Sep 13, 2016

When you negotiate a ticket

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending 7 hours in a court room just so I can get points taken off a ticket I got.

7 hours.

The fact that I spent that much time was crazy... but I had to do what I had to do.  As I sat there for 7 hours, I felt like I was in an episode of law and order.  I heard about a gazillion cases yesterday.

  • There were about 30 cases of people who let their grass grow too high.  So these people who got fined had to come to court for their ticket.  Fine was $75 and court fees of $33. So this is a warning for you that make sure you cut your grass because if not, the police will come after you. 
  • Then there was a case of a girl who apparently beat the shit out of her boyfriend.  Looking at her, you would have never known she had so much rage. 
  • Then there were 3 people who came in from jail.. handcuffs and all. I thought they were all guys until the judge called the name... and holy shit she was a female.  Would have never known thanks to her shaven head and "manly" outfit.  She went crazy in a CVS pharmacy by stealing and assaulting one of the employees.  Part of her deal was that she was being checked into rehab after jail.  
  • THEN THE KICKER - guy was caught masturbating in his car in a public parking lot. HEARD IT ALL! 

So that was my day in court.  Hope your Monday was much better than mine. 
And onto Tuesday we go... 


Nikki said...

Oh my! Gotta love court. Did you get the points dropped?

Jen said...

Ugh! Dealing with that stuff is so darn stressful! I hope you got the points dropped.