Mar 31, 2009

Remember weird car guy?

So I spoke of the guy at the train station who FULLY inspects his car (like 5 minutes!) before he walks to the platform, well this morning he came in a different car, a brand new BMW SUV. So, his morning ritual of checking for scratches or taking a mental picture of his car before he leaves for work, whichever you think it is, he walked around, KNEELED down to look underneath his car, and this time the inspection is more like 10 minutes. I caught a glimpse of a woman in the car that was next to his and her face was priceless as she just couldn't believe what this guy was doing.


Mar 26, 2009

Arguments while he sleeps?!!?!

So, Tuesday night I was exhausted and went to bed. My husband went to bed later. I was so knocked out that I didn't even feel him come into the bed. BUT, I wake up at around 2-3 am to my husband holding onto me mumbling something. Now since he woke me up from a deep sleep, I have no idea what he's actually saying but I get worried thinking something is wrong. I look over to him as he is turning around to face the other way and ask him, "Babe, what are you saying? Are you talking to me? Is something wrong?", and his response "Leave me a lone, I just want to sleep, why don't you just let me sleep!", My response, "Babe, you were holding onto me like somethings is wrong and you woke me up and was telling me something, but fine whatever, next time let ME sleep!". Then we both fall back to sleep. Now, when I come home from work I ask him why he was talking in the middle of the night and why he got so angry at me for asking what was wrong when it was HIM who was talking to ME. His response, "What are you talking about? I didn't talk to you last nigh." Me, "Yes you did. You even started yelling at me to stop talking to you. You were all angry about it." His response, " I don't remember."

Conclusion, he was talking in his sleep to me and doesn't remember a thing! So, we had an argument for no reason because he wasn't even really "awake". This now makes me crack up because I keep remembering hearing the tension in his voice and how upset he was, but meanwhile the whole time, he was just sleeping. For me, he woke me up and it took me another half hour to fall back to sleep.

The joys of bedtime.

Mar 25, 2009

Snack Time

I usually take with me a little bag of cereal. I snack on this at work. One of my co workers came to my desk today and saw the bag and started to eat my Honey Nut Cheerios. Now, this co-worker is ALWAYS hungry! He usually has what he calls, snack time. Unfortunately, snack time today consisted of my Honey Nut Cheerios and peanut butter and jelly. Yes, you read right. Cheerios and peanut butter and jelly. So, he decided to document the "snack time" and it just did not look pretty. He attempted to mix the cheerios in with the peanut butter and jelly and let's just say that he should have NEVER done it in the first place. Also, he was NOT feeling good after a couple of spoonfuls!
Before picture:

And the after picture:

The joys of working where I do. :)

Nuts 4 Nuts I am!

So, Monday night my husband ended up working late and had a really long day. I worked from home that day because we had a very busy weekend and I knew I wouldn't have been able to get up at 6 am for work. Since I was working from home, it made it easier to make dinner because I was able to make a big dinner that I usually would only have time to do on the weekends. I made some empanadas with my homemade hot salsa sauce. Of course, I knew my husband was going to be working late so I made dinner early and put aside to heat up later. I sprawled out on the couch (once I finished my day of work of course!) and enjoyed my time watching the TV by myself. I hear the alarm of the car go off and excited to know that my husband is home. He had a meeting to attend for his fraternity that night too so I knew he came home to eat dinner and leave which I was sad about it because of course I missed him all day. Anyways, he walked in, dropped his stuff and handed a brown bag to me. This bag was the best bag ever! He said he had a surprise for me and when I looked in the bag, I squealed with joy! He had to go into the city for an appointment and he got me 3 1/2 bags of Nuts 4 Nuts peanuts. Now, I am addicted to these babies.... and when I mean addicted, ADDICTED! When we do go into the city, my husband sometimes just drives around so he can find a vendor so we can buy some. And when I say SOME, I mean like 5 bags, all for me. One bag for my husband. lol. These peanuts are the best and it's a horrible addiction but it's also so good and sweet and crunchy. OK, I need to stop because I am trying to save my last bag for later and don't know if I can hold out anymore.

