Jan 6, 2010

Two Annoying Guys

Yesterday on my way home, there was this one annoying guy on the train who was talking to one of his buddies.  Now, the buddy was trying very hard to read his book, but annoying guy kept interrupting him talking about the most random stuff ever.  Here's some snippets that I took down in my blog book for you all to enjoy.  My thoughts are in blue.

Snippet #1:
"I ordered my steak well done and the waiters always get so mad.  I just don't understand it."  **Maybe because it's a sin to order steak well done.  Who wants to eat a dry piece of meat?**

Snippet #2:
Annoying Guy: "Yeah, that type of plumbing is so not easy and takes long."
Buddy trying to read book: "It was easy, only took me a half hour to take care of."  **He's pretty much telling you that are not a handy dandy man and to stop making yourself look like you know what you are talking about because clearly you have no freaking clue**

Snippet #3:
"Did you ever try to add some fresh  lime flavor into vodka?  It's not easy because you have to get it right.  It's a quantitative measure of lime.  Hahaha."  **What?  Do you have any idea what came out of your mouth?  Weirdo**

Snippet #4:
"I like all beer. [[30 seconds later in same conversation]] Guinness is too thick for me, I don't like it." **So, you are a liar and clearly you do not like ALL beer.**

That's what I had to listen yesterday.  But it gets better.  This morning while sitting on the PATH train, I notice across from me sitting down is a gentlemen who looks exactly like the person below in the picture:

Yep, he looked like the bad agent from the Matrix.  Glasses and all!  I swear it was his twin, or who knows, it might have been him!  I was waiting for a fight scene to break out on the train at any second and for Keanu Reeves to show up to save us all morning commuters!

No fight scene and Keanu Reeves never showed up.  Darn.  Maybe something more exciting will happen on my train ride home today.  Stay tuned my fellow blog peeps.  Yep, I just called you my blog peeps.  Be proud.

Until the next blog post, adios blog peeps.


Unknown said...

I love random convo snippets... these are too funny!

Unknown said...

The beer comment is definitely my fav.

Judy@grammyreads.com said...

So glad I don't ride the train. I would never make it in NYC.