Dec 31, 2009

A New Year, A New Look

We moved this past October and I promised a LONG time ago that I would post about our new place.  And I lied to you.  I never posted a single post about my new apartment.  But guess what, today you are lucky because I will blog about my new apartment with pictures too!  Let's think of it as new apartment, new year, and new beginnings.

Let's begin the tour!
Here is the view of our living room when you walk into our apartment from our door.

The walls were painted blue before we moved in and since I love blue, I told the previous tenant that it was perfect.  She was happy because she didn't want to have to paint it over again.

The hubby has A LOT of movies!  As you can see from the two spinners on either side of the TV and there is also more movies stashed in boxes in our apartment and probably some at his mom's house too.  Let's just say that when we get a house, we are going to have lots of shelving to hold all the movies AND video games.  We have a PS3 and a Wii!  The TV is probably my hubby's favorite thing in the whole wide world.  He spent weeks researching on the perfect TV for us. lol.

I just had to share a picture of this!  This is one of my favorite wedding gifts we got from his co-workers.  The heart in the middle swivels so there's a picture on both sides and our names are engraved on it.  I <3 it!

This is one of the favors that my hubby's mom had for our wedding.  We were able to keep one for ourselves.  It has our name's and wedding date engraved on it.

This is the hallway that goes through the kitchen area, bathroom and bedroom.

This is our kitchen area. Our table was given to use from a family friend.  It's a big table and I love it!  It's an old table so it's actually made of good wood and on the other side is the bench used for seating.

We received this photo frame from the best man on our first Christmas that we celebrated as a couple and I love it!  I included all pictures from our wedding.

This is our kitchen.  It's a bit small but I have LOTS of cabinet space and at first I was afraid it was going to be too small, but ends up it works out perfectly for me!

As you can see, my fridge has lots of pictures up on it.  I want to get a nice magnet collage that can hold all the pictures.  Anyone know where I can find something like that???

This is our bedroom.  The Superman bear on our bed is the very first bear that the hubby ever game me.  He's six years old!  The other bear was a Valentine's Day gift and he's so soft and cuddly.

One of my church members was moving and they offered us this beautiful dresser!  It's in pretty good condition and has lots of space.

This apartment was completely redone about 6 years before so everything is pretty new.  Our bathroom has beautiful tile from floor to ceiling!

So there you have it.  A sneak peek into our apartment.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and to new beginnings!

Dec 29, 2009

New look

I decided it was time to give my blog a new look.  Guess it goes hand in hand with the new year starting.
I totally did not plan it that way.  Let's just say I was bored at work.

All at once

  • a pair of leggings
  • work dress pants
  • snow boots lined with fur that go up halfway my leg
  • white socks
  • black socks
  • thermal casual sweater
  • fleece hoodie
  • winter coat
  • hat
  • hat attached to winter coat
  • scarf that is longer than me when holding vertically side by side with me
  • gloves

All the items listed above is what I was wearing ALL AT ONCE.  The reason for wearing all of this at once?  See below:

Yep, you are reading that correctly,  It's 22 degrees but FEELS like 4.  And did you take a peek at the wind?  30 mph to 47 mph wind gusts.  Which makes the 4 degrees smacking my face such a pleasant feeling.  No really, it's pleasant.  Really.

It's a freaking wonderful day in the darn city.  Did I tell you that I really LOVE my ten minute walk from the PATH train to my office?  Especially on days like this.  Who would want it any other way?


Dec 28, 2009

Thank goodness for hubby

Last night before we went to bed, the hubby put the alarm on for 6:15 because he had to be up early in the morning to run an errand before heading into work.  I told him that since he's putting the alarm for that early, that he has to get up and shut it off since he's the one who needs to get up first.  Fast forward to this morning.... the alarm must have went off at 6:15 AM.  Did I hear it? Nope.  The hubby must have gotten up, hit the snooze button for me to wake up later and went into the shower to get ready for work.  Fast forward to 7:00AM, I'm completely knocked out sprawled out on the bed with the covers half on AWAKEN by the hubby telling me to wake up because it's 7.  When I finally come out of my comatose sleep I realize that the radio is going off and my hubby is standing over me poking me to wake up.  I did not hear the alarm go off after he hit snooze and for about 30 minutes the radio was on pretty loud while he was in the shower.  And me?, did not hear the radio AT ALL, not even in my dreams. 

