May 22, 2009

Woman plucking her chin hair in car.

+ + = Woman plucking chin hair in car.... eewwwwwww

Yep, You read it right! This morning as I pulled up to the traffic light, I looked to my left and saw a woman with her face all up in the her visor's mirror with a tweezer in her hand. Now, at first I thought this woman was maybe plucking her eyebrow that she may have noticed was "sticking" out, but as I continued my gaze towards her way, I was wrong. The woman was plucking her chin hairs (please note that I wrote hairs as in plural). Now, I would think you would probably only have one chin hair to pluck, but this woman was plucking away for the whole length of the light, and I'm still not convinced that she was done as I drove away.

All I have to say about that, eeewwwww.

The joys of driving in NJ...


SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Kenya,
I didn't realize this was your blog. Looks like I'm alreay following you, thanks for following my little photo blog.
Have a great weekend.
PS, I agree with you on the chin hair thing ... Eewww.

Kate said...

Oh wow. It always amazes me when I see people doing stuff like this in their car... chin hairs, though? Really? She had hairs on her chin long enough to be plucking? Yikes.

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