Dec 31, 2009

A New Year, A New Look

We moved this past October and I promised a LONG time ago that I would post about our new place.  And I lied to you.  I never posted a single post about my new apartment.  But guess what, today you are lucky because I will blog about my new apartment with pictures too!  Let's think of it as new apartment, new year, and new beginnings.

Let's begin the tour!
Here is the view of our living room when you walk into our apartment from our door.

The walls were painted blue before we moved in and since I love blue, I told the previous tenant that it was perfect.  She was happy because she didn't want to have to paint it over again.

The hubby has A LOT of movies!  As you can see from the two spinners on either side of the TV and there is also more movies stashed in boxes in our apartment and probably some at his mom's house too.  Let's just say that when we get a house, we are going to have lots of shelving to hold all the movies AND video games.  We have a PS3 and a Wii!  The TV is probably my hubby's favorite thing in the whole wide world.  He spent weeks researching on the perfect TV for us. lol.

I just had to share a picture of this!  This is one of my favorite wedding gifts we got from his co-workers.  The heart in the middle swivels so there's a picture on both sides and our names are engraved on it.  I <3 it!

This is one of the favors that my hubby's mom had for our wedding.  We were able to keep one for ourselves.  It has our name's and wedding date engraved on it.

This is the hallway that goes through the kitchen area, bathroom and bedroom.

This is our kitchen area. Our table was given to use from a family friend.  It's a big table and I love it!  It's an old table so it's actually made of good wood and on the other side is the bench used for seating.

We received this photo frame from the best man on our first Christmas that we celebrated as a couple and I love it!  I included all pictures from our wedding.

This is our kitchen.  It's a bit small but I have LOTS of cabinet space and at first I was afraid it was going to be too small, but ends up it works out perfectly for me!

As you can see, my fridge has lots of pictures up on it.  I want to get a nice magnet collage that can hold all the pictures.  Anyone know where I can find something like that???

This is our bedroom.  The Superman bear on our bed is the very first bear that the hubby ever game me.  He's six years old!  The other bear was a Valentine's Day gift and he's so soft and cuddly.

One of my church members was moving and they offered us this beautiful dresser!  It's in pretty good condition and has lots of space.

This apartment was completely redone about 6 years before so everything is pretty new.  Our bathroom has beautiful tile from floor to ceiling!

So there you have it.  A sneak peek into our apartment.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and to new beginnings!

Dec 29, 2009

New look

I decided it was time to give my blog a new look.  Guess it goes hand in hand with the new year starting.
I totally did not plan it that way.  Let's just say I was bored at work.

All at once

  • a pair of leggings
  • work dress pants
  • snow boots lined with fur that go up halfway my leg
  • white socks
  • black socks
  • thermal casual sweater
  • fleece hoodie
  • winter coat
  • hat
  • hat attached to winter coat
  • scarf that is longer than me when holding vertically side by side with me
  • gloves

All the items listed above is what I was wearing ALL AT ONCE.  The reason for wearing all of this at once?  See below:

Yep, you are reading that correctly,  It's 22 degrees but FEELS like 4.  And did you take a peek at the wind?  30 mph to 47 mph wind gusts.  Which makes the 4 degrees smacking my face such a pleasant feeling.  No really, it's pleasant.  Really.

It's a freaking wonderful day in the darn city.  Did I tell you that I really LOVE my ten minute walk from the PATH train to my office?  Especially on days like this.  Who would want it any other way?


Dec 28, 2009

Thank goodness for hubby

Last night before we went to bed, the hubby put the alarm on for 6:15 because he had to be up early in the morning to run an errand before heading into work.  I told him that since he's putting the alarm for that early, that he has to get up and shut it off since he's the one who needs to get up first.  Fast forward to this morning.... the alarm must have went off at 6:15 AM.  Did I hear it? Nope.  The hubby must have gotten up, hit the snooze button for me to wake up later and went into the shower to get ready for work.  Fast forward to 7:00AM, I'm completely knocked out sprawled out on the bed with the covers half on AWAKEN by the hubby telling me to wake up because it's 7.  When I finally come out of my comatose sleep I realize that the radio is going off and my hubby is standing over me poking me to wake up.  I did not hear the alarm go off after he hit snooze and for about 30 minutes the radio was on pretty loud while he was in the shower.  And me?, did not hear the radio AT ALL, not even in my dreams. 

So, thank goodness for the hubby because I probably would have slept till lord only knows when.  Even after he was poking, throwing his pj lounge pants on me, and harassing me it still took me about 10 minutes to physically get out of the bed. 

Oh Monday morning, how I am NOT a fan of you.

Dec 27, 2009

After the holiday

The worse feeling after Christmas?
The fact that you know you ate way too much in just ONE day.  But the good part?  Knowing that it was 100% worth it because you ate a lot with family and friends. :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  We sure did.  Took the hour and half drive to CT to spend it with my family and boy did we have fun.  It was great to see all my little cousins who are all growing up so fast.  Food and dessert were sooooo good.  And we even had a light dusting of snow on Christmas morning.  

Looking forward to enjoy a new year.

