Feb 6, 2009

Let's play the staring game.

So, I decide to take an earlier train from work today because my head was pounding and all I wanted to do was take a nap. I bundle up like an Eskimo because of course it is about 10 degrees outside. I walk to the PATH station listening to my headphones. Once i enter the wind tunnel (PATH station), I tap my card and take a seat on the bench while I wait for the Hoboken train. A man who is whistling comes and sits next to me on the bench. I can hear the whistling even through my headphones. There were a couple of heads that turned shooting him the look saying "Why the hell are you whistling especially in the station where it will echo and carry through the whole station." I simply raise my volume on my ipod just as the hoboken train arrives. I get in and surprisingly there were seats so I take a seat, while looking at the whistling man take a seat across from me. He now stops whistling, but is staring straight at me! Rule number one when on the train: 1. You don't stare at someone eye to eye. Clearly this guy did not remember the rules to riding the train. So I glance and look at him and look away, then again, I take another glance to see if he still staring, and yes, you guessed it, he is still staring. Now trying to disguise myself, I take sneak peeks to see if he is still staring, and yep, he is. He stared at me the whole ride to Hoboken. Once we arrived, he got up and finally looked somewhere and started to whistle once again. I am not sure if he has a rule of not whistling in the train car and just in the stations or if he just took a "break" from all the whistling. But he did freak me out a bit. So, please remember if you are riding the train, do not stare at people if it's for 5 seconds or 5 minutes. It's a rule that you should not break. It freaks people out.

Also, don't whistle, it's just annoying.