Mar 31, 2010

Woooo weeee

Ok, so yesterday i was in such a crappy mood.  If you don't remember, read my ridiculously complaining post.  You would think that after a day like that, I would have a better one today?  Wrong.  Today, I am dealing with the most annoying migraine ever!  What's worse is that I woke up with the migraine.  When you wake up with a migraine, those tend to be the worse ones.  I took the morning to try to get some meds in me to take the "edge" off and was able to come to work for a half day.  This does not mean that the migraine is away.  It's still rearing it's ugly head.  But, I can only deal with it and move on.

On another GOOD note, the crappy rainy weather is GONE here in NJ. Thank goodness.  This is what is coming our way:

THIS makes me happy.  As you can tell by the drawing.  I know, it's a wonderful drawing.  I'm such an artist. 

Thank you Spring for coming this weekend so we can actually enjoy it OUTDOORS. 

Happy Hump Day 

Mar 30, 2010

Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid.

Today is one of those days!

 Yeah, don't mess with me.  

 That's not the only thing that is making me even more pissy today.  Check out the below!

All that rain is surrounding where we live.  And it does NOT make me happy.  That big red dot is where I'm located.  Notice the greenish yellowish color all AROUND ME!!!!  Walking 10 NYC blocks to work when it's super windy and I'm outside wrestling with the stupid umbrella to not break on me is not fun either!  I got to work soaked, and I've been here for about two hours and my jeans are still a bit wet.  Weather... FAIL!

Talking about umbrellas, I came across this when searching for pictures showing umbrellas turned inside out on Google images. 

Yeah, that's an umbrella.  They call it the new fashionable umbrellas.  It's a hands free umbrella.  And it's not suppose to flip over in windy rainy weather, like today.  Interesting no?

Do you know what's going to make me feel better today?  If someone so kindly drops these two packages off at my desk and let me eat them all by myself and not share with anyone because I am the only one who deserves it.  Yeah, I said it.  So who wants to send me the following?

As I promised on my facebook status, whoever gets these babies on my desk before the end of the day, I promise not to put you in line of fire with my wrath and pissy attitude today. I pinky promise you!

Days like today is when I wish I was a boy.  SERIOUSLY. 

Mar 26, 2010

You want, I help - Empanada maker!

Friday followers welcome!  I urge you to read my post that showcased a family recipe of mine that I like to call "Mrs. Newlywed Giggle's Awesome Empanada Recipe That Will Rock Your Husband's Tummy".  It's awesome.  You MUST try it.  Because I said so.  Well, you don't have to try it, but if you don't, you are missing out on a piece of empanada heaven.  Trust me. 

So I received a couple of comments/e-mails concerning the "glorious empanada invention."  Well, I would like to share the ebay place where the hubs found the invention  It includes 4 different sizes people!  It doesn't get any awesomer (yes, i'm making that a word) than that!  So, if you are interested for purchasing, you can check this place out.  Now, I only share this with you because you are awesome followers.  But please I have no idea who this ebay person is.  All I know is that when the hubs search and purchased these glorious empanada invention babies for me, it arrived at my house quickly and in great condition.  So, if you have a bad experience with them, then tough.  If you have a great one, congratulations!

Now you can't say I didn't give you at least one option on where to find these.  Also, you can't beat the price people.  It's just ridiculously cheap.  Seriously. And if you really have to convince yourself to justify a reason for buying these, put it this way: You can make empanadas, turnovers, dumplings, calzones... the possibilities are endless.  You can even call it the "glorious empanada invention and more!"

You are SO welcome.  Make sure you give me credit when your hubby says how awesome you are for making these wonderful empanadas.  I deserve it!

Happy Follow Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Puffy hearts for you all!

Mar 24, 2010

What What, Empanada time!

I make homemade empanadas (because I'm awesome like that).  But, they are a lot of work when making them, especially the sealing of the darn empanada.  I made the mistake mentioned to the hubs one day that I would make them every day if he found something that will seal the empanada with one touch and cut my prepping time by 70%.  (Disclaimer: I did not think something like this was created, hence why I said I would make them everyday.)  What did the hubs do?  Two seconds later he whipped out his blackberry and went to his eBay app and found a glorious empanada invention made just for empanadas and bought it right then and there.  Amazing how technology works these days.   A few days later, the glorious empanada inventions arrived.  Did I make the empanadas the day after? No.  Week after? No. Month after? No.  Which I will hold my ground by saying that I would probably kill us with fat clogging our arteries if I actually made them everyday so whatever.

