Jun 15, 2009

We should NOT cut our nails on the train

So, on my way home I was sitting on the PATH train attempting to read New Moon (yes, I'm addicted to the twilight series, but I'll post about that later on). I was not able to concentrate on the train because I kept hearing this pinging sound. Like metal clashing against metal very quickly. So I start to look up and see where the heck this noise is coming from, and that is when I turn my head and stare at one of the passengers in disbelief. This person was sitting there clipping their nails! D I S G U S T I N G!

The joys of taking the PATH train...


Wendy said...

Ugh. Gross, Gross. This morning I couldn't help but watch a girl sitting on the floor of the PATH putting on her make up, and using a disposable razor to shave around and between her eyebrows ;)

Pollyanna said...

Fingernails, I can live with.