Apr 29, 2009

Hang on tight, or your face is going to slam into my fist

Good morning everyone, I know, I've been MIA this whole weekend! But, we got blessed with great weather so I spent most of it outside enjoying the great weather. I'll catch up on my weekend in a different post because I want to share this first.
Today, on the train this morning, I squeezed myself in the train (rush hour the train is packed to the max). So, there are obviously limited amount of seats, and most of the time I stand and hold onto the pole for some stability, as everyone else does. Now, there are "rules" and "guidelines" you should follow when you ride the PATH train. Let's go over them.
Rule #1
Don't take up two seats by sitting in the middle to avoid people sitting next to you. What will happen is that a person will see the availability and just push you and/or squeeze in making it uncomfortable for you.
Rule #2
If you see a pregnant woman or an elderly person, you should do the RIGHT thing and give up your seat.
Rule #3
Do not stand in the middle directly in front of the doorway when there is room for you to move forward. Doing this allows other passengers to pile in and maximize the space in the car.
Rule #4
The poles are meant for sharing for multiple people to hold on since we all know riding the PATH train can become like a roller coaster.

OK, so my story is wit rule #4. Today, as I was boarding the train, I noticed a perfect space where I could move to to make it easier for people to enter the car (rule #3, check!). I turn around to hold onto the pole which literally can be of use to about 10 hands. Now, there is a woman who is literally holding on with BOTH of her hands (big no no, you can hold with one hand, it won't kill you). But, this isn't the part that upsets me. Because as I mentioned before, the pole is suitable for 10 hands at the max. Well, this woman is practically HUGGING the pole with her whole body and two hands holding onto it for dear life. Now, I try to put my hand thinking she will unglue her body from the pole, but nope, she doesn't. Instead my hand is against her stomach. Now, I give her the look to MOVE her body so other people can hold on, but nothing. So, I have no option but to hold onto the pole at the top (reminding you that I am only five feet tall so this becomes a bit uncomfortable) and now my hand and knuckles are literally an inch away from her face. Now, why is it an inch from her face you may ask? I'll tell you. Because as more people piled in, the way she was situated against the pole, she had no wiggle room. So, I'm like fine, I'll put my hand all the way up here by your face because you are too stupid to be courteous. Now, again the PATH train is a bumpy ride. Well, here comes a turn and what happens to her face? Yep, you guessed. Her face SLAMS right into my fist. That's what you get stupid lady. In your face!

I wish I had a camera because her facial expression was priceless.
Happy Wednesday morning.

The joys of riding the PATH train...


me said...

hahahaha. that's awesome. =)

J+W said...

ha! I so agree with all your rules. I hate pole body huggers on the trains. Ugh.