But yesterday I decided to make them.  And the invention is the most freaking awesome thing ever created!  So, I thought I would share with you all my empanada cooking extravaganza.  And guess what?  I'll also share the recipe too!  Now, I don't do that whole one teaspoon here of this and cup of that... so, it's called just eyeballing it and seasoning it to your liking.  OK, so here it goes people.  Save this recipe as "Mrs. Newlywed Giggle's Awesome Empanada Recipe That Will Rock Your Husband's Tummy"  Got it?  Good.  Let's begin.

 "Mrs. Newlywed Giggle's Awesome Empanada Recipe That Will Rock Your Husband's Tummy"
You can use any kind of ground meat (turkey, chicken, beef) I use beef because it's awesome and I love it.
Season the meat to your liking. (I use some Adobo, low sodium; garlic powder and some oregano) Eyeball it people.  It doesn't have to be down to a science.
Brown the meat in a skillet.  I pour in a small can of tomato sauce and let it simmer for another 2 minutes after the meat is browned.  You can also add some green olives.  I don't because the hubs has a major "yuck" factor to them.

I buy the "discos" as they are called (which are also round pastry dough circles that you can find in the freezer that some people use for apple turnovers).  I like to buy the Goya Discos which work the best. Most IMPORTANT step -> DEFROST the discos entirely so they are doughy feeling.

Take out the glorious empanada invention.  If you don't have one of these, you simply place a spoonful of filling in the middle of the pastry.  Fold it over and use a fork to go around the edges and press down firmly to seal both sides together.  Photos to help with visual:

That's what they should like when prepped.  The ridges you see above would be the same with the fork.  You have to make sure they are sealed together good because the last thing you want is for it to bust open in the deep fryer and the filling spill out.  That would be a waste of a perfectly good empanada. 

If you have a deep fryer, drop these babies in until golden brown.  Set on a paper towel to degrease and enjoy!

I promise you that your husband will bow down to you after you make these for him.  But WARNING, people are going to fall in love with it so the bad thing is that they will want you to make these all the time.  I warned you so don't come back yelling at me.  Good.

Happy Hump Day!

Mar 23, 2010


Do you ever find it odd that MOST of us when receiving a phone call on the cell say "Hello?" Now, you're thinking, yes this is what you are suppose to do.  But when we pick up our cell phone, 99% of the time, we know who is calling because of this beautiful thing called "caller id."  So, why do we say "Hello?" when in instance, if it's your friend Tiffany calling, you dont' say "Hey Tiff!" 

I find myself doing this all the time.  Even when the hubs calls me, I say "Hello?" in that 'who is this person calling me' tone, even though I know who it is. 

Seriously, why do we do it?  Do you?

Mar 22, 2010

Don't do it squirrel!

Quick phone conversation I just had with the hubs....

Me: "How is work?"

[[interrupted by this]]

Hubby: "Don't do it squirrel!  Don't do it!.  They're like daredevils!  And he saw me too!"

Me: "oh, darn squirrels"

Yep, we have squirrels that like to play games with us when on the road.  It  happens all the time.  I have actually sent not one, but TWO squirrels to squirrel heaven because of the same mishap.

This is pretty much what happens:

Are you serious?

Here in NJ, we had a wonderful weekend!  Seriously, it was OVER 60 degrees.  But of course, it all gets crapped on by stupid rain which means some towns in NJ will have to deal all over again with flooding.  Really sucks.

But I was away from the computer all weekend and it literally took me about 40 minutes to catch up on my reader!  I have reached 103 followers!  This is just like WOW.  I feel so freaking awesome!  So I was thinking that maybe I'll do a giveaway to celebrate!!!!!!  I'll figure out the whole giveaway stuff this week.  I had a great weekend.

I picked up my copy of New Moon on Saturday!!!!!  If you haven't read about my Twilight obsession love, you should.  FYI, the drooling was contained.  :)

So, thanks for all of you for following me and giving a crap of what I have to say.  Details on the giveaway to come soon....... YIPPEE

Mar 18, 2010

Drooling session to commence!

So, if you are not a Twilight Saga freak informed person like me, then you have no idea what freaking amazing purchase I will be making on Saturday!  I will be buying this:

That's right, New Moon comes out on DVD on Saturday and you bet your ass I'm going to be at the store ready to purchase my Blu Ray DVD.

First of all, let's get this out of the way.  TEAM EDWARD.  Enough said.  Don't hate Team Jacob fans.

What's not to like about this:


But please, just because I'm Team Edward doesn't mean I would ever ever EVER turn away Jacob Black if he showed up at my house and said "I'm here for you and you only, my love."  

Yeah.  Me and two friends will be drooling watching New Moon when I buy it on Saturday.  

By the way, did you know that the new trailer for Eclipse is already out? No, you didn't.  Let me show you the trailer that I've watched over and over again that I stumbled upon.  Check it out here!

And no this is not my wallpaper for my work computer at my job.  Not at all. And this picture is NOT proof of the previous sentence.  It's your eyes that are fooling you!

