May 8, 2009

The single life....

So tonight my husband is fulfilling his duties as my best friend's Best Man and throwing the bachelor party. Now, some other wives have problems with their husbands going to one and/or going to a strip club. I am SO not one of them. I just went to the bachelorette party last week and let me tell you that those male strippers were AMAZING... so I am no one to "forbid" that type of outing.

But I am excited for the guys... Why you ask? Because that means that tonight I will have these things to myself:

I am soooooo excited. What you learn when you are married is that you have to share EVERYTHING.... which is fine, but sometimes, it's nice when you can have one thing all to yourself... You know, like when you were single. :)

I will be curled up on the couch tonight watching my recorded shows of Ellen (I LOVE her and think she's hilarious). I might even go to the movie theatre by myself to watch a romantic comedy that my husband would most likely not go with me to watch.

Ahhhhh..... the joys of a night for just ME.

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