Jun 10, 2009

Annoying Habit Wednesday! TWO habits!!!!!!

Annoying Habit Wednesday

This week, you are lucky because you get TWO annoying habits, both from the Mrs. So, here we go...

Annoying Habit #1 - When the Mr. uses my towel.
  • Ok, so in our bathroom we have the towel holder that is against the wall and we bought a towel holder that hangs over the door. I decided to put my towel against the wall that was across the sink and I put his towel and robe on the door hanging. I also have a small holder next to the sink to hold the hand towel. After a couple of weeks of us living in our apartment, I noticed that my towel started to have bleach spots. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on so I started cursing the towels from Bed Bath and Beyond and telling everybody that the towels sucked. At first, I thought I might have rubbed against it when I was cleaning the bathroom because I use the Soft n Scrub with bleach in it. But, even after I took precautionary measures, I still would see my towel have bleach stains on it. Then one day, I SAW it happen! What happened you ask? I'll tell you what happened, I saw my husband reach for my towel after he finished brushing his teeth and cleaning his face.... he used my towel to dry his face and hands (which to use he has to turn around to grab the towel). Now, why on earth would he use my towel when there is a hand towel for that purpose RIGHT NEXT TO THE SINK IN PLAIN VISIBILE SIGHT! Ugggh.... drove me insane. And the bleach stains??? Yeah, they are from the toothpaste we use because it's whitening toothpaste. So it all fell into place and now I moved my towel to the door hanging bar and his robe to where my towel use to be.

Annoying habit #2 - When the Mr. takes his socks off and throws them in my face.
  • This one doesn't need much explanation. It's hilarious to me, and deathly to me. I always start acting out like I'm dying because of the smell. Please note: Sometimes, he's had his socks on ALL day... eeewww!

Besides these annoying habits, I still love the Mr. It's our quirkly things we do to each other that make us giggle.

Hope you enjoyed this week's annoying habits and stay tuned for next week when it's the Mr.'s turn to fill you in on some of mine! (scary, I know)

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tanzer1326 said...

haha, aren't men great????? :-)