Aug 18, 2009

I'm here

just in a crabby mood today. This past weekend has been filled with fun family time and also some relaxation time so that is why I haven't posted sooner.

I'm super busy at work, but wanted to vent about the one thing that happened to me today.

Walking into my building I notice that the elevator door just opened and see two ladies walking in. While holding my purse over my shoulder, holding my bag with my lunch around my wrist, holding a paper bag with my bagel and coffee while having my headphones in I start to briskly walk to the elevator to catch it. I am standing in front of the elevator ready to walk in right when it starts to close and I put my arm in the way to stop, but of course the door isn't retracting to open again (old elevators I guess), so the woman standing right in front looking at me is staring at me and I am thinking she will hit the button to open the door again; she doesn't.

So this is what I say to her.

You are a bitch.

Again, my morning didn't start off great and this lady sure did make it worse by being so RUDE!

There's my vent. Talk to you all soon!


Lindsey said...

Aww I'm sorry about your day friend, I hope it gets better. HUGS!

Pollyanna said...

Did you really say that?

I agree, she was totally RUDE! But I don't think I would be bold enough to say what I was thinking. You're braver than I.

Sorry your day started out so crappy :(

Shannon Dew said...

WOW that is so rude! I'm sorry sweetie!

Jules said...

I would have been so annoyed and probably said something along the same lines as you did!