Nov 11, 2016



Reading Search Inside Yourself.  This book was gifted by my director to help with my individual development plan.  So far it's good and has witty humor in it.  Nice book to change your mind of thinking.

Listening to Telescope song from the show Nashville.  I LOVE the show and love the music even more.  So currently on Spotify I am listening to the Nashville cast channel.

Watching too many shows on TV.  TV is my weakness and makes me "escape" real life, so I'll take it.

Excited for vacation for the week of Thanksgiving!  We booked this cruise two years ago with our friends and it's finally almost here.

Celebrating that I made it another day.  Work has been stressful and being a parent to a toddler is not easy either.  So my motto = If we wake up the next day fed, clothed and alive... I won.

Wearing jeans and comfy shirt since I feel like shit right now.  Days like today is when I'm glad we have a casual dress code at work.

Discovering that I am getting sick thanks to a toddler who has been sick this week.

Annoyed by all of the negativity that is around about our President Elect.  Just when you think the world is at a better place... you realize that we have somehow reverted back to our old racist ways.

Starting to look at new opportunities for my future.

What are you currently up to these days?