May 13, 2009


Good evening everyone!

Yesterday I looked in my freezer to see what I can take out for dinner tomorrow, and all I had was some hot dogs, one ice pop, tub of ice cream, and ground beef. So, I opted for the ground beef and decided I would make some meatballs. I looked online for some recipes and found this one which turned out amazing! So, I came home and this is what I made for dinner:

Homemade meatballs

Ziti pasta

Roasted garlic diced tomatoes in a tomato sauce

Dinner came out so good and best part, it was easy!

It took me ONE HOUR, from START to FINISH! How? Let me tell you...

All the ingredients are mixed together so I used my hands to mush everything up in the ground meat, then of course making the balls was fast and easy too... Sidenote: The mushing of the ground meat was kind of like those stress reliever balls you buy to relax... lol.
I placed the meatballs in the oven and those baked for about 25 minutes. While I did that, I put on the pot of water for the pasta and at the same time simmered the sauce. Everything was finished all at the same time, and I wasn't running around like a maniac in the kitchen mixing this, checking this, moving this, etc.

Best part, clean-up was literally 20 minutes! How? Again, let me tell you...

I only had two pots to clean, the pasta and sauce one which was a snap (thank goodness for non-stick pots). Then, had to clean two sets of utensils, dinner plates, and cooking utensils. Easy. Best part for the meatballs, no cleaning required. This is where you learn that aluminum foil is a girl's best friend in the kitchen when it comes to baking in the oven. I just placed a sheet over the cookie sheet and placed the meatballs on top. When done, I just rolled up the foil (Heavy Duty) and threw away in the trash.

So, dinner was a huge success tonight! It was yummy and fast.

Oh yeah, forgot to add that while I was cooking, I also had the chance to season a 1 1/2 pound pot roast that I am going to put in the crock pot tomorrow before I leave work so it's done when I get home. :)

The joys of cooking a healthy, fast, and easy meal....

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