Jul 19, 2016



  • Exhausted... thanks to spending all night at dealership getting new car and coming home late to then have a toddler wake up in middle of night and come into our bed and toss and turned ALL NIGHT LONG. 

  • Wishing for a new back... since I have not been sleeping for the past few weeks, my back is killing me.  Why does everything need to go to shits when you get older. 
  • Making a list for vacation.  Trying to not forget to pack any essentials we may need! 
  • Getting as much work wrapped up before I leave for vacation which is giving me major anxiety. 
  • Eating Hershey Kisses for breakfast. 
  • Having a bad hair day thanks to humidity

  • Counting down the days till vacation... 11 days.  Hello cruise vacation. 

  • Trying everything in my power to not walk out of work and go home becuase i'm just that tired. 
  • Getting a cup of coffee to get this day "actually" started 

Happy Tuesday! 

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