May 9, 2009

And the blog award goes to.....

I am honored to have been given this award by the wonderful Cheap Wife. How cool is that? I'll tell you, very cool. It's my very first blog award!!!!!! So, I will answer the following statements below before I pick one of you lucky followers to give this award to.... :)

8 Things I look forward to:

My cruise vacation in October with all of our friends
My best friend's wedding next week
Being a godmother to my best friend's little girl
Sunshine, not rain like it has been everyday this week
Enjoying life everyday to it's fullest
My big work presentation to be over next week
Hopefully getting a dog next year
My birthday in August :)

8 Things I did yesterday:
Watched The Ellen Show that I had recorded on my DVR
Watched Jon + Kate plus eight episodes
Took a walk during lunch to go to Billy's cupcakes
Finally finished a big presentation for work
Ate some pizza that I heated up
Talked to my sister (she lives in other state)

8 Things I Wish/Hope I Could Do:
To be a mom one day
Eat healthier
Workout and get in shape
Buy a house
Excel in my career
Swim with the dolphins
Travel to lots of places
Live a happy life

8 Shows I Watch:
The Ellen Show
The Office
The Biggest Loser
Law & Order SVU
Lie to Me

Now, I pass this award onto Mr. and Mrs. in Training. Her blog is wonderful and she is filled with so much excitement for love and life. I truly enjoy reading your blog! :)


SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on the award.
Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...'re the sweetest!! :) Thank you! I LOVE reading your blog as well! I will post this as soon as I get back in town and catch up on my blogging ;) Have a fabulous day lovely lady!