Nov 14, 2016

Wine + Pottery = Fun Girl's Day

You know those Monday mornings when you wake up and can tell yourself "I had a great weekend".  I woke up with that feeling this morning.  Spent this weekend with close friends and it was a fantastic time.

Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for one of our best friends.  He was definitely surprised because when he walked in the first thing that came out of his mouth were "What the fuck" as we all yelled SURPRISE in his face.  We ate a fantastic dinner and then continued to stuff our bellies with really good dessert.  It was so nice to just be together celebrating a joyous occasion.. especially after all the negativity that has been happening in the world this past week.

Birthday Boy
 photo Picture_20161114_082746779_zpsaxzqllk9.jpg

And can I say there is nothing cuter than the below picture.  Sophia was so excited when GG came over.  They played all night!
 photo Picture_20161114_082903301_zpsf3z2pkbp.jpg

Sunday we had a girls day planned.  Sis-in-crime takes pottery classes and was able to set up a private session.  Best part was that we were able to bring wine along while munching on snacks that were provided.
 photo Picture_20161114_083456273_zpspcav8u95.jpg

This was the best experience EVER.  Can I tell you that the owner at Madison Mud was FANTASTIC.  Like, she was so down to earth, hilarious and had the patience to deal with us ladies who were in need of a day out.  But honestly, if you live in NJ you have to go check out her place.  We each were able to make 3 pieces.  Two of the pieces were on the wheel and the other was a hand building piece.  So much fun!

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