So, how much food did you eat during Christmas?  :)

Dec 23, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Please drop these items at my house.  :)
  • The Perfect Brownie pan.  I love making brownies and this would make my life MUCH MUCH easier
  • The Nook. I commute to work so this would make reading wonderful while on the train.  Won't have to carry big bulky books and I can have access to all the books I want!
  • The Snuggie . You might think this is ridiculous and tell me to just grab my robe and put it on backwards.  But a robe is for bathroom use.  I would actually use this as I am always freezing in the living room and I could just throw a blanket on, but the snuggie will allow me to use the control, blackberry, hold a cup because of the wonderful sleeve options.  :)
  • a new work wardrobe!
  • Some new boots would be real nice.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries... yummo!
  • some new wipers for my car.
  • Michael Buble's cd collection.. I <3 him
  • Wii game - Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics 
  • My commute to magically be shorter than it is now.
  • Not to be cold when walking the 10 minute walk to work in 15 degree weather.
  • many many more things...
Now, I know I won't get any of this stuff, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. Just in case.  :)

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

Dec 21, 2009

Oh no... sick

So this past weekend we had a pretty good size snow storm that brought us about 5-6 inches of snow.  We did go out in this weekend, but I was bundled up as I usually am. 

This morning I wake barely able to swallow because my throat felt so dry. I thought it was because of how hot it was in our bedroom from the heat.  WRONG.

As I'm sitting at my desk at work, the body aches have started and it feels like I'm swallowing nails.  Not good. So, I'm waiting to leave work since I have to rely on the train schedule.  I have about another half hour to go.  I'm going to go home and drink some of this:

and go straight to bed to get warm under the covers.  My hands right now feel ice cold and my cheeks feel like they are on fire!

I have some antibiotics left from the last time I was sick (please don't yell at me, I know I am suppose to finish all of them but I forgot one day then the next so I just stopped.  But they sure will come in handy now to maybe make me feel a little better!) so I'll take those too.  Hopefully my body aches will go away and my head stop hurting and my cheeks will resume to normal body temperature! 

What a happy Monday to me huh?

Dec 17, 2009

NO fair

Mr. Newlywed Giggle's is officially on vacation from work till after the holidays. 

What does that mean to me?  That every morning I have to get up to work early and when I leave, he gets to continue to snore until whenever he feels like waking up.


Dec 12, 2009

Decorating for the Holidays

I didn't go out and buy a whole bunch of decorations.  Instead, I headed over to the craft store and had some fun making my own.  It was relaxing and I enjoyed myself!  I don't see the point in me spending money on decorations, but I always have craft stuff laying around so I just made a few extra purchases and got working!

It started out with craft supplies

I cleared the table and started to cut and glue away


By the way, glitter glue is AWESOME

The results!


There are a bunch of those snowflakes you see above all over the apartment.  I went a little nuts sticking them where ever I found a spot.


Dec 9, 2009

Our Christmas decoration

So, last year for Xmas we didn't have any decorations because 1. we had nowhere to store the decorations in our tiny apt. 2. We just came back from our honeymoon the last week of November and things were too crazy.

This year I wasn't thinking of decorating either because 1. We have a bigger apt, but I refuse to store things and take up space for 11 months out of the year, 2. Don't have money to be spending on decorations, and 3. We are not having any Xmas parties at our apt or gatherings so I feel like we can do without.  BUT, I couldn't resist on buying the below:

On Monday I was sick and stayed home from work.  I was in bed all day until I had my doctor's appointment.  After the doctor's appointment I head over to Walgreen's to get my prescription.  I had some time to wait before it was done so I ventured down the Xmas aisle.  They had a lot of cute stuff that I would have loved to decorate our apartment with, but I contained myself.  UNTIL I saw this cute little very glittery Xmas decoration.  Since we don't have any Xmas decorations or a tree, I decided that I REALLY wanted to get this.  When I looked at the price, I realized that I couldn't walk out of there without it because it was only .99 CENTS!  So I purchased this little Xmas tree along with my prescription and made my way home.  I set it down in the middle of our coffee table and went straight to bed.  When the hubby came home, I knew he would notice it right away since it's the first thing you will see when you walk into our apartment.  When the hubby comes to the bedroom to see how I'm doing, I wake up and I immediately ask him "How do you like our Xmas tree?" (in a raspy nasally sickly voice).  He starts laughing and says he likes it. 

Cha Ching! Point for Mrs. Newlywed Giggles!

Now, people might think it's crazy that I haven't decorated and don't plan on it.  We won't be celebrating Xmas in our apt let alone in the state we live in as we will be traveling to CT to my grandmother's.  So, to me it wasn't a big deal.  But it did make me a little depressed that I had nothing of Xmas up, of course until I bought this little .99 cent tree that is about 4 inches tall.  Surprising how that little tree makes me smile every time I see it. 

To me, my itty bitty tree is all I need to make my apartment Christmas cheery.   :)

Dec 8, 2009

This is how much we love each other

We love each other sooo much that we have passed on our sickness to each other.

