Mar 25, 2009

Nuts 4 Nuts I am!

So, Monday night my husband ended up working late and had a really long day. I worked from home that day because we had a very busy weekend and I knew I wouldn't have been able to get up at 6 am for work. Since I was working from home, it made it easier to make dinner because I was able to make a big dinner that I usually would only have time to do on the weekends. I made some empanadas with my homemade hot salsa sauce. Of course, I knew my husband was going to be working late so I made dinner early and put aside to heat up later. I sprawled out on the couch (once I finished my day of work of course!) and enjoyed my time watching the TV by myself. I hear the alarm of the car go off and excited to know that my husband is home. He had a meeting to attend for his fraternity that night too so I knew he came home to eat dinner and leave which I was sad about it because of course I missed him all day. Anyways, he walked in, dropped his stuff and handed a brown bag to me. This bag was the best bag ever! He said he had a surprise for me and when I looked in the bag, I squealed with joy! He had to go into the city for an appointment and he got me 3 1/2 bags of Nuts 4 Nuts peanuts. Now, I am addicted to these babies.... and when I mean addicted, ADDICTED! When we do go into the city, my husband sometimes just drives around so he can find a vendor so we can buy some. And when I say SOME, I mean like 5 bags, all for me. One bag for my husband. lol. These peanuts are the best and it's a horrible addiction but it's also so good and sweet and crunchy. OK, I need to stop because I am trying to save my last bag for later and don't know if I can hold out anymore.

I love my husband because he brings me Nuts 4 Nuts peanuts. :)

PS. If you noticed the 1/2 bag, yes, my husband ate the other half, but it's OK. :)

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