Mar 3, 2010

Ring ring.. time to pace

While making some tuna sandwiches last night, the hubby gets a phone call.  He picks up and starts talking to the person.  I walk over to our kitchen table to sit and down and eat my tuna sandwich and stuff my face with big spoonfuls have a couple teaspoons worth of Haagen Dazs ice cream, I look over to him and it hit me!  The hubby always paces around the room when he's on a phone call.  When he gets really into a conversation, he paces around even faster and starts to fidget with stuff. 

Example, yesterday he started to pace around from the couch to the closet door and back and forth and back and forth.  Then he starts pacing around the coffee table and starts to look at stuff on the coffee table.  He also paced himself over to the door and checked the locks and then proceeded to look out the peephole.  Mind you, we live on the second floor and our door goes out to the stair hallway.  If somebody was outside our door, we would have heard the downstairs door slam shut (because our walls are thin as a piece of paper) and the footsteps coming up the stairs.  So we would have had plenty of indication if a person was standing in front of our door.  But that didn't matter to the hubby yesterday, he just went over to the door and looked out the peephole.  Maybe he wanted to make sure there was no mass murderer waiting on the top step for the right time to attack?  Maybe he heard the downstairs door slam, then footsteps coming up the steps and a knock at our door? (which is not the case because I would have heard all of that noise too).  Or maybe it's just because when he talks on the phone he gets distracted and starts to do the most random stuff ever while he paces the whole apartment?
I'm going to go with the last one. 

But seriously, I don't get the pacing.  At least I can sneak in some kisses when he's in this "pacing trance" of his.  :)

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