Mr. Newlywed Giggles was sick for almost two weeks until he finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics.  I was so proud of myself not getting sick, then BAM. I get sick. Yesterday I spent most of it in bed.  Today I feel much better and hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back on track!  I already went to the doctor because I knew I most likely caught what the hubby had.

Our weekend was nice and relaxing.  It was nice to have one relaxing weekend because the next couple of weekends is going to be fun filled with events and holidays!

Dec 3, 2009

It only happens to me

So, on Monday we went food shopping.  First stop, Costco.  Now, I am always getting hurt. Everyone can back me up on that. Anyways, Mr. NWG parks the car and as I am getting out of the car I bang my knee against the door while getting out of the car.  There is that first moment of shock and pain.  Mr. NWG is looking at me trying to figure out what the heck happened to me as I walked around the car to go into Costco.  I tell him that I just banged my knee really hard and say "that's going to leave a bruise for sure."  Fast forward into the night, we shop at Costco then head to Stop and Shop and finish up.  We decided to stop at our favortie pizza place to pick up some dinner (because it's already 9:00 pm and there's no way in heck I am going to start cooking at that time).  While we are sitting down waiting for our food to be done, I start to realize how bad my knee REALLY hurts.  Then I'm looking at my knee and see that there seems to be a dark spot where I hit myself.  I had tights on with boots so I couldn't assess the damage.  I look at Mr. NWG and tell him " I think I'm bleeding!".  He just looks at me and laughs, because he knows it would ONLY happen to me.  When we get home, I go into the bathroom and long and behold, my knee WAS bleeding for the last 2 hours of food shopping and all SCRAPED up.  Thank goodness for band aids and Neosporin.

Again, this only happens to me. 

Dec 1, 2009

Darn, I missed my stop!

  +          +     
      =     Me missing my train

So, I started to get hooked playing Diner Dash on my DS.  I decided to bring my DS with me on the train and I usually play Brain Age or a racing game while on the train.  This time, I decided to start playing Diner Dash.  BIG MISTAKE!  If you are not familiar with Diner Dash, the game is you are a waitress running your own restaurant.  You have to sit people and wait on tables.  Of course, as you move up on levels, extra chores are added and LOTS of new customers are added.  It gets to be a bit crazy when you are trying to take care of everyone and make sure to not lose a table as that would equal in you losing points!  So, I'm sooooo into my game so much that yesterday coming home from work I completely missed my stop.  I looked up outside and noticed that this was my stop.  As soon as the thought came into my head I heard the bell ring which meant the doors were closing.  So, I had to get off the next stop and wait a half hour for the next train to go 3 minutes to drop me off at my stop. 

The joys of commuting to NYC/NJ...

Nov 26, 2009

A day to be thankful for

We, Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles, wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

May your day be filled with LOTS of turkey, desserts, and a great time with my family and friends.

Nov 25, 2009

Why my blog is titled Newlywed Giggles

Facebook status and comment I had today with Mr. Newlywed Giggles (NWG), and some friends who also commented.  Pay attention to my (Mrs. NWG) status update, then the comment that Mr. NWG makes.

See, and THAT'S why my blog is titled Newlywed Giggles    :)

When the wife leaves the bed

When I leave the bed to get up in the morning to get ready, Mr. Newlywed Giggle's, still ASLEEP, somehow manages to TAKE OVER the bed by spreading out in the middle.

Sometimes I only get up to pee and when I come back, I have no place to sleep. I have nudge myself into his body and push him over, which results in grunting at me.

So, now if I know I am going to come back to the bed, I literally RUN (usually to pee) so I can be done faster and hope that by the time I get back to the bed, Mr. Newlywed Giggle's unconscious mind hasn't taken over the whole bed. 

With the running, I'm still late!

Does this happen to any of you????

Nov 24, 2009

Do you let him in the bathroom?

So, I posed this question yesterday on She Just Got Married where I also blog.  I got some responses and figured I would like to know what my blogger friends say.  So, here is the question:

Do you let your hubby in the bathroom while you are in there ( note: you can either be using the bathroom, taking a shower, doing makeup, etc.)?

Does your hubby let you in the bathroom while he is in there?

There have been times when I need to really pee or grab something out of the bathroom when Mr. Newlywed Giggles is in the bathroom and vice versa.  But ladies, please make note that when the hubby is the bathroom for an extended period of time, I do steer clear.  VICE VERSA.  Face it ladies, our tummys sometimes don't feel as chipper sometimes. lol

So, what are you answers?

Nov 16, 2009

Our one year anniversary

Memorable Moments from our Wedding Day 11-16-2008
  • walking down the aisle with my dad
  • my sister, aka Maid of Honor, taking out the rings from between her boobs
  • the best man eyeing me down from behind Mr. Newlywed Giggles shoulder while saying our vows
  • the best man handing over his flask to our friend in the pew as he walked down the aisle
  • our first kiss as husband and wife
  • the cheesiest smile on my face walking down the aisle
  • our bridal party having the time of their life
  • our wedding cake.. yummo!
  • taking awesome pictures with a great photographer
  • being cold while taking pictures outside in 40 degree weather, but loving it at the same time
  • seeing family and friends having fun
  • dancing
  • eating... food was sooo good!
  • The best memory of all: Looking at my husband while saying our vows and having the feeling of happiness and love rush through my body
Happy one year wedding anniversary to us, Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles <3

Nov 15, 2009

This night a year ago

This time last year I was....
  • Getting settled in my parents house for a relaxing night
  • Taking in all the memories of my childhood home for my last night there
  • Thinking 50 million things that might possibly go wrong on my wedding day
  • Wondering if I would wake up before my alarm went off the next morning
  • Saying I love you to my fiance
  • Cuddling in bed and thinking about how my wedding day would be like
  • Being happy that when I wake up in the morning, I was going to be getting ready for my wedding day
This time last year my heart didn't stop beating a beat because I was so excited for my wedding day....