I love my husband because he brings me Nuts 4 Nuts peanuts. :)

PS. If you noticed the 1/2 bag, yes, my husband ate the other half, but it's OK. :)

Weird car guy

OK, so every morning I get to the train station pretty much around the same time to park my car. As it was in grammar school when you would sit in the same exact spot every time during lunch, the same notions apply to parking in the train station. So I usually park my car in the same spot and there is always this guy who owns a BMW (NOT a new one, let's say maybe early 2000s) who parks across from me. And this is how it goes:

I park my car and usually about a minute later, this guy, let's call him Speedy, comes speeding across the corner zipping his car into the parking spot as he turns the sharp corner as if he was in a competition with a race car driver. Now, knowing that this guys like to speed around corners in a parking lot, you would think that he doesn't really care about this car so much? Well, he parks his car and then sits there until it's time to walk to the platform. As he is locking his car up, he always does this: Walks around his car and inspects it, I assume for scratches and dents. But this is the part that gets me, as he walks towards the platform after checking his car, he keeps LOOKING back at his car as if in the minute he is walking, someone is going to come and crash into it! Now to me, this is just annoying. If you're going to be so anal about your car, then don't buy an expensive car and stay home!

These are the things that annoy me about commuting to work.

Mar 20, 2009

America's Got Talent- well, only some do.

This past Wednesday we had free tickets to see a taping of America's Got Talent show. So my husband met me in the city and off we went. We stood on line for about an hour and a half until they finally let us in the door. You would be amazed on how people were scrambling to get front row seats! There were no phones or cameras allowed, so we had to check in our cell phones. It was hilarious because out little baggy had 4 phones in it (we both have a personal and work cell). So, we got good seats on the second floor of the Hammerstein Ballroom. When the show finally started, the entrances began. The loudest the audience was of course for David Hasselhoff! Now, I'm not one of those screaming fans for either David, Sharon or Piers but some people were going insane! The one thing that I wanted to let you know which I thought was weird was the for every break there was in between acts, the makeup and wardrobe people come running, not walking, running out to the David, Sharon and Piers to "freshen" them up for the camera before the next act starts. What was hilarious to me was that David was always getting his make-up retouched, more than Sharon! Just shows you that David Hasselhoff has really fallen off. But overall, the taping was fun and we can't wait to see the show when it starts again in June. Maybe there will be a glimpse of me and the hubby!

Mar 12, 2009

Woohoo... fun fun

So, as you can see from the right side of my screen, I have become one of the bloggers on! I'm very excited to be a part of the site and encourage you all to visit! Check it out and let me know what you think.

As a random side note: My head has probably hit my keyboard about five times today and I was very close to snoring on the train into work this morning. Very close. When i mean close, I mean close like 1mm away close.

Mar 11, 2009

Hockey Game Night

Last night was a fun night as the Mr. and Mrs. went to a hockey game with two good friends. I have never been a girl to go to many gaming events, but after my first hockey game I was hooked! Now you ask a girl who only did cross country in high school ( yes, I actually like to run 3 mile races) why on earth she would enjoy an ice hockey game so much? I'll tell you. Because of the violence involved. Yes, an ice hockey game is so violent! It's so much fun to watch them slam into the side panels and charge after each other! I have been to about 3 hockey games, and still didn't see a fight break out. I always see it on TV when it's on the news and always think of how cool it would be to see one when I went to a game. So yesterday I am chatting with my friend and tell her that we better leave here with the team winning or a fight and the minute after I said that, gloves came flying off and sticks went in the air and yes, two players started going at it! The whole crowd was cheering,yelling and clapping, including me. My husband must have thought that my body was possessed as I was also yelling and cheering. Now these two players weren't just rough housing, they were punching each other in the face and body! Finally a player on the team that I was rooting for took the other guy down to the ice floor! At that moment is when the ref's took action to separate them. This is why I like hockey games! I was a happy woman walking out of there with a big ole smile on my face because I got to see two hockey players fight on the ice! It was a good night.

Wedding Bee!!!!!!

So, a friend of mine shared a link to a site called WeddingBee with me and I instantly became addicted to it! I loved hearing about all of the new ideas everyone had and the blogging ladies are wonderful. For some of you that might be reading this, welcome and you girls are wonderful! For any bride to be, that site is a great place to visit for laughs, ideas, and inspirations. So, welcome to the weddingbee followers.

I have been off the blogger for awhile due to craziness in my schedule, but things are a bit more organized now so I will be back on with lots of stories. Enjoy!