Jul 21, 2009

I bought a toilet flapper, TWICE!

This Sunday, I called Mr. Newlywed Giggle to find out if he wanted me to bring anything else to his softball game. This is the phone call in which he starts to explain to me that our toilet thingy broke that attaches to the pump in the tank.

Mr. Newlywed Giggle: "I need you to go to Home Depot and buy the piece that attaches to the pump with the chain for the toilet because ours broke this morning."

Mrs. Newlywed Giggle: "The what?"

Mr. Newlywed Giggle: "There is a part in the tank that has a chain which attaches to a piece of plastic. It is what is used to plug up the water. It broke so go to Home Depot and buy one so I can put it in when I get home. You understand the part I'm explaining to you?"

Mrs. Newlywed Giggle: "Yeah yeah, I got it. I'll stop home and take a look at it though to be sure."

So, I stop home and tell my sister I will be right back, just want to go in and physically see what he's talking about. I go and inspect and take a look and off I go to Home Depot with my sister to buy the thingy for the toilet. When we arrive at Home Depot, I realize there are two sizes of the toilet thingy. Now, I look at them and am SURE that it's the bigger one. My sister is looking at me and saying, are you sure? Yes I am sure, it was big like this one. When I get home, my sister comes into the bathroom to look at it. NOPE, I was WRONG! I bought the wrong size. I had to go back to Home Depot to buy the smaller one.

And this is why women should NOT go to the plumbing aisle in Home Depot because we have no idea what the hell we are looking for!

And the toilet thingy is called a flapper!

When I saw Mr. Newlywed Giggle at the softball game, first thing I told him:

Mrs. Newlywed Giggle: "Don't ever send me to Home Depot by myself because I don't belong there. Love you"

The joys of being a woman walking aimlessly at Home Depot...


Unknown said...

I think your niece actually pointed out that you were getting the wrong one and I think I heard her say "It's this one titi, that's the wrong one" but you didn't listen, lol

Kenya said...

hahahaha.. probably