Nov 12, 2009

A couple of more days :)

This coming Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles will celebrate our one year anniversary!

Time flew by this past year but that means it flew by because we had way too much fun!

To continue in the anniversary spirit (and also because it gives me a valid excuse to look at my wedding photos all over again) I have prepared some photos from my wedding day to share with you. It feels like it was just yesterday.



Nov 10, 2009

Paranormal Activity

On Friday night, I was suppose to go to a wine tasting with my sis-in-crime and sis-in-law. I had to back out because I wasn't feeling well and staying home comfy on my couch was a better option. Later on in the night, I get a text message from my sis-in-law asking if I was home because they wanted to come over. Of course I said yes! Mr. Newlywed Giggles was out at a fraternity event so we had the apartment to ourselves. They came over and we chatted and laughed, then Mr. Newlywed Giggles came home. He was going through the bootleg movies he bought and mentioned Paranormal Activity so we all decided to pop it in and watch it. Mind you, it's about 11:00 pm. My sis-in-law is the love seat couch and me and sis-in-crime are sprawled out on the big couch. Mr. Newlywed Giggles was sitting in a chair, but halfway through the movie moved over to the couch with me and sis-in-crime. Now, this movie was a bit scary but really more disturbing. We were kind of freaking out throughout the movie. Some screams and jumps occured mainly by sis-in-law...hahaha.

Now, I always thought that sis-in-crime was a person who isn't afraid of anything. WRONG! Sis-in-crime let me know midway the movie that she is afraid of scary movies and doesn't really watch scary movies. At this point, I'm cuddled into Mr. Newlywed Giggles arms holding on for dear life of fright and sis-in-crime is holding onto my leg. Wait, let me fix that last statement. Sis-in-crime is HUGGING AND HOLDING ONTO MY LEG FOR DEAR LIFE! Her hold was getting tighter and tighter in the scary scenes and I'm still convinced she didn't see half of the movie because she wasn't looking at the TV. By the end of the movie, the three of us on the big couch were huddled so close together! It was hilarious and since the movie finished around 1:00 am, we were all convinced that none of us were going to get sleep. I had a bad migraine so I forced myself to fall asleep. The next day I learned that sis-in-law had some nervousness sleeping at night and sis-in-crime ending up watching Deuce Bigelow to soothe her nerves and didn't go to bed till 4:30 am!

So our movie night was pretty scary and hilarious at the same time.

Have any of you seen the movie Paranormal Activity?

Nov 5, 2009

My toes are numb!

Since my one year anniversary is coming up, I thought I would share some funny stories from my wedding day.

As a bride, everyone told me that I wasn't going to eat or dance at all on my wedding day. Some people even told me to make sure that my reception place packed a "doggy bag" for us because they were convinced that we wouldn't have the chance to eat. Well, we proved them wrong! We both ate our dinner, and when I say ate, I mean we cleaned off our plates! I might have even stole some food off of Mr. Newlywed Giggle's plate when he wasn't looking! I made sure that I had cocktails AND dessert WITH coffee. So, I was full and had lots of energy to dance the night away after dinner. I danced so much that for 4 days after the wedding I was convinced that I must have broken my toes because of how numb they were! Mind you, immediately when I got to the reception, I changed from my dress shoes to flip flops because I knew I wanted to dance. And even with the more comfortable shoes my toes were still numb.

But it was all worth it!

So, did you get to eat on your wedding day and dance after?


Nov 4, 2009

When am I not a newlywed?

In 12 days, I will celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. It seems that time has flown by so fast. So, my question to you is::

When does the title of "newlyweds" not apply anymore?

I think I will still consider myself a newlywed after this one year anniversary arrives because I want to and I can. :)

So, what's your take on how long the title "newlyweds" can be used in your relationship?

Hilarious reasons as to why are VERY much welcome. Come on gals, we can sure have some fun with this question!

Oct 30, 2009


I just got my cookbook that I ordered from a fundraiser. It's titled the "12-hour Slow Cooker Recipes". I'm so excited!

Only a newlywed wife who LOVES her slow cooker would be excited about this. So, do any of you have some good recipes for the slow cooker?

Oct 29, 2009

Longest week

This week has seriously been the longest week EVER! I've been late to work pretty much every single day. My alarm has gone off every single day for at least an hour. When it goes off, I run out of my bed and walk to the other side of the bedroom and hit snooze, then run back into bed under the covers and knock out for the next fifteen minutes. REPEAT until an hour later! It's always great to go on vacation, but going back to work and getting into the swing of things is difficult!

