Apr 30, 2009

Oops...NY city saw my underwear!

This past Tuesday, it was VERY windy in the NYC area. But, it was beautiful out and that means perfect time to wear a skirt to work. My morning walk from the train to work was perfect. I had no "mishaps" happen. At 4 o'clock, it seemed like the wind picked up a bit more than it was in the morning. I left work and started my walk to the train station. Halfway through my walk I found myself holding onto my skirt because it started to "flutter" A LOT and I was getting nervous. The minute I let go to adjust my bag strap on my shoulder, a 75 mph wind (OK, maybe not 75 mph but it sure did feel like it!) comes through and up goes my skirt! New Yorkers got a good glimpse of my booty. Now you ask, What do you do in this situation? You just keep walking in horror. What else was I suppose to do? It's not like I can yell at the wind, "Bad wind, bad." So, if you are a new yorker and remember a girl whose black skirt went up like Marilyn Monroe's and had a cute pattern underwear on, yep, that's me. Nice to meet you.

The joys of a windy day in NYC....


Pollyanna said...

I have my own problems with wind. Last weekend it knocked over my beer three times - talk about a party foul.

Ahhh, spring - bring on the wind & rain!

me said...

Your "Bad wind, bad" got me laughing... my sister taught her daughter (now 19 months) that if she got hurt by something, she goes "bad, bad" to it. So she falls on the floor? "bad floor, bad!". She hits herself on the corner of the dresser, "bad dresser, bad!". My camera accidentally swings from my neck and hits her in the head? "bad titi, bad!"