Apr 29, 2010

My 5 1/2 hour flight with stupid people who made the plane go back... jerks!

On Wednesday I took a flight home from my business trip in California.  It was a long flight since I was coming back to Jersey.  The plane is fully booked and with all these new luggage charges and restrictions, people are STUFFING their carry ons beyond belief.  One person's carry on was so stuffed that it looked like it weighed 90 pounds.  Now, thank you to Continental for actually ENFORCING the whole carry on rule.  They made people who looked like their carry ons were way too huge test it out by placing the bag in the "carry on sizer."  You know that thing that is usually next to the gate doors that says "if it don't fit, then it'll be checked."  But this causes delays because people get all freaked out about checking their bags and cause scenes. So, those people are Stupid People Group 1.

Stupid People Group 2 are the ones who are on the flight settling in who put bags and jackets in the overhead bins.  Now, the overhead bins are for people will roller carry ons to put above.  Your stupid little jacket and your stupid little purse is suppose to go UNDERNEATH the chair in front of you where it WILL fit and not bother your precious legs during the flight.  Seriously people, you're RUDE by putting your stuff above when it fits below.

And for the ultimate group, Stupid Couple.  We are on the plane all settled in.  Flight attendants close the cabin door.  We ALL know that once that cabin door is closed, all electronics are suppose to be OFF.  We know this because the flight attendants make announcements about it as they are closing the door and if you have flown a  plane before, you should freaking know.  No excuses.  The lady in front of me clearly thinks she can do whatever she wants.  She's on the phone talking!  We are about five minutes in since the door was closed.  Soooo illegal.  The lady flight attendant walks down the aisle and notices the lady hunched over trying to conceal herself.  The lady attendant turns around and goes to talk to another flight attendant.  He then comes down  pretending to check the aisle, when he gets to her row he says with a stern voice "You either get off the phone or get off the plane.  Your choice, option A or B so make a decision now."  Then he walks away.  Now, she gets off the phone and I hear her say "he said we can get off so I want to get off."  Me along with the people in my row are looking at each other with the facial expression "this freaking lady is crazy AND rude stupid lady."  Her husband then says, we can't get off, the plane just started to back away from the gate. The wife clearly doesn't care what her husband says and she presses the flight attendant button.  He comes back and asks her what he can help her with.  This is how the convo goes:

Stupid Lady: "I want to apologize for being on the phone but I was trying to get my assistant to get something on the next plane that I left behind.  I would like to get off the plane since you told me I could."

Flight Attendant: "Mam, we are already moving and the only way I can let you off the plane is if it's a medical emergency."

Stupid Lady: " Well, then this is a medical emergency."

Flight Attendant: "What is the emergency?"

Stupid Lady: "I forgot all of my medication, including the most important one for my asthma.  I need to get off the plane."

Now everyone around our rows can hear this and that's when you hear the grunting and unhappiness with this stupid lady.  CLEARLY it wasn't a medical emergency because you were on the plane trying to get the meds on the next flight out to you, but because the flight attendant wouldn't let you off because you didn't want to be on the plane anymore, it all of a sudden became an emergency.  Also, if your meds are so important to you, wouldn't you TRIPLE check to make sure you have your meds before you leave the house to the airport.  Seriously.  Well, because of Stupid Couple, the plane had to turn back around (thankfully we are still on the runway) and let the couple off.  This whole craziness situation took a half hour which made us delayed.  People were NOT happy.

In the end, the pilot sped things up in the air to get us to our destination on time.

So thanks to the Stupid Couple for not checking their bags like NORMAL people do before leaving to the airport, we were all inconvenienced.

If only there was world where we didn't have to deal with Stupid Groups when travelling.  I wonder which Stupid Group I will encounter on my next flight in May.

Apr 27, 2010


I'm DONE with my conference!!!  It feels soooooo good to be done.  These conferences take up so much time at work with all the planning and travelling to them.  Today was the last day and overall I can say my conference went very well!

