Jul 8, 2009

Annoying Habit Wednesday!

Did you think I would forget today's annoying habit? Well, guess what???????? I didn't!

OK, so this week it's my turn and here it is for your enjoyment!

When Mr. Newlywed Giggles takes full advantage for the minute I get out of the bed to use the bathroom or get a glass of water in the middle of the night to magically have his body positioned in the center of the bed with his arms laid out. As if I wasn't coming back to bed.

It makes me giggle because I can understand him stretching out when it's early on a Saturday morning and sometimes I'm out of the bed before he is, but this happens sometimes in the middle of the night! And I swear to you he doesn't even know he's doing it because he's out cold in dream land! I started to run to the bathroom, pee really fast, then run back trying to see if it's a timing issue, sometimes it is, and sometimes it's not. You should see me trying to get back into bed while lifting his arm that is sprawled out on my pillow and trying to sneak his arm around me so I can snuggle against him.... that's when he wakes up (half asleep) gives me that look that says "what the heck is going on" and turns around. Hey, at least I get my half back, but by the time this all happens.... I am fully awake and takes me another 10 minutes to fall back to sleep. :)

So stay tuned next week for Mr. Newlywed Giggle's turn!

The joys of sharing a bed...

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