Aug 19, 2009

My last day being 25

So today marks the last day I will be 25. Shocking I know!

This week at work has been super busy and tonight I take my sister and the kids to the airport so she can fly home. I'm going to miss her and my niece and nephew a lot. So, it's been a crazy hectic week.

Yesterday, when I was leaving work, I said goodbye to two of my co workers and told them that I would see them on Thursday because Wednesday I would be working from home. One of my co-workers looked at me and said "See you Thursday on your birthday!". For a minute, I think I may have looked at her like she was crazy because I actually forgot it was my birthday on Thursday. Yep, I forgot. I laugh at it now but really, who forgets their birthday the week of? It's not like I completely forgot because I even sent out my own invites for a dinner get together going on next week. But with so many things on my mind this week, I forgot!

So, today I will try to enjoy my last day as a 25 year old. :)

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Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Happy early bday!!

Enjoy the last day as early/ mid 20's. Tomorrow is officially late 20's...LOL.

I'm turning 27 soon and I still won't except that 30 is approaching!