Want to know what sucks even more?
I'll tell you.... Mr. Newlywed Giggles is still on vacation for the rest of this week. So I have to look at him all cuddled up in bed every morning as I leave for work in the AM. :(

Oct 28, 2009

Our Cruise vacation!

We had such a blast on our cruise vacation. I took 864 pictures. No worries, I won't post them on here because that would take forever! But, if you are on facebook, feel free to check them out there. If you're not my friend already, request me and let me know your a blogging buddy!!!!

You can check out my pictures here.

I was thinking that I was going to write a long post about what we did, but to tell you the truth, we did so much in the seven days we were on the cruise that it would be super long. So, your main question would probably be "Did you have fun?". My answer: "Hell Yeah!".

We are already in the process of planning our next cruise for next year. If you have never been on a cruise, I highly recommend it! This was our third cruise and we love it. We have been both on Royal Carribbean Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

Well, I'm off to work because when you take a week off, you are bombarded when you come back. Enjoy the pics on facebook!

P.S. Can someone please tell the RAIN to go away. It's making me go crazy with day #2 of BAD curly hair day!

Oct 26, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from my week long cruise vacation!
And as of yesterday, I have also completely organized (except for my closet) my new apt that we moved into two days before we left for vacation.

So many stories to share with you... and you will have to wait till tonight as I have a lot of work to do!

Great to be back to catch up with you all, but don't be surprised if I post something later on saying that I hopped on a plane to Miami and jumped on another cruise ship. I want to go back badly!

Talk to you all soon!

Oct 16, 2009

I am moved!

I have officially moved into my new apartment. Was it fun? NO. Was it exhausting? YES

I have been M.I.A this week because of all the moving, no internet access. And tonight we are packed and ready to leave for our cruise vacation tomorrow!

So, I'm off for a week and I will miss all of your posts, but I will be sure to read them upon my return.

I will miss you guys!!!!!

Oct 13, 2009

My answer to why I've been MIA

Flew home on Sunday morning from business trip

Packed and tried to relax Monday

Today, working then going home to MOVE EVERYTHING TONIGHT.... I was planning tomorrow would have been the big MOVE, but today is the day. I get home from work at 5:30.

In conclusion, I wonder if I can create a sippy cup for wine so I have easy access to drink as I move to make things better.

Prayers that we don't lose our minds moving.

Oh yeah, and I leave Saturday for my cruise vacation.

It's going to be a long week.

Oct 9, 2009

My butt is sore

Because work is kicking my ass!

I'm currently on a business trip in Pittsburgh and things are crazy.

My work e-mail has been binging all day and night long.

By the time I get back to my hotel room, I'm EXHAUSTED and can't find the energy to do anymore work.

Let's just say I can't wait for my vacation October 17th!

Oct 7, 2009

A propeller plane

This morning, I was at the airport getting ready to leave for a business trip. My flight was a connection flight to Pittsburgh which means for the first time I would be flying on a propeller plane which I have never done before. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it, but I had no choice. I will admit that I was a bit nervous about the propeller plane. I am traveling with a colleague of mine as well who wasn’t too fond of the idea of the propeller plane. So, we at least had each other to be nervous with. We board the plane and get ourselves settled in. Our seats are right next to the propellers! So, we tell ourselves that we won’t be looking outside at them so we can pretend that we are not really flying on one. We are chit chatting and looking at the Sky Mall magazines when the flight attendant comes on the loud speaker and utters these words, “We are looking for five volunteers to sit towards the back of the plane for weight and balance purposes.” Now, I start cracking up because at this point, it’s just funny. My colleague didn’t realize what the flight attendant said until I mentioned it again. She didn’t think it was too funny for a split second, then we both giggled like little girls for about two minutes. I am sure we annoyed the guys who were sitting in front of us. Needless to say, we were still not too comfortable at take-off and to make it even worse, there are windy conditions so the plane ride is bumpy.

The joys of flying in a propeller plane...

Oct 6, 2009

Glass of wine please

So I'm working from home today and taking mini breaks to also pack up my apartment and pack for my business trip which I leave for tomorrow.

I hate my life right now. This is not fun at all.

So, as I am packing up the kitchen I noticed a bottle of wine sitting on top of my table. Now there is a big chance that if I pack this bottle for the move, it just may potentially break. So I have figured out a way to avoid this. I haven't packed my bottle opener yet and I have plastic cups out for us to use until the last moment before we move. Yep, you guessed it! I'm going to crack open that baby and drink it.
1. It will make my packing experience a much more pleasant one
2. I will avoid a damn good bottle of wine being broken in the move
3. It will make me happy

Ok, enough blogging, back to working, packing, and drinking wine all at the same time!

The joys of wine... oh yeah, and packing, moving, etc.

Oct 5, 2009

I smell like newspaper

Why do I smell like newspaper?

Because I was attempting to pack up my kitchen since we are moving to a new apartment. What makes me cringe is that I am going to have black ink all over my cups and plates. I HATE handling newspaper. I don't read it because it's messy. A girl can't be walking into her job with black fingertips. It's just not classy.

