasoning why I chose not to go around to every single table and say "thank you." 

  • I know that everyone who was invited to my wedding knows  how THANKFUL I am for them to be there.  I shouldn't have to tell them again.
  • We chose to be included in our cocktail hour and not secluded is some bridal suite so that gave us the time to be social with our guests and say hi then.  It was great and we enjoyed being part of it.  Some people were saying "you're ruining your grand entrace!"  Want to know what I said to them?  "We already had our grand entrance at our church ceremony.  You should have been there to witness it."  (I think it's rude when you don't go to the ceremony and just show up at the reception, but that's my belief)
  • We paid for our wedding so I made sure that I was going to enjoy every minute of it.  I was told so many stories of how it flies by and make sure you pack extra food because you won't eat, blah blah blah. Well guess what?  I said hi to most of my guest during cocktail hour; I ate ALL of my dinner and also stole some food off the hubs plate; I danced ALL NIGHT LONG and I also ate TWO pieces of cake.  It can be done people.  It's called enjoying your wedding day.
  • I had 175 guests at my wedding which amounted to about 15 tables.  If I went around and said hi to everyone it would have taken more than an hour because you can't just say "hi".  People want to ask you questions, take pictures with you, and next you know, there's an hour left.  I knew there was a huge possibility of this happening so that's why we opted to not do that.  
  • It's called the bride and groom speech.  You know, when the MOH and BM are done with their speech, usually the bride and groom will say something.  That's the perfect time to thank everyone and let all of your guests know how special it is to have them there with you on your special day.  I don't see anything wrong with this kind of thank you. 

So, what are your opinions on this subject?
Did you go around to each table and say "thank you"?
Did you have a little speech instead directed to everyone?
Am I being too pushy with me being upset that she said it was RUDE when bride and grooms choose to 
have fun at their wedding for the full time not go around each table and say hi? 

T-minus 10 days!

That's right, in 10 days we will be on a plane to Orlando, FL!!!!
This will be a mini vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  You have no idea how excited and in DIRE NEED for this mini vacation.

We will be paying a visit to Universal Studios to have some fun!

And once we get there I can't wait to ride the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket roller coaster!

This new coaster allows you to pick your OWN music to listen to while on the ride. This coaster is calling my name as we speak!

So, what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

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May 12, 2010

I think I'm getting baby fever...

I learned that writing that title makes a huge difference if you forget to add something.

Conversation I had with the hubs over blackberry messenger a few minutes ago.... Please see my additional notes in red.

2:07pm  ME:  I think I'm getting baby fever
(I notice what I left out and feverishly trying to type out the corrections before he responds)
2:07pm  HUBS:  What?
(too late and i'm sure the hubs is completely freaking out a bit)
2:08pm  ME: Oh wait, that might scare you.  I should have wrote "I think I'm getting furbaby fever."
2:08 pm  HUBS: What?
(Then I send him this picture file)
2:08 pm ME:
2:08pm  ME: Furbaby! I want a furbaby like the pic I just sent
2:08pm  HUBS: What are you talking about?
(clearly the hubs didn't open the attachment yet so he's probably still thinking that I want actual human babies)
2:08pm  ME: 
2:09pm  ME: Furbaby = puppy
2:09pm  ME: Isn't the siberian puppy cute!
(and this is when the kicker comes in courtesy of hubs)
2:10pm  HUBS:  
(that is the Whew! icon)
2:10pm  ME: LMAO
2:10pm  ME: I'm cracking up in my cube!
2:10pm  ME: Gotta love bbm icons
2:11pm  ME: I'm so blogging about this convo!

So there you have it.  I might have almost given the hubs a heart attack when I started off the conversation.  Next time I'll proofread any sentence I send him that has the word "babies" in it!

I want to make love to my bed

Today I don't feel good
It's a crappy rainy day outside
I'm exhausted for some reason

I just want to go home and hug my bed for 9+ hours.

May 11, 2010

Remember my turkey living in suburb story!?!?! Update!!!! Babies soon to be born!

So, if you don't remember the story about how around 6am we heard a turkey gobbling outside our window, please catch up here.  I'll wait for you...

All caught up?  Great.

