Feb 23, 2010

I put that shit on everything

My hubby actually likes to put this stuff on everything. 
Dinner conversation today

Me: "What are you taking that out for?"

Hubs: "For the chicken wings"

Me: "They already have spicy [Habanera at that] sauce on them"

Hubs: "OK, I'll put them on the chicken nuggets then." [Yes, we had chicken wings and chicken nuggets. It's called cleaning out the freezer]

Me: "I took out the sweet and sour sauce for your chicken nuggets."

Hubs: "OK, I'll put it on the rice then. [Me giving him a confused face] I put that shit on everything!" [the last statement was said the exact way the commercial says it]

Me: [Rolls eyes and keeps serving dinner]

So, do you put that shit on everything?  And the "shit" meaning the Frank Red Hot Sauce.


Jules said...

Ha...love that response! I just made buffalo chicken meatloaf last night with Frank's Red Hot. It was good stuff.

A said...

i must say that i put that shit on everything too. i don't blame him. its addicting!