Tonight is my last night in Anaheim, CA.  The weather was amazing!  I had a good time here in Anaheim.  In the past, I have come here twice before and hated.  But I think this trip at the end changed my mind a bit.

BUT, I'm so glad to go home.  I miss the hubs.  Also, my mom flew back home too so I haven't seen her for a week and half so I can't wait to give her a big hug.

I SHOULD be packing, but here I am writing this blog post.  I feel horrible that I have not been posting regularly.  With my two back to back business trips, I just get so lazy when I get back to the hotel that the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen.  Hope you didn't miss me too much.

Ok, I have to really go now because my luggage won't pack itself and I have a VERY early flight in the morning so I need to get some sleep.

I will see you all when I am back on the east coast.  :)

Apr 26, 2010

California is real awesome right now

So, I'm in Anaheim, CA on a business trip.
There is literally nothing to do around here because this place is the home of freaking DISNEYLAND so there's a bunch of bratty kids running around the hotel having tantrums while walking down the hotel hallway.

I'm not fond of being surrounded by families and all these kids walking around with their mickey ears.  Why?  Because that is the ONLY thing you see.  BUT, I have heard that the weather back home is really crappy and rainy so this makes me happy because I'm in mid 70 degree sunny weather.  When I look outside my hotel room window, I see a palm tree and that made me fall in love with Cali.  I'm here till Wednesday so I still have time to enjoy this great weather.

Work is busy and eats up most of my time here. Blah.  But, last night, me and two of my colleagues went out to dinner to unwind after a long day at the convention center.  Most interesting thing I learned at dinner and also the most hilarious was:

If you are getting mugged, you want to get mugged by a heroin addict over a crackhead.  A heroin will probably have a gun, but they won't kill you because all they want is your money to go buy more heroin.  A crackhead on the other hand will have a gun and they are all flinchy and their brain is so fried that they'll lose it in one second and kill you.

So, there is your lesson for the week.

Happy Tuesday from sunny Cali!

Apr 23, 2010

I'm still here, really...

Hey everyone!
I know i've been gone for awhile.  I was away this past weekend on a business trip then was home for three days and today I have to catch a flight to Anaheim, CA later for another business trip.  So my time in between was spent with the hubs and friends for some quality time before I leave again.  I'm gone till next Wednesday.  :(

I can't wait for this conference to fly by, I'm so exhausted and this travelling for work thing takes a lot out of me.  Plus, I miss the  hubs too.  Not good.  I get very clingy when I miss the hubs.  He hates it.  I love it.  What can a girl do, I feel like I need to hold onto him for as much as possbile before I leave for business trips. 

So, in about two hours, the car will be picking me up to go to the airport.  Here's to hoping that my flight is not delayed because i'm already bitching about the 6 1/2 hour flight!!!!! 

So, I'll be in Anaheim, CA.  Any bloggy friends know the area?  Hints ideas on what to do?  I've been there twice before and BESIDES Disneyland, doesn't seem there's much to do.  So, if you have anything to offer, please let me know!  I have some pretty awesome posts lined up which hopefully i'll get to draft up while waiting at the airport.  I promise to keep you entertained in my "abscence."  :)

Also, thanks to all those who are keeping my aunts in their prayers.  She is still fighting a battle, and I ask that you please keep her and my family in your prayers.  Thank you SO much!

OK, I need to make sure I have everything packed and ready to go so I'll catch up with you all later!

Happy flying to CA Friday!

Apr 18, 2010

Told you so...

So, I'm in DC for a work trip, and today I wake up feeling like POO.  Nose is stuffy and throat is scratchy and itchy.  NOT good considering I'll be in a convention center all day today and tomorrow.  :(

Also, not sure if it's sinus infection, cold, or just allergies since i'm in DC where they reported the highest pollen levels since the last 12 years.  Freaking crazy.

Wish me luck that I don't sneeze on one of my customers today, or even one of our authors because that would be B A D.