So, update.  One of my friends who lives on the street next to ours posts on facebook status this message:

"So my neighbor has a turkey that made a home on his front lawn. Yes, a real live turkey, and it's sitting on ten eggs waiting for them to hatch. There's going to be a whole gang of turkeys running around [our suburban town where turkeys do NOT live] pretty soon."

Also, my mother and neighbor took pictures of the turkey crossing the street while the turkey was taking an afternoon stroll.  
I guess soon we will have turkey babies running around the streets.  Should be interesting.

Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of people started commenting saying to be careful because turkey are really dangerous.... really? Turkeys?

May 7, 2010

Supermodels = baby making average moms who want to go back to school?

I'm checking facebook and I notice those SUPER annoying facebook ads on the right side bar.

Since when does the ad in the picture relate to babies and going back to school?

What does that picture have to do with babies and a grant to go to school?  That picture looks more like an advertisement for M.A.C makeup.  Seriously.  Who in the marketing department said to themselves, "This is the perfect picture to use to get our point across about being able to go to school and get a grant while having babies." Whoever that was, they should immediately be fired.

Um, stupid marketing person, how about these ideas for the picture:
  • AVERAGE looking mom with baby in her arms
  • Mom in house reading a book
  • picture of school books
  • Classroom picture with an average looking mom sitting down in it
I'm sure there are many more ideas that you they could have came up with instead of the Barbie twins.  

Welcome to my Friday Followers!  Happy Friday!

May 4, 2010

To Heaven She Goes

I learned today that about an hour ago, my aunt who was very ill in Puerto Rico has passed away.  She can now enjoy herself without the pain and see some of her brothers who already reside in heaven.

Love you Tia Carmita and I'm glad that you will not suffer any more pain.

Please keep my family in your prayers.

A newbie at SocialSpark

So, I'm a newbie with SocialSpark!  It's a pretty cool website so make sure to check it out.  What they do is match you up with advertisers and if you like them, you can click and find out more information.  It's entirely up to you if you want to go through the matching.  Then you give your HONEST opinion and post about the product/service.   This makes me happy because I get to choose.  You can easily sign up your blog and put some information about your blog and you and voila, you become a SocialSpark newbie... I so came up with that new name "SocialSpark newbie".  I know you like it.  I do!

So, it's really easy to sign up.  It literally took me about 4 minutes.  And as soon as I finished signing up, I was already qualified for an opportunity in an instant!  I like.  Go to SocialSpark to learn some more.  And sign up!  The economy is not great so a little bit of extra cash helps, if it's from $5 to $150.  So why not see what you can do with SocialSpark?  I'll be trying it out and I'll let you know how it goes for me.  Plus, I get to rave about stuff that I like, what's better than that.  We all already do that to begin with!

Well, I have to go grab me some coffee so I can look through my offers on SocialSpark!  Happy blogging!


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Yes, I'm still alive!

I know, you have every right to yell at me!  I've been MIA.  But these last two weeks have been crazy since I was travelling for work back to back.

But I'm back.  With a TON of work to do both professional and personal!  Ahhhhh.
But, I will always have time for blogging.  So, what have you all been up to?  Any new news that I might have missed in my reader?

Remember the post where I told you all how the hubby paces back and forth when he's talking on the phone?  Well, the other week, we were in Target doing some shopping.  He was walking while I pushed the cart.  He gets a phone call and starts to chat away on the phone while I am distracted looking at electronic gadgets.  BUT, at the same time I am following him, like we usually do going up and down the aisles.  After about 10 minutes, I realize that he's FREAKING PACING BACK AND FORTH IN THE SAME AISLE, and my dumb ass is following WITH the cart back and forth.  I'm even turning the cart within the aisle.  Funny thing is that we are in the same aisle.  When it hits me, I look at him (which he is STILL talking on the phone) and say "You're doing it again!  AND on purpose!!!!!!".   What doe he do?  Starts to giggle.  He knew he was pacing and thought it was funny that I followed the stupid pacing.

From now on, I'm on high alert when he takes a phone call in a shopping place again.  I won't be fooled the next time!

Happy Tuesday my lovelies.  I've missed you!