Jun 18, 2009

Google Analytics - oh what fun

Today I went to my google analytics to see the stats for my blog. I am always interested to see what searches get people to land on my page and two of them were very interesting, and a bit scary as well.

  1. "nyc cannibalism"
    - Um, if you were looking for a site that supports this lifestyle, mine is clearly not one of them. But while I have your attention, I would be intrigued to know why this subject interests you? Do different cultures taste differently? Which do you like best? Do you add salt and pepper?
  2. "towel toothpaste bleach"
    - This sounds like you might want to play a prank on somebody or you use your towel to brush your teeth by putting some toothpaste on it, then to get that whitening effect, you rub on some bleach as well. How's that working for you? You know, they have created these handy dandy Crest Whitestrip that you can put on overnight. I'm sure you will save yourself from bleaching your own clothes when you try to put liquid bleach on to whiten your teeth and then you won't have to deal with that bleachy smell. Let me know how that works for you!
The joys of google search...


Pollyanna said...


I mostly use my analytics to see what countries and states I've gotten visits from. I'm still shy 11 states and it's killing me!

Now, I have to go look at my analytics to see how people end up on my blog.

Pollyanna said...

OK - just went to check it out and while there is nothing as weird as you've got, I had one that I thought was particularly funny: "No One Reads My Blog."

If no one is reading it, then why are they searching for it????

I Love Brownies said...

Do different cultures TASTE 'different' or 'differently'?? LOL...that was such a funny statement!
Ok..so here's my joke about cannibals:
Question: "Why don't cannibals eat clowns?
Answer: Because they taste FUNNY!

You know you laughed! :-)

Wendy said...

LOL I love that joke about cannibals and clowns! Hey - was the timing of the towel toothpaste bleach related to people looking for your post about the hubby bleaching your towel with the toothpaste?