Apr 15, 2010

I ask you for prayers

I ask that you keep my aunt (she has Alzheimer's in the worse stage possible and she has been fighting pneumonia. She's too fragile and to sick to fight) in your prayers. Please pray that she passes to heaven as painless as possible and also for the safety of my parents who will be flying to Puerto Rico on Saturday. 


Te amo tia carmita.

I have a business trip this weekend and have no idea how I'm going to concentrate knowing that I will get the news that she passed at any moment.  

At this moment, I hate Alzheimer's disease.  It took years from my aunt.  She doesn't recognize anyone.  She doesn't talk anymore. It made her REALLY sick.  And then she gets pneumonia which she is too fragile and old to even give a decent fight.  Alzheimer's disease, you suck and I hate you for what you do to people.  

I will thank you in advance for letting me hate Alzheimer's disease above and THANK YOU so much for your prayers.  It means the world to me. 


Ms. Networking said...

Sorry about this hard time you're going through lovey. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Oh no... I have you and your family in my deepest prayers!

My grandmother has dementia so I know how hard it is to deal with someone who forgets who you are or what she has just done. I do not know the differences between alzheimers and dementia but I do know that they are similiar and both very tragic disorders.