So, thank goodness for the hubby because I probably would have slept till lord only knows when.  Even after he was poking, throwing his pj lounge pants on me, and harassing me it still took me about 10 minutes to physically get out of the bed. 

Oh Monday morning, how I am NOT a fan of you.

Dec 27, 2009

After the holiday

The worse feeling after Christmas?
The fact that you know you ate way too much in just ONE day.  But the good part?  Knowing that it was 100% worth it because you ate a lot with family and friends. :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  We sure did.  Took the hour and half drive to CT to spend it with my family and boy did we have fun.  It was great to see all my little cousins who are all growing up so fast.  Food and dessert were sooooo good.  And we even had a light dusting of snow on Christmas morning.  

Looking forward to enjoy a new year.

So, how much food did you eat during Christmas?  :)

Dec 23, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Please drop these items at my house.  :)
  • The Perfect Brownie pan.  I love making brownies and this would make my life MUCH MUCH easier
  • The Nook. I commute to work so this would make reading wonderful while on the train.  Won't have to carry big bulky books and I can have access to all the books I want!
  • The Snuggie . You might think this is ridiculous and tell me to just grab my robe and put it on backwards.  But a robe is for bathroom use.  I would actually use this as I am always freezing in the living room and I could just throw a blanket on, but the snuggie will allow me to use the control, blackberry, hold a cup because of the wonderful sleeve options.  :)
  • a new work wardrobe!
  • Some new boots would be real nice.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries... yummo!
  • some new wipers for my car.
  • Michael Buble's cd collection.. I <3 him
  • Wii game - Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics 
  • My commute to magically be shorter than it is now.
  • Not to be cold when walking the 10 minute walk to work in 15 degree weather.
  • many many more things...
Now, I know I won't get any of this stuff, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. Just in case.  :)

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

Dec 21, 2009

Oh no... sick

So this past weekend we had a pretty good size snow storm that brought us about 5-6 inches of snow.  We did go out in this weekend, but I was bundled up as I usually am. 

This morning I wake barely able to swallow because my throat felt so dry. I thought it was because of how hot it was in our bedroom from the heat.  WRONG.

As I'm sitting at my desk at work, the body aches have started and it feels like I'm swallowing nails.  Not good. So, I'm waiting to leave work since I have to rely on the train schedule.  I have about another half hour to go.  I'm going to go home and drink some of this:

and go straight to bed to get warm under the covers.  My hands right now feel ice cold and my cheeks feel like they are on fire!

I have some antibiotics left from the last time I was sick (please don't yell at me, I know I am suppose to finish all of them but I forgot one day then the next so I just stopped.  But they sure will come in handy now to maybe make me feel a little better!) so I'll take those too.  Hopefully my body aches will go away and my head stop hurting and my cheeks will resume to normal body temperature! 

What a happy Monday to me huh?

Dec 17, 2009

NO fair

Mr. Newlywed Giggle's is officially on vacation from work till after the holidays. 

What does that mean to me?  That every morning I have to get up to work early and when I leave, he gets to continue to snore until whenever he feels like waking up.


Dec 12, 2009

Decorating for the Holidays

I didn't go out and buy a whole bunch of decorations.  Instead, I headed over to the craft store and had some fun making my own.  It was relaxing and I enjoyed myself!  I don't see the point in me spending money on decorations, but I always have craft stuff laying around so I just made a few extra purchases and got working!

It started out with craft supplies

I cleared the table and started to cut and glue away


By the way, glitter glue is AWESOME

The results!


There are a bunch of those snowflakes you see above all over the apartment.  I went a little nuts sticking them where ever I found a spot.


Dec 9, 2009

Our Christmas decoration

So, last year for Xmas we didn't have any decorations because 1. we had nowhere to store the decorations in our tiny apt. 2. We just came back from our honeymoon the last week of November and things were too crazy.

