Mar 11, 2009

Hockey Game Night

Last night was a fun night as the Mr. and Mrs. went to a hockey game with two good friends. I have never been a girl to go to many gaming events, but after my first hockey game I was hooked! Now you ask a girl who only did cross country in high school ( yes, I actually like to run 3 mile races) why on earth she would enjoy an ice hockey game so much? I'll tell you. Because of the violence involved. Yes, an ice hockey game is so violent! It's so much fun to watch them slam into the side panels and charge after each other! I have been to about 3 hockey games, and still didn't see a fight break out. I always see it on TV when it's on the news and always think of how cool it would be to see one when I went to a game. So yesterday I am chatting with my friend and tell her that we better leave here with the team winning or a fight and the minute after I said that, gloves came flying off and sticks went in the air and yes, two players started going at it! The whole crowd was cheering,yelling and clapping, including me. My husband must have thought that my body was possessed as I was also yelling and cheering. Now these two players weren't just rough housing, they were punching each other in the face and body! Finally a player on the team that I was rooting for took the other guy down to the ice floor! At that moment is when the ref's took action to separate them. This is why I like hockey games! I was a happy woman walking out of there with a big ole smile on my face because I got to see two hockey players fight on the ice! It was a good night.

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