So, I apologize for being a "bad" blogger this past week. I am going crazy with work. To give you an idea of how my week is going, let me post my schedule:

Tuesday, October 6
work from home
pack for move
dinner with friends
pack for my work trip

Wednesday, October 7
10 AM flight out to Pittsburgh for business trip
Land around 12:30 and take 25 min cab ride to hotel
Set-up my booth at conference
Dinner with clients from 7-10

Thursday, October 8-Saturday, October 10
Work all day at the conference
Meetings during the day
Dinner meeting at night

Sunday, October 11
Early 8AM flight back home
Pack for move
Unpack business trip attire

Monday, October 12
OFF from work
Most likely working on some business trip agendas
Pack for move

Tuesday, October 13
Pack for move

Wednesday, October 14-Friday October 16
ACTUAL move happens!!!

Saturday, October 17

So, that's my crazy life right now and I don't think I will get too much blogging in. I might set-up some blog posts since I'll have some time while waiting at the airport and on the plane to write. I will try my very best to blog before we leave for our vacation which I'm super excited about!

So, there you have it. The Newlywed Giggles have been VERY busy.

The joys of living crazy scheduled lives sometimes....

Oct 1, 2009

This goes out to my boss

When I started blogging, I decided to buy a little notebook that I can keep in my bag so whenever things came up that I can blog about, I would be able jot down some notes (I'm very forgetful).

After a long two days of trainng at work, I was at my desk trying to work on something. I e-mailed my boss for some suggestions and guidance and she came over to my desk to chat. Ideas started flowing so she went to reach for paper and pen. My blog book was on my desk, but I use a hair tie to keep the cover from folding or open when it's my bag so it kind of looked like a journal. My boss mentioned if that was a journal that I was keeping on my desk, and I replied "No, it's my blog book." She then mentioned something along the lines of "you should blog about your boss being brilliant." I said I would. I don't think she thinks I was serious. I was serious.

So, I want to let you all know that My Boss is Brilliant.

And I'm not saying this just to say it, but she really is. Actually, I can add more. The team I work with is brilliant. We all work well together and I've learned so much from each of my team members. So, my whole team is brilliant!

There you have it.

On a side note, I've been super busy at home ATTEMPTING (have not done a single thing yet though) to pack up my apartment in preparation for when we move for the middle of October. Two days before I leave for vacation. Four days after I come back from a work trip. Yep, these next two weeks are going to be CRAZY but I promise I will post some snippets of the events coming up in the next two weeks.

I've been home resting and I was up all night sick so I'm off to make some soup. I hope you are all enjoying the fall weather!


Tummy acting up all last night + lack of sleep = Not so great Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.

Sep 30, 2009

Ah, the college days

I was talking to an old college friend who recently found me on facebook and my conversation with him reminded me of some good ole college days. I thought of this while we were chatting and would like to share with you all so you can start your morning off with a giggle.

It begins with a bunch of us thinking it would be cool to drink in between classes. This idea went into planning mode ASAP. Next thing you know, we are armed with red solo cups, sprite and a bottle of vodka (I believe, not too sure). Since none of us lived in campus, our only option was to drink in the car in the parking lot. We all gather into my car and start pouring away while laughing and have a good time. We were having such a good time that I went to grab my phone and BAM, my phone drops right into my FULL cup of Sprite and Vodka. It was completely emerged in the cup. I of course freak out and proceed to take the phone out of the cup. Now, the phone is soaking wet with SODA and VODKA... both things that will make it a sticky mess. So, I immediately turn on the defroster in the car and place my phone and battery over the vent in hopes that it will dry up quickly and not too much damage. Do you think this accident stopped us from drinking? Nope. We continued to have a good time then sat in Finance class and giggled to ourselves the whole time. Since that day, the phone's keys were always sticky and didn't necessarily work every time.

The joys of college days...

Sep 24, 2009

A special birthday today.

Today, we celebrate my best friend's mom, Lynn, 51st birthday. I know that she is having the party of the year in Heaven today. Lynn is such a special person but she also knew how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest!

So, this is what I think is going on in Heaven right now:
  • Lynn invited EVERYONE to the party. No one is left out.
  • Disco lights are flashing
  • Music is pumping
  • Drinks and food are overflowing the tables
I believe that Lynn would have picked great party favors as well. Want to know what they probably are? I say she sent everyone home with the satisfaction of enjoying themselves at the party and also with a huge SMILE that stays with you forever and ever.

I dedicate this post to Lynn who is up above us celebrating her 51st birthday and partying like a rock star!

Happy Birthday Lynn.

We love you and miss you.

Sep 23, 2009


6am conference call + 9am webinar = grumpy and tired Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.

Sep 22, 2009

My confession

I have a confession...

This past week I finally went to my photographer's studio to look at the layout design of our wedding album.

Why is this a confession? Because my wedding was November 16, 2008, which means I am about two months away from my one year anniversary and still don't have my wedding album.

How do I feel about this? Perfectly fine! It's funny because I hear so many brides say how upset they are that they have to wait for their wedding album and they call the photographer to try to speed up the process, etc. I say, "take your time!" I'd rather have my wedding photographer take his time on designing and making sure every detail of my album is perfect with no pressure at all.