This year I wasn't thinking of decorating either because 1. We have a bigger apt, but I refuse to store things and take up space for 11 months out of the year, 2. Don't have money to be spending on decorations, and 3. We are not having any Xmas parties at our apt or gatherings so I feel like we can do without.  BUT, I couldn't resist on buying the below:

On Monday I was sick and stayed home from work.  I was in bed all day until I had my doctor's appointment.  After the doctor's appointment I head over to Walgreen's to get my prescription.  I had some time to wait before it was done so I ventured down the Xmas aisle.  They had a lot of cute stuff that I would have loved to decorate our apartment with, but I contained myself.  UNTIL I saw this cute little very glittery Xmas decoration.  Since we don't have any Xmas decorations or a tree, I decided that I REALLY wanted to get this.  When I looked at the price, I realized that I couldn't walk out of there without it because it was only .99 CENTS!  So I purchased this little Xmas tree along with my prescription and made my way home.  I set it down in the middle of our coffee table and went straight to bed.  When the hubby came home, I knew he would notice it right away since it's the first thing you will see when you walk into our apartment.  When the hubby comes to the bedroom to see how I'm doing, I wake up and I immediately ask him "How do you like our Xmas tree?" (in a raspy nasally sickly voice).  He starts laughing and says he likes it. 

Cha Ching! Point for Mrs. Newlywed Giggles!

Now, people might think it's crazy that I haven't decorated and don't plan on it.  We won't be celebrating Xmas in our apt let alone in the state we live in as we will be traveling to CT to my grandmother's.  So, to me it wasn't a big deal.  But it did make me a little depressed that I had nothing of Xmas up, of course until I bought this little .99 cent tree that is about 4 inches tall.  Surprising how that little tree makes me smile every time I see it. 

To me, my itty bitty tree is all I need to make my apartment Christmas cheery.   :)

Dec 8, 2009

This is how much we love each other

We love each other sooo much that we have passed on our sickness to each other.

Mr. Newlywed Giggles was sick for almost two weeks until he finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics.  I was so proud of myself not getting sick, then BAM. I get sick. Yesterday I spent most of it in bed.  Today I feel much better and hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back on track!  I already went to the doctor because I knew I most likely caught what the hubby had.

Our weekend was nice and relaxing.  It was nice to have one relaxing weekend because the next couple of weekends is going to be fun filled with events and holidays!

Dec 3, 2009

It only happens to me

So, on Monday we went food shopping.  First stop, Costco.  Now, I am always getting hurt. Everyone can back me up on that. Anyways, Mr. NWG parks the car and as I am getting out of the car I bang my knee against the door while getting out of the car.  There is that first moment of shock and pain.  Mr. NWG is looking at me trying to figure out what the heck happened to me as I walked around the car to go into Costco.  I tell him that I just banged my knee really hard and say "that's going to leave a bruise for sure."  Fast forward into the night, we shop at Costco then head to Stop and Shop and finish up.  We decided to stop at our favortie pizza place to pick up some dinner (because it's already 9:00 pm and there's no way in heck I am going to start cooking at that time).  While we are sitting down waiting for our food to be done, I start to realize how bad my knee REALLY hurts.  Then I'm looking at my knee and see that there seems to be a dark spot where I hit myself.  I had tights on with boots so I couldn't assess the damage.  I look at Mr. NWG and tell him " I think I'm bleeding!".  He just looks at me and laughs, because he knows it would ONLY happen to me.  When we get home, I go into the bathroom and long and behold, my knee WAS bleeding for the last 2 hours of food shopping and all SCRAPED up.  Thank goodness for band aids and Neosporin.

Again, this only happens to me. 

Dec 1, 2009

Darn, I missed my stop!

  +          +     
      =     Me missing my train

So, I started to get hooked playing Diner Dash on my DS.  I decided to bring my DS with me on the train and I usually play Brain Age or a racing game while on the train.  This time, I decided to start playing Diner Dash.  BIG MISTAKE!  If you are not familiar with Diner Dash, the game is you are a waitress running your own restaurant.  You have to sit people and wait on tables.  Of course, as you move up on levels, extra chores are added and LOTS of new customers are added.  It gets to be a bit crazy when you are trying to take care of everyone and make sure to not lose a table as that would equal in you losing points!  So, I'm sooooo into my game so much that yesterday coming home from work I completely missed my stop.  I looked up outside and noticed that this was my stop.  As soon as the thought came into my head I heard the bell ring which meant the doors were closing.  So, I had to get off the next stop and wait a half hour for the next train to go 3 minutes to drop me off at my stop. 

The joys of commuting to NYC/NJ...