Jun 3, 2009

I'm cheating on my husband

So I am cheating on my husband with Jason Statham... yep, the SUPER HUNK from Transporter, Crank, War movies... he's hot!

And you all thought this post was about me actually cheating on my husband.. silly readers you are. I love my husband, I wouldn't cheat on him, of course unless Jason Statham showed up at my house and asked me to be his wife and lover... ANYWAYS...

So, which celebrity would YOU choose to cheat (in fantasy land of course) on your husband with?

Some pics for you to enjoy...

The joys of Jason Statham....mmmmmm goood

1 comment:

me said...

Hmm..Conor Knighton..I can't seem to get enough of him on www.current.com/infomania. Or Eric Bana. Or Zachary Quinto from HEROES (but he's more known now because he played Spock on Star Trek).... =)