So, the layout was AMAZING. We both just kept saying how incredibly talented our photographer is! So hopefully in about 3-4 weeks we will have our wedding album in our hands to share and remember the great memories we had on our wedding day.

And some more news to share with you all is that Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles will be moving to a bigger and better apartment in mid-October! So, the next couple of weeks are going to be a bit stressful but I can't wait to share you with some photos of our new digs when we have it all set-up. Stay tuned!

Sep 21, 2009

Pillsbury is a bad thing

I bought a bag of these cookies yesterday.

I made them for dessert for Mr. NWG (Mr. Newlywed Giggles) and I.

He ate some, I ate A LOT!

He went to bed, I stayed up and continued to eat more and more cookies.

Pillsbury is a BAD influence.

I can't wait to go home and eat some more!

The joys of a weakness for chocolate chip cookies..yummo!

Sep 17, 2009

The Morning After our Wedding

So I was on the train this morning and remembered a funny little event that happened the morning after my wedding day.

Little background, we booked a hotel near our reception site to stay for the night. I repeatedly told Mr. NWG (new abbreviation for Mr. Newlywed Giggles) to make sure he packed his bag with all the stuff he needed for the morning. When I mean repeatedly, I mean at least 50 times the week before the wedding day. I was so sure that I had everything I needed, but you know as a bride we have TONS of things on our minds.

Fast forward, the morning off we get up and decide to go downstairs to eat some breakfast before we head back to our apartment. Mr. NWG gets his bag and starts to get ready and I do the same.

This is the moment that I realize I forgot a few things. Such as:
  • Bra (My dress was corset style so I didn't even have a separate corset that I could have worn under my shirt since my dress was already made with it)
  • Shirt (Because clearly I thought I might be going home in my dress or something)
  • a coat ( I got married November 16 and it was about 40 degrees out)
  • socks (again, it was 40 degrees out)
  • sneakers
  • Not a single hair tie.
  • My dress bag for my wedding dress and the bag for the veil (which was an eight foot long veil)
So, you must be asking yourself what I wore to breakfast and to come home. Here it goes:

I had a zipper velour jacket (you know, the velour track suits that I LOVE because of how comfortable they are). I had black gaucho pants that were made of very thin cotton that exposed my bottom half of my legs. Put on the white platform flip flops and tied my hair back with a rubber band that I found in the hotel room and made use of the fifty billion bobby pins that were in my hair from the wedding do. I walked out of the hotel with my wedding dress and veil draped over my whole body and around my neck while Mr. NWG had the bags.

It was definitely a very funny morning and boy did I hear Mr. NWG bask in the glory of how I forgot to pack important things even though I nagged him the whole week to make sure he had everything he needed.

Probably one of my best memories...

Sep 16, 2009

Busy Bee

Sorry I have been MIA in posting, but this week has been a bit stressful and filled with lots of work to do.

News to be posted later this week... but right now I am watching the finale of America's Got Talent and looking forward to Rascal Flatts performing!!!! I love them!

So, I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Sep 14, 2009


Today is one of those days when I feel just like BLAH....

Plus side, I am getting a lot done at work.

So, to make this post a bit more interesting besides by blah mood, I want to know if you have any good recipes for Salmon fillets?

I plan on making this for dinner tonight but have never cooked or even dealt with Salmon.

Any suggestions?

Sep 12, 2009

My morning

Mr. Newlywed Giggles is out for a long day of training for his fraternity which means that until 4 today, I have the whole apartment to myself!

Love it.

What am I doing right now?
Eating some eggs, sausages and hash browns while curled up on the couch STILL in my PJ's watching my recordings of The Ellen Show.

Love it.

Sep 10, 2009

Note to Self: Don't switch sides

Remember when I posted about Mr. Newlywed Giggle and his restraint to switch sides on the bed with me for one night? If not, you can catch up here in the first paragraph of the post.

Well, last night we went to bed and as we were laying there I thought I would ask to switch sides. Thinking he would say no, I decided to ask the question. Surprisingly, he said sure.


The minute we switched sides, Mr. Newlywed Giggles was tossing and turning and could not get comfortable at all. Then he proceeded to tell me that he might fall off the bed. Yep, you read right that last sentence right. For most of his life, he had his bed always against the wall. Now when we switched sides, I ended up being against the wall and he was on the edge. This freaked him out. He then made sure he took the extra pillows and decorative pillows and make a little cushion IN CASE he fell off the bed!

We both slept like crap last night... we tossed and turned all night long.

Tonight, we go back to our "assigned spots" and I don't think we will switch.

So, have any of you ever tried to switch sides?

Sep 9, 2009


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Sep 7, 2009

I heart Stop and Shop

So, today Mr. Newlywed Giggles and I went food shopping at Stop and Shop just because it was next door to the Target and all I wanted to do was to pick up a few items for dinner. Well, it turned out a whole cart full by the time we were done, but it was stuff we needed it anyways.