Let the drooling session BEGIN!

Mar 17, 2010


First off, I'm not Irish.  So I'm not wearing green today because again, I'm not Irish.  But if you are Irish, I wish you a Happy St. Patty's Day!

But I DO look forward to this day ever since last year.  Why?  Let me tell you why.

I feel the need that today is the only day I can get away with commenting on anything and everything ending with "SHENANIGANS!"  So, if you are one of my facebook friends, you are most likely going to see a comment (no matter what the status says) from me only saying "SHENANIGANS!"..... because today is a day where I feel like I can get away with it.  I started this last year and am going to make it an annual facebook event for me!


Mar 14, 2010


Today I went with my best friend to David's Bridal.  All of us met up there to pick out our bridesmaid dresses.  So we received the instructions from the bride on what she would like to see, and off we went to battle the racks and racks of dresses!  Within about 10 minutes we emerged with all of us having different styles of dresses and proceeded to the dressing rooms.  One by one we came out and showed off the dress.  We had many supporters (moms, grandmas, and aunts!) to say yay or nay.  We got it down to two dresses and we're finally able to come to a decision of the dress that the bride liked.  Then, we started thinking about the colors.  Oh boy was that fun.  So many color options.  She wanted to stick with pink, but there were about 5 different shades of pink available!  Insanity. 

Then it came down to two colors:
- Guava

This was no easy task people, but we were finally able to make the decision.  Guava won!  I'm so excited to get the dress.  I loved it and felt super comfortable in it. 

Now I'm home researching which shoes to wear with the Guava color.   So, maybe you all can help in letting us know what color shoes we should wear with this color.  Our dresses are long. 

So, give me your ideas please!!!!!

Mar 12, 2010

Stupid Girl Scout Cookies!

Remember when I posted about the hubs buying 11 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies? (if not, this post is a must read!)  Well, I packed some thin mints in with my lunch today, and I think I may have just become addicted. 

Stupid Girl Scout cookies! Seriously, the Thin Mints are staring at me saying things like "Eat me.." , "I'm so yummy", "I'm chocolately goodness".  Of course they are not saying that.  They're cookies people, not real human beings.  Just because I write that they "saying things like..." doesn't mean it's true.  No worries, Girl Scout cookies do not talk to you!  But if your  Girl Scout cookies start "talking" to you, I would call your doctor ASAP.

Ok, I'm off to finish ALL of the thin mints I brought with me and most likely eat more when I get home.  Awesome.

Maybe I should lock them up... hmmmm?

Stupid Rain ruins everything!

 So, here in NJ, we had a great week with weather.  It was actually in the upper 50s!  But of course it was great weather during the work week, so  I was at work all day and couldn't enjoy the outside weather.  But, here comes the weekend and you would have thought after having such a great week, the weekend would be the same!  WRONG!  See below to see who is visiting us this weekend.  These guests (rain downpours!) are NOT welcomed!

Now, this has started today and is not suppose to stop until Monday!!!!  Sucks major butt!

The good thing I have to look forward to is that my best friend is coming home from Chicago with her fiance!!!!  I haven't physically seen her since she got engaged this past Feb so I'm super excited!  The wedding is this June so we have LOTS AND LOTS to do.  First thing is of course to give her a big hug and check out the rock on her left hand!  Then, we are going to dive into wedding details galore and Sunday we are heading to go dress shopping for her dress and our dresses. 

This stupid rain isn't going to stop us girls from planning a wedding!  Take that RAIN!  In your face!

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Mar 10, 2010

Is that a turkey gobbling?

This morning after hitting the snooze button 4 times, I was laying in bed and all of a sudden I hear "gobble gobble".  Yep, I hear a turkey gobbling outside.  I lift my head up thinking that I might be dreaming and am not really hearing one, but the hubby opens up his eyes. 

Me: "Did you hear that?"
Hubs: "Yeah"
Me: "Was that a turkey?!!?!?"
Hubs: "I think so. It sounded like one."

Ok, we don't live in a farm, near a farm, or near anywhere that a turkey might just be taking a morning stroll down the street. I live in a suburb town in northern NJ which is 30 minutes from NYC.  You don't see turkeys roaming the streets where I live. 

Did I get up to look out the window and see if indeed there was a turkey outside our window? Nope, I stayed in bed cuddled with the hubs trying to convince him to play hookie today and not go to work so we can relax all day dreading to hear the alarm go off again.

Happy Turkey Wednesday

Mar 8, 2010

Pictionary + Rum & Coke = Adults acting like 10 yr olds

On Saturday we had a game night to go to.  Little did I know that we would have so much fun and end up staying there till 3 in the morning!  Our friend set-up the whole  night nicely, passing around some rum & cokes to make sure we "relaxed" before the game festivities started.

