Jan 26, 2009

Glue on the walls

Want to hear my most exciting moment of the weekend?

Taking glue off of walls with glue stripper and a scraper! Woohoo. This is what happens when your best friend buys a condo. I spent Saturday afternoon having good times with my best friend while we drank wine and scraped glue off of her walls where she already ripped the wallpaper from. Many people might not think this is exciting, but to me, it was! Nothing feels more exhilarating than inhaling chemical fumes and sitting in wet glue as it falls all over while you are scraping the wall on a step stool. So much fun. We really did enjoy ourselves that day as my best friend's dad tore down walls in the kitchen. Nothing like some KFC and glasses of white wine to make it all the better.

Lesson here: Whenever you are invited to strip glue off of walls, make sure you bring some wine, because it's just better that way!

To my best friend, I had a blast on Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

AWWW!!!! I have to stopped by to see her place! Face mask helps too!