Oct 30, 2009


I just got my cookbook that I ordered from a fundraiser. It's titled the "12-hour Slow Cooker Recipes". I'm so excited!

Only a newlywed wife who LOVES her slow cooker would be excited about this. So, do any of you have some good recipes for the slow cooker?

Oct 29, 2009

Longest week

This week has seriously been the longest week EVER! I've been late to work pretty much every single day. My alarm has gone off every single day for at least an hour. When it goes off, I run out of my bed and walk to the other side of the bedroom and hit snooze, then run back into bed under the covers and knock out for the next fifteen minutes. REPEAT until an hour later! It's always great to go on vacation, but going back to work and getting into the swing of things is difficult!

Want to know what sucks even more?
I'll tell you.... Mr. Newlywed Giggles is still on vacation for the rest of this week. So I have to look at him all cuddled up in bed every morning as I leave for work in the AM. :(

Oct 28, 2009

Our Cruise vacation!

We had such a blast on our cruise vacation. I took 864 pictures. No worries, I won't post them on here because that would take forever! But, if you are on facebook, feel free to check them out there. If you're not my friend already, request me and let me know your a blogging buddy!!!!

You can check out my pictures here.

I was thinking that I was going to write a long post about what we did, but to tell you the truth, we did so much in the seven days we were on the cruise that it would be super long. So, your main question would probably be "Did you have fun?". My answer: "Hell Yeah!".

We are already in the process of planning our next cruise for next year. If you have never been on a cruise, I highly recommend it! This was our third cruise and we love it. We have been both on Royal Carribbean Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

Well, I'm off to work because when you take a week off, you are bombarded when you come back. Enjoy the pics on facebook!

P.S. Can someone please tell the RAIN to go away. It's making me go crazy with day #2 of BAD curly hair day!

Oct 26, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from my week long cruise vacation!
And as of yesterday, I have also completely organized (except for my closet) my new apt that we moved into two days before we left for vacation.

So many stories to share with you... and you will have to wait till tonight as I have a lot of work to do!

Great to be back to catch up with you all, but don't be surprised if I post something later on saying that I hopped on a plane to Miami and jumped on another cruise ship. I want to go back badly!

Talk to you all soon!

Oct 16, 2009

I am moved!

I have officially moved into my new apartment. Was it fun? NO. Was it exhausting? YES

I have been M.I.A this week because of all the moving, no internet access. And tonight we are packed and ready to leave for our cruise vacation tomorrow!

So, I'm off for a week and I will miss all of your posts, but I will be sure to read them upon my return.

I will miss you guys!!!!!

Oct 13, 2009

My answer to why I've been MIA

Flew home on Sunday morning from business trip

Packed and tried to relax Monday

Today, working then going home to MOVE EVERYTHING TONIGHT.... I was planning tomorrow would have been the big MOVE, but today is the day. I get home from work at 5:30.

In conclusion, I wonder if I can create a sippy cup for wine so I have easy access to drink as I move to make things better.

Prayers that we don't lose our minds moving.

Oh yeah, and I leave Saturday for my cruise vacation.

It's going to be a long week.

Oct 9, 2009

My butt is sore

Because work is kicking my ass!

I'm currently on a business trip in Pittsburgh and things are crazy.

My work e-mail has been binging all day and night long.

By the time I get back to my hotel room, I'm EXHAUSTED and can't find the energy to do anymore work.

Let's just say I can't wait for my vacation October 17th!

Oct 7, 2009

A propeller plane

This morning, I was at the airport getting ready to leave for a business trip. My flight was a connection flight to Pittsburgh which means for the first time I would be flying on a propeller plane which I have never done before. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it, but I had no choice. I will admit that I was a bit nervous about the propeller plane. I am traveling with a colleague of mine as well who wasn’t too fond of the idea of the propeller plane. So, we at least had each other to be nervous with. We board the plane and get ourselves settled in. Our seats are right next to the propellers! So, we tell ourselves that we won’t be looking outside at them so we can pretend that we are not really flying on one. We are chit chatting and looking at the Sky Mall magazines when the flight attendant comes on the loud speaker and utters these words, “We are looking for five volunteers to sit towards the back of the plane for weight and balance purposes.” Now, I start cracking up because at this point, it’s just funny. My colleague didn’t realize what the flight attendant said until I mentioned it again. She didn’t think it was too funny for a split second, then we both giggled like little girls for about two minutes. I am sure we annoyed the guys who were sitting in front of us. Needless to say, we were still not too comfortable at take-off and to make it even worse, there are windy conditions so the plane ride is bumpy.