Our friend even bought a big whiteboard for us to use to play Pictionary!


With the markers in hand, gulp of rum and coke before the "drawer" was up, we started to play an epic game of Pictionary!  The last time I played I was probably in grade school and didn't realize how fun it is.  Especially in a room full of adults with liquor floating around in our systems.  

Of course we split up the teams 5 on 5, boys vs women.  Ha!  Eventually the boys made a HUGE comeback in the game that decided the fate of the ultimate Pictionary winners for the night after a couple of rounds.  It comes down to the boys needing 7 to win.  Now you're thinking, "they'll never get 7 in two minutes."  Well, guess what, they did!  It was a fair game and the boys won for the night.  But no worries, the girls did win a round where we started jumping up and down as if we just won gold medals in the Olympics.  It was awesome. 

Mar 5, 2010

My phone charger sleeps with me and the hubs is jealous

The night before the hubby was up all night playing his video game non-stop so I went to bed before him.  Before I went to bed I realized that my phone was low on battery.  So I grabbed the charger and plugged it into the plug next to the bed on the hubby's side because I wanted to check my facebook before I fell alseep so still needed to use the phone.  That plug is the closest.  Of course it's on the hubbys side so the wire is laying across his pillow.  I must have  knocked out for a bit because I snored loudly and woke myself up wake up in the middle of the night and notice that 1. The hubs is still playing games and it's like around 1 in the morning and 2. My phone is on the hubby's pillow.  So, it's done charging so I pull the phone out of the charger and place it on the table next to my side of the bed  and go back to snoring sleep.  I don't remember if I threw the wire off to the side from his pillow, but oh well.
Then in the morning the hubby calls me at work and tells me that he came into the bedroom to change into his lounge pants and said that I had the phone charging  on his pillow.
His words exactly, "as if I wasn't coming to bed and the phone replaced me.".  Ha! 
In my defense, at least the phone charger kept me company until the hubby finally came to bed.  I am obsessed do LOVE my crackberry blackberry to death.  But I guess I have reached a whole new level with my blackberry.  I guess if my blackberry is my new hubs, I'm going to have to change the color from pink to blue.  It only makes sense.

Hey, I'm new at Friday Follow!

Hello everyone!

I decided to join the Friday Follow hosted by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades!

Welcome to everyone who is coming from Friday Follow and I'm excited to join the blog hop!!!!!!!
I'm off to run to a meeting now, but I'll be back later with a story involving me, the hubby, and a phone charger. This will be a hilarious story.  :)

Mar 3, 2010

Ring ring.. time to pace

While making some tuna sandwiches last night, the hubby gets a phone call.  He picks up and starts talking to the person.  I walk over to our kitchen table to sit and down and eat my tuna sandwich and stuff my face with big spoonfuls have a couple teaspoons worth of Haagen Dazs ice cream, I look over to him and it hit me!  The hubby always paces around the room when he's on a phone call.  When he gets really into a conversation, he paces around even faster and starts to fidget with stuff. 

Example, yesterday he started to pace around from the couch to the closet door and back and forth and back and forth.  Then he starts pacing around the coffee table and starts to look at stuff on the coffee table.  He also paced himself over to the door and checked the locks and then proceeded to look out the peephole.  Mind you, we live on the second floor and our door goes out to the stair hallway.  If somebody was outside our door, we would have heard the downstairs door slam shut (because our walls are thin as a piece of paper) and the footsteps coming up the stairs.  So we would have had plenty of indication if a person was standing in front of our door.  But that didn't matter to the hubby yesterday, he just went over to the door and looked out the peephole.  Maybe he wanted to make sure there was no mass murderer waiting on the top step for the right time to attack?  Maybe he heard the downstairs door slam, then footsteps coming up the steps and a knock at our door? (which is not the case because I would have heard all of that noise too).  Or maybe it's just because when he talks on the phone he gets distracted and starts to do the most random stuff ever while he paces the whole apartment?
I'm going to go with the last one. 

But seriously, I don't get the pacing.  At least I can sneak in some kisses when he's in this "pacing trance" of his.  :)

Mar 1, 2010

It's the hubs birthday!

Today is the hubby's birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Yesterday, I made a batch of brownies AND a yellow cake with chocolate frosting all for the hubs birthday.  Our parents came over for some yummy dessert and coffee.  Finished the night off watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  

So the hubs is officially "older" than me! Ha!  Until August of course. 
Today we won't be doing much.  Hubs wanted to have a relax birthday and I feel like poo  while battling a cold.  But there is leftover birthday cake so I can't wait to go home and stuff my face with eat a huge portion size piece of birthday cake with extra chocolate frosting.  :)