I love Stop and Shop. Why you ask? Because of these simple but yet so handy tools they have:
  1. Scan It! You can walk into the store, head over to the Solution Center and pick up a little scanner that conveniently sits in a compartment that was built on the Stop and Shop carts. You pretty much walk around with the scanner and bags and as you shop, scan the item, bag it in your cart and that's it. Once you get to the cash register, hand over the scanning machine and it has your total and all you do is pay and walk out! How awesome is that. We did not try this since it was our first time in the store, but the next time I go, I will most definitely head over to grab one of those machines!
  2. Weigh It! When you are in the fruits and vegetables section, you can weigh your stuff AND price it out, print your sticker and put it right on the bag so when you make it to the the register, they just scan and bag. No waiting for the cash register associate to weight it and figure out what fruit or vegetable you have in the bag.
  3. Order It! Mr. Newlywed Giggles wanted to get some cold cuts. Of course there is always a long line at the Deli, but Stop and Shop has a kiosk that you can put your order in and a ticket prints out. There is a number on the ticket. While you wait, you can continue to do some shopping and when your order is ready, an automated message is sent over the loudspeaker throughout the supermarket saying so and so number is ready for pick-up at the deli. AWESOME, I know!
So, I think from now on, I will be a new Stop and Shop customer. Even Mr. Newlywed Giggles was impressed with some of the tools they offered! If you haven't checked one out, I highly recommend it. Their prices are great and it seemed that 80% of the stuff we got was all on sale.

OK, now I'm done talking about food shopping!

The joys of getting excited when food shopping...

Sep 4, 2009

Working from home

Today, I am working from home till 12 (thank god for summer hours!). I have been up since 8am this morning. Mr. Newlywed Giggles has today off.

He's still sleeping.

It's 10:27 am.

I'm jealous.


Sep 3, 2009

Chicken Noodle soup

I posted about how Mr. Newlywed Giggles was not feeling so well this past week. Well, while he was home resting, I ran out to go to the food store to pick up some Ginger Ale, saltine crackers, and some chicken noodle soup. As I am in the soup aisle picking up the original Campbell's chicken soup, I see a can of the character soups. I decide that it would be funny and cute to pick up a can of the Shrek soup and figured Mr. Newlywed Giggles would get a smile out of it. He did.

This happened on Monday. Yesterday, I was running to the food store to pick up some vegetables. As I am running out the door this is what happens:

Mr. Newlywed Giggles yells out to me:: "Babe, can you pick up some of the Shrek chicken soup for me"

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles:: "But we have other cans of chicken soup."

Mr. Newlywed Giggle:: "But the Shrek soup tastes better."

This is when I laugh and leave. I bought him a can of Shrek soup too.

The joys of a sick husband who is feeling better...

Cheers to a great blogger, Sass!

Do you want to read something that will make you forget what is going on around at that moment? Then you must visit Are You Sassified? and read probably one of the best blog posts I have read.

Sass is awesome. She is an amazing uplifting individual who shares with us the good, bad, ugly, pretty, confusing, frustrating and many more things about life with her readers.

Sass is what you can call a world class blogger, who is hilarious too! Pay her a visit. I promise you won't regret it.

Cheers to you Sass!

Sep 1, 2009

Cookies that are adorable

So, I literally got the munchies sitting at my desk (which happens when you skip breakfast) so I went over to the good ole vending machine and saw that they had the Fudge Shoppe cookies.

Now, as I am opening the bag I am thinking that they are regular size but they aren't... they're snack size and I think they are so cute because of how small they are.

I am totally aware of how RANDOM this post is, but I just had to share. :)

Aug 31, 2009

I rocked it like I was 21!

On Saturday I had my 26th birthday party celebration! But I really rocked it like I was turning 21! We had so much. A whole bunch of friends got together for dinner at a sushi buffet place. Then after that we headed to the club to put our dancing shoes on and party all night long! And we did! My poor feet were killing me by 2 in the morning and I couldn't bare to dance anymore even though I REALLY wanted to keep dancing all night long. But I had such a blast!

At dinner, we had a huge long table and it was BYOB so let's just say we all got very typsy while enjoying dinner. There were empty bottles everywhere! In our defense, there were about 16 of us. :)

Then, my friend bought me a birthday cake to share with everyone and it was great because the staff from the Sushi buffet place came out with gongs, tambourines, and all other sorts of instruments with candles on my birthday cake and all! They dimmed the lights and there just happen to be a disco ball right above our table that lit up the restaurant like a club while everyone sang Happy Birthday to me! Awesome, I know!

So, I leave you with some pics from the birthday bash... but also with some pics of my NEW HAIR DO!!!

This was me before:

And this is me now!

Birthday table of close friends!

My big birthday candle along with my small ones!

Group shot!

My sister-in-crime and me... and my goofy friend in the back!

Me with the boys!

I think that by this point, the wine started to kick in

This me and friend (her name is Justyna but we call each other friend because we are cool like that!)

Me and my best friend who is so much fun to party with

Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles dancing at the club

Mr. Newlywed Giggle giving the sexy look and Mrs. Newlywed Giggle giggling!

This is before we left the house to go to dinner

The joys of spending birthdays with close friends...