Happy sneezing itchy throat Sunday!

Apr 17, 2010

Soooooo fast!

I'm writing this to you while i'm on the Acela express train to DC.  I will be there this weekend for business.  They say this train goes 100 mph.  When I look out the window, everything seems to be going fast so I guess it does.  Only problem that certain parts of it are a bit bumpy, but I'm sitting in a big comfy leather seat in business class and they offer free wifi.  That's enough to keep me happy and busy.  I told myself that I would do work on the way down, but clearly that is not on my agenda since i'm here catching up on my blogs, checking my facebook, etc.

I would like to thank you for the bloggy friends who commented with prayers for my aunt who is very ill.  She is still very ill and the doctors don't expect her to make it through the weekend.  My parents are currently on a flight heading down to Puerto Rico and I just hope her and my dad have a chance to say their goodbyes.  So, please keep my aunt in your prayers and my family, especially the ones who are travelling.  I greatly appreciate it.

I promise some funny giggly posts.  Something always happens to me when I travel on a business trip so I should have some good stories for you all.

Happy Weekend to you all.

PS. I'll be in DC this weekend, can anyone recommend any good places to eat, see (besides the obvious tourist DC stuff which I've done already).  Thanks!

Puffy heart love to you all!

Apr 15, 2010

I ask you for prayers

I ask that you keep my aunt (she has Alzheimer's in the worse stage possible and she has been fighting pneumonia. She's too fragile and to sick to fight) in your prayers. Please pray that she passes to heaven as painless as possible and also for the safety of my parents who will be flying to Puerto Rico on Saturday. 


Te amo tia carmita.

I have a business trip this weekend and have no idea how I'm going to concentrate knowing that I will get the news that she passed at any moment.  

At this moment, I hate Alzheimer's disease.  It took years from my aunt.  She doesn't recognize anyone.  She doesn't talk anymore. It made her REALLY sick.  And then she gets pneumonia which she is too fragile and old to even give a decent fight.  Alzheimer's disease, you suck and I hate you for what you do to people.  

I will thank you in advance for letting me hate Alzheimer's disease above and THANK YOU so much for your prayers.  It means the world to me. 

Apr 13, 2010

Baby making time?

I have a question for all of you who have a baby/plan to have a baby.  How long did you decide was the right time for you to go into baby making mode?  Do/Did people drive you completely insane by asking you the "When are you having a baby?" questions EVERY time they saw you.  It's driving me NUTS.  And even with my short attitude, people still don't get it.  So, I wonder, am I the only one?????

I want to stuff your nose and mouth with a sock!

Guess what I had to encounter on the train ride this morning to work.  A big guy taking up a seat and half snoring  so loud that the aliens on the moon probably heard him.

I get on the train and there are no seats available.  I spot one lonely seat next to a big guy and guess that people don't want to sit next to him because you would only have half a seat.  But hell, I wanted to read my book and it's really difficult to try to read book while standing up holding the bars with one hand as to not fall over on the persons lap next to you and holding the hardcover book in the other hand.  Seriously, it's difficult and not fun especially when you have to turn the page.

So, I take my seat.  The guy not so nicely moves his stupid briefcase out of the seat when I say "excuse me."  On that note, I really hate it when people get all pissy at you when you make them move their purse/briefcase off the empty seat next to them.  Seats are for PEOPLE, not HANDBAGS/BRIEFCASES/CELL PHONE. Give it up jerks!

Moving on, I sit down and get right to reading my book (the part I was at was soooo juicy good that I just couldn't fathom having to wait 10 minutes to continue to read my book, hence why I really wanted to make sure I grabbed a seat!).  About 30 seconds after we pull off the station, the snoring starts.  At first, it starts off as a slow murmur snoring then ultimately goes into a big blown out snoring as if he wanted to compete with thunder. This went on for 21 minutes.  The exact time it takes to get from my station to Hoboken.  My iPod wasn't loud enough.  I  had it on FULL volume.  I couldn't even concentrate on my reading because of this snoring jerk who also was sweating.  It was not warm people.  The air conditioner was on.  Ewww gross.

