Jan 26, 2009

Glue on the walls

Want to hear my most exciting moment of the weekend?

Taking glue off of walls with glue stripper and a scraper! Woohoo. This is what happens when your best friend buys a condo. I spent Saturday afternoon having good times with my best friend while we drank wine and scraped glue off of her walls where she already ripped the wallpaper from. Many people might not think this is exciting, but to me, it was! Nothing feels more exhilarating than inhaling chemical fumes and sitting in wet glue as it falls all over while you are scraping the wall on a step stool. So much fun. We really did enjoy ourselves that day as my best friend's dad tore down walls in the kitchen. Nothing like some KFC and glasses of white wine to make it all the better.

Lesson here: Whenever you are invited to strip glue off of walls, make sure you bring some wine, because it's just better that way!

To my best friend, I had a blast on Saturday!

Jan 23, 2009

Making Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlets, a fairly easy meal to make. Not to me! So, I am in the process of learning how to cook and cooking to me is fun. I enjoy researching recipes online and trying new things. I do like to try to have a healthy cooking style so when I look at chicken cutlets which are fried in oil I become not so happy with that. But my husband loves chicken cutlets so I cannot get away from it.

First attempt: I tried several weeks ago to fry up some chicken cutlets. I put the oil in the pan, a good decent amount that is needed for frying. Fire up the stove and as I stand there to watch the oil heat up, a little birdie in my head is telling me that it sure does seem like there is a lot of oil in that pan. So of course I listen to the birdie and start to take OUT oil of the pan, by the teaspoons (many). So, now there is a fine coating. I go along my merry way and start to dip the chicken in the egg batter then breadcrumbs and throw them into the sizzling hot oil. Oil isn't spattering everywhere so I'm pretty proud of that, but then I flip the chicken over. The other side is still frying, but after the first batch is done, i throw in the second batch without realizing that "hey, I might need to put some more oil since most of it's gone." Second batch of chicken cutlets: Burned to a crisp. So i'm upset that the chicken cutlets didn't come out and my poor husband was such a trooper and ate them, but did let me know that they were a bit burnt AND that the bread crumbs were still breadcrumbs! Not crispy coating to the chicken, but falling off the chicken like powder breadcrumbs! Oh no! I told myself that I would never cook chicken cutlets because it wasn't worth the headache, but my husband loves it so I took another crack at it.

Second Attempt: They came out good! Had the right amount of oil and perfect browning! And the hubby approved as well. Next stop: Chicken drumsticks!


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