Nov 24, 2009

Do you let him in the bathroom?

So, I posed this question yesterday on She Just Got Married where I also blog.  I got some responses and figured I would like to know what my blogger friends say.  So, here is the question:

Do you let your hubby in the bathroom while you are in there ( note: you can either be using the bathroom, taking a shower, doing makeup, etc.)?

Does your hubby let you in the bathroom while he is in there?

There have been times when I need to really pee or grab something out of the bathroom when Mr. Newlywed Giggles is in the bathroom and vice versa.  But ladies, please make note that when the hubby is the bathroom for an extended period of time, I do steer clear.  VICE VERSA.  Face it ladies, our tummys sometimes don't feel as chipper sometimes. lol

So, what are you answers?


RenRexx said...

I'm okay with letting my "boyfriend" walk into the bathroom while I'm peeing. ONLY PEEING though, never #2. Sometimes, we'll be talking in the kitchen and trail off into the bathroom, and be so into the conversation that we continue it as i sit on the toilet. however, he's a bit more shy. sometimes he can pee in front of me (or while i'm using the bathroom counter for my makeup) but sometimes he can't. and god forbid if i ever jokingly pound on the door when he's doing #2. he gets maaaad and nervous that i'm going to walk in or something.

Pollyanna said...

I've been married for ten years. Hubby's seen two children cut from my belly. There is nothing sacred between us. Not to say there shouldn't be boundries - Hubby has stepped over the line with descriptions before, EWWWWW!

Llama said...

I am fine with walking in here and there...but there are def. certain times that i hope to keep as private as i! totally fine when i am taking a shower or doing makeup...i try to pee alone...and lock the door other wise hehe!

JW said...

Occasionally hubby has needed to come into the bathroom while I was in the shower to grab something, but we've neved used the toilet in each others' presence and I hope that we never come to that lol I know my parents did, but it's just always seemed odd to me and I'd really just rather keep it private. But, I don't even like farting around anyone (hardly comfortable farting around just myself! lol) so, yeah. Totally not my thing lol

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That last scenario you mentioned is the only thing that keeps me outta there...otherwise we're pretty comfortable with each other now. I figure, he saw me give much worse could he see? Ah ha ha