Hopefully when I go home I'll sit next to a decent person who is not sweating and snoring.  Wish me luck!

Apr 9, 2010

I need a gas mask

This morning started out to be a good morning.  UNTIL, I boarded the train to come to work.  As a commuter, you always looks to sit next to people who seem like they don't:

  1. stink (as in I haven't taken a shower for the past two weeks stink)
  2. are talkative
  3. and won't preach to you about THEIR religion and try to force you to come to one of their meetings.
Today, I sat next to a guy who seemed like a normal person.  I sit down and continue to read my book.  About 30 seconds later, the foul smell hits me like a brick wall.  I almost threw up in my mouth!  Clearly this guy's tummy was NOT feeling good.  At this point, I can't move anywhere because the train is packed.  So I chant to myself in my head, "It'll pass, breathe out of your mouth, the smell will pass and you will not faint on the train."  Thankfully it passed pretty quickly.  

Now when your tummy isn't feeling good and you let out a lethal stink as this guy did, usually you are NOT done.  

A minute later, he lets out the mother of all nuclear farts.  I even think I saw the nuclear smoke comes from his ass. Seriously.  I almost died.  I held my breath for about 2 minutes hoping that by the time I breathed in again, the smell was gone.  Nope. It lingered in the train car.  I'm sure everyone else around me felt the pain in their noses from this nuclear fart this guy let out.  

I was able to move once we got to one of the junctions where majority of people get off.  So, I'm glad to say that I have lived through the nuclear fart and am here to make you giggle.  

I end this with a WELCOME TO FRIDAY FOLLOWERS.  I'm really awesome so please stroll through my blog and have a look.  If you become my follower, I instantly become your BFF.  I know, it's so freaking awesome. Lucky you!

Happy Follow Friday!

Apr 8, 2010

Mushy mushy mushy rice

Yeah, so this post is about mushy rice.  My mother is Dominican and my father is Puerto Rican, which in turn makes me the "little Spanish girl."
Now, my mother is a wonderful cook. But for the life of me I can not learn how to cook like she does because she is the  most impatient person when it comes to teaching someone how to cook.  She cooks old style, "throw a little bit of this" and "a little bit of that" and "you don't measure, I don't know how many tablespoons, you just put it in there."  Get what I'm talking about?  My mother is also a CLEAN FREAK when it comes to her kitchen.  Which makes next to impossible to cook with her because I'll just get yelled at that I'm "making a mess."  So, I learn from watching and then AT TEMPT to re-create at home.
So, what's the one thing that every Spanish family eats almost everyday of their lives since we were about the age of a week old?


White rice is suppose to be the simplest thing EVER.  It should be in my genes on how to cook the perfect white rice.  Guess what?  It's not!  I use a rice cooker too and even sometimes with that it comes out mushy. I know, craziness.  Well, yesterday I decided to cook some white rice in the pot because I was only making a cup for the hubs and I.  I had my window open so the nice breeze was coming in, but the window happens to be right next to the stove.  I noticed after a while that the flame was out and the rice was sitting in the water not even cooking. I turned it back on put the lid on and came back 20 minutes later.  I found white MUSHY MASHY rice.  Only me.  I warned the hubs before about the rice and fed it to him anyway because there was no way in hell I was going to make a new pot of rice.  It's food and it's still good, just mushy.  But whatever.

Now this is where I say how much I love my husband for EATING THE WHITE MUSHY MASHY RICE WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE and telling me it's OK.  Seriously, how awesome is that!  I love him so much.  I offered to make him some apps we had in the freezer in case he wanted something else to fill him up in case he didn't want to eat the mushy mashy rice.  But he turned around and told me "it's OK.  I'll eat this."

But, when he took the first bite, he did mention that "You told me it was sticky and mushy, but I didn't know I was going to eat mashed rice!"  BUT, I still love him because he ate it anyway.

