Feb 9, 2010

It's a geyser in my kitchen!

Saturday morning I woke up early to start prepping for a Girl's Night I was hosting at my apartment.  I cleaned a bunch dishes, swept and mopped the floors and finally when I thought I was done, I remembered that I needed one more dish for the pasta.  I go to take it out and give it a quick rinse.  And that's when a geyser exploded in my kitchen! 


It seriously looked like that.  No joking.  Water was being sprayed everywhere! I finally put my mind into action and shut the switch off and after about 30 seconds, water stopped flowing from the faucet.   At this point, everything around the sink is soaked, including me!  This is how my sink looked after the explosion. 

Wondering where the faucet went?  No worries, I found it laying on the counter on the right side.  It shot out from the pressure and landed there.
(don't mind the way I look.  I was still in my pj's with my glasses on and my hair looking all crazy because I just woke up and went into cleaning mode)
While this was all happening, the  hubs was sleeping.  I even shouted when it happened and he didn't even hear me.  So, I put the faucet that's in my hand down on the side, cleaned up the water mess, changed my shirt and I sneaked back into bed.  Hubs wakes up as i'm making my way into the bed cuddling underneath the covers and is asking me why I'm waking him up.  ( In my defense, I wasn't waking him up, he just happened to hear the noise in the bedroom as I was trying to get back under the covers).  I told him we had a mini crisis in the kitchen and that when he got up, he was going to have call the landlord because we had no faucet.  He laughs.  Because he knows this kind of stuff only happens to me. 

Yes, I did leave the faucet on the kitchen counter and decided to go back into bed because clearly my cleaning spree was put at a halt.  And what better way to de-stress from the flying faucet incident then crawling back into bed with the hubs and sleeping it off.  :)


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh my goodness!!! That would scare me, lol!

Melissa and Cas said...

How horrible.....and how come horrible things always happen when you have something going on? They never just happen on a lazy Saturday when you do not have any plans!