The joys of flying in a propeller plane...

Oct 6, 2009

Glass of wine please

So I'm working from home today and taking mini breaks to also pack up my apartment and pack for my business trip which I leave for tomorrow.

I hate my life right now. This is not fun at all.

So, as I am packing up the kitchen I noticed a bottle of wine sitting on top of my table. Now there is a big chance that if I pack this bottle for the move, it just may potentially break. So I have figured out a way to avoid this. I haven't packed my bottle opener yet and I have plastic cups out for us to use until the last moment before we move. Yep, you guessed it! I'm going to crack open that baby and drink it.
1. It will make my packing experience a much more pleasant one
2. I will avoid a damn good bottle of wine being broken in the move
3. It will make me happy

Ok, enough blogging, back to working, packing, and drinking wine all at the same time!

The joys of wine... oh yeah, and packing, moving, etc.

Oct 5, 2009

I smell like newspaper

Why do I smell like newspaper?

Because I was attempting to pack up my kitchen since we are moving to a new apartment. What makes me cringe is that I am going to have black ink all over my cups and plates. I HATE handling newspaper. I don't read it because it's messy. A girl can't be walking into her job with black fingertips. It's just not classy.

So, I apologize for being a "bad" blogger this past week. I am going crazy with work. To give you an idea of how my week is going, let me post my schedule:

Tuesday, October 6
work from home
pack for move
dinner with friends
pack for my work trip

Wednesday, October 7
10 AM flight out to Pittsburgh for business trip
Land around 12:30 and take 25 min cab ride to hotel
Set-up my booth at conference
Dinner with clients from 7-10

Thursday, October 8-Saturday, October 10
Work all day at the conference
Meetings during the day
Dinner meeting at night

Sunday, October 11
Early 8AM flight back home
Pack for move
Unpack business trip attire

Monday, October 12
OFF from work
Most likely working on some business trip agendas
Pack for move

Tuesday, October 13
Pack for move

Wednesday, October 14-Friday October 16
ACTUAL move happens!!!

Saturday, October 17

So, that's my crazy life right now and I don't think I will get too much blogging in. I might set-up some blog posts since I'll have some time while waiting at the airport and on the plane to write. I will try my very best to blog before we leave for our vacation which I'm super excited about!

So, there you have it. The Newlywed Giggles have been VERY busy.

The joys of living crazy scheduled lives sometimes....

Oct 1, 2009

This goes out to my boss

When I started blogging, I decided to buy a little notebook that I can keep in my bag so whenever things came up that I can blog about, I would be able jot down some notes (I'm very forgetful).

After a long two days of trainng at work, I was at my desk trying to work on something. I e-mailed my boss for some suggestions and guidance and she came over to my desk to chat. Ideas started flowing so she went to reach for paper and pen. My blog book was on my desk, but I use a hair tie to keep the cover from folding or open when it's my bag so it kind of looked like a journal. My boss mentioned if that was a journal that I was keeping on my desk, and I replied "No, it's my blog book." She then mentioned something along the lines of "you should blog about your boss being brilliant." I said I would. I don't think she thinks I was serious. I was serious.

So, I want to let you all know that My Boss is Brilliant.

And I'm not saying this just to say it, but she really is. Actually, I can add more. The team I work with is brilliant. We all work well together and I've learned so much from each of my team members. So, my whole team is brilliant!

There you have it.

On a side note, I've been super busy at home ATTEMPTING (have not done a single thing yet though) to pack up my apartment in preparation for when we move for the middle of October. Two days before I leave for vacation. Four days after I come back from a work trip. Yep, these next two weeks are going to be CRAZY but I promise I will post some snippets of the events coming up in the next two weeks.

I've been home resting and I was up all night sick so I'm off to make some soup. I hope you are all enjoying the fall weather!


Tummy acting up all last night + lack of sleep = Not so great Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.