White rice = FAIL

I will one day figure out my groove to make white rice.  And if not, I'll gladly replace it with something else.

To my husband who reads my blog: "I'm sorry I made you mashed rice.  But hey, you can now say that your wife makes a rice dish so different and unique that no one can re-create it.  No? Don't want to say that? OK then, just tell them that your wife makes AWESOME empanadas and they don't know what they're missing.  And before you comment saying I have only made empanadas once since you bought me the best empanada maker ever, how about we have some this weekend.  Love you."

Have a mushy mushy mushy mashy rice wonderful of a day!

Apr 7, 2010

Can you see my underwear?!?!

Dear Mrs. Newlywed Giggles,

Next time you leave the house wearing a skirt that FLOWS (like Marylin Monroe's famous white dress fiasco), check the weather!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles who is wearing a skirt with a slit in the front which also tends to flow all ways (UP, DOWN, SIDEWAYS, LEFT, RIGHT) when it's 85 degrees outside with GUSTY WINDS ranging from 17mph to 27mph!

PS. You're welcome NYC if you got a chance to see my red underwear.  AWESOME.

Apr 6, 2010

Cake anyone?

I just started to bake a cake at 8 o'clock at night.  I also ate a BIG ASS piece of the fudge marble cake with mounds of chocolate frosting on it around 9:30pm. 

This is a big no no, but I just couldn't resist. 

Be jealous of my cake baking and eating because it tasted oh so yummy!

Apr 5, 2010

Bam Bam Bam, I got the bad guy!

Saturday morning the hubs and I got up early.  We got into the car and headed to PA to go to a shooting range.

This was my first time ever shooting a gun.  I have shot a paintball gun plenty of times, but I hear that it doesn't really count.  You know, because this time I had actual bullets.  Anyways...

To my surprise, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.  The hubs bought me my own pair of headphones and protective eye wear.  I was thinking of how I can make it girly and sparkles came to my mind.  I might actually  bejewel my shooting gear.  But shhh, don't tell the hubs.  Moving on, I go up there and do the safety training and for the couple of shots I do with the instructor by my side, I did pretty good.  Then I was on my own with the experienced hubs and experienced brother-in-law.  Great.  Well, they were really cool and were very patient with me, especially the hubs!  So I start to shoot and after a couple of rounds, everyone starts to see a pattern.

All of my targets had MULTIPLE shots in the groin area.  I swear I wasn't aiming for the groan area.  Really, I was aiming for the chest.  Not sure they all believed me, but it's true!  Of course, later throughout the day I started to shoot a little better and got some head shots and chest shots.

So, this statement is for anyone who decides to break into my house and hurt me:

"I have a gun and I will light you up in your groin area MULTIPLE times before going for the head shots.  You've been warned."

Apr 2, 2010

It's a paint party!

No, this post is not about actual painting.  But I had some fun using Paint on my computer to give you a visual of my morning! So, this morning my company was switching some new servers/networks over to another location blah blah IT talk blah blah.... So, of course, some of us are having issues and stuff isn't where it was before and all that fun stuff.

On this Good Friday, I called upon Jesus to help me with my computer problems.  Literally.  My co-worker's name is Jesus and he is the IT guy and also a good friend of mine AND ALSO my neighbor!  I know, craziness, but that's how I roll.  So, Jesus literally spent about 30 minutes at my desk trying to fix my laptop.  While he was doing that, I started sketching on a paper a picture of him and me (also kept singing "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and "Money money mooney, moooooney").  Then the idea came to my head to make it my blog inspiration.  So I unveil a MASTERPIECE from yours truly, done in Paint.

I know.  I could be the next Picasso.  I have amazed myself at my paint skills.  It does NOT look like a 7 year old drew this.  Not at all.  Please, praise my work, PRAISE IT!

By the time he was done, I was sure that I annoyed him to his breaking point.  POINT for me! 

Happy Good Follow Friday my bloggy friends.