Aug 19, 2009

My addiction is back

In college, I was addicted to Top Ramen along with almost every other college student. Then I took a long hiatus.

Now, I fell into the trap of seeing it in the grocery store and bought some packs. I think my addiction might have roared it's ugly head again.

The joys of noodles...


Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

I ate SOOO much of this in college that I can't physically eat anymore. But it was oh good for all those years.

I Love Brownies said...

SODIUM OVERLOAD!! Heart attack in the making! Go have yourself a know, for your health's sake!!!

Pollyanna said...

Hmmmm, out of the ordinary crabby-ness, sudden ramem cravings . . .

Are you pregnant?

Kenya said...

Oh Pollyanna!

No, I'm not pregnant. There are perfect explanations.

1) went to the foodstore hungry so that's why I picked up a few of the packets.

2)it's the time of the month so that's why i'm crabby.


Children of the 90s said...

I had such a Ramen addiction in college! One of my roommates used to love to eat it raw, I remember. I still get a craving for it every now and then!

Unknown said...

Omg, my husband has the same addiction! I love to cook and I do cook frequently and I cook decently, but to no avail the hubs loves Ramen! I don't get it. He puts hot dogs in there and tuna and salsa.....Do you make a Ramen noodle conglomeration as well? I have to know that my husband is not the only one doing this :)

Unknown said...

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