Jun 8, 2015

Life happens

This space... it's been a long time since I've visited this space of mine.

Life has been filled with lots of UPS and lots of DOWNS these past few weeks.  Not going to lie, life has kicked my ass pretty hard.  But I continued getting up and trying to move forward. So here I am, still kicking and breathing.  Amen to that.

My goodness so much has happened that I can't even recap it all. But most of all, I have been trying to enjoy life, both the good and bad.  Just being in the moment.  It's hard to just be in the moment when our lives are so consumed with to do lists, social media, and work.  But sometimes, we just need to forget everything else and have a little fun.

Well, I have been having fun.  My way.  The way I know best.  By just being silly old me and spending as much time as possible being with people who I love and making memories.  Every weekend we have been out and about and sometimes I tell myself that I need to slow down, but then I think about all the memories I have just created and think, why would I want to slow down and not have those memories?

Sophia has been doing great.  She has been doing physical therapy once a week and will start developmental therapy this week.  With the therapy, she has been starting to try to crawl.  When I put her down on the floor, she "swims" and has been sticking her butt in the air.  She will move backwards and pretty much turn herself around and even though she can't crawl, she is able to move herself enough to get into things already.  The word "No" is very common in our house now.  I still can't believe that she is already 9 months.  She eats like a champ, as in screams between spoonfuls because apparently we take too long in between. Ha!  She is growing up so fast now I feel and just wants to be mobile.  She won't sit still for two minutes! It just amazes me every day the new stuff she learns.

Work has been kind of hectic lately.  There has been a lot of reorganization going on and transitions so as you all know, it means there are so many things that are up in the air and everyone is just trying to get a handle of new way of doing things.

Sadie just recently celebrated a birthday and is 4 years old! I feel like it was just yesterday that I picked her up from the farm and brought her home.  My little puppy isn't a puppy anymore.  But she still has her spunk which I love.

We have a vacation planned for December and I really wish it was much earlier because waiting is making me go bonkers.  But it will be well worth the wait.  Also, it will be Sophia's first cruise so we are really excited about that! The one good thing about taking a cruise vacation in December is that we will be getting away from cold/snow weather for 10 days! At least there's that.

For those who believe in the power of prayer... I will ask that you keep a few things in your prayers tonight...

  • I just recently learned that a dear friend of mine is battling cancer.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they go through a very difficult journey ahead. 
  • I have a few potential things lining up all at once so can use some positive thoughts my way that at least one of them sticks and guidance on making the right decision.
  • I have three friends that are pregnant.. one is due any day now, the other one is midway and one is just going into her second trimester.  Please keep them all in your prayers for strength as they embark on their new journeys.  
As Ellen would say... Be kind to one another.


Samantha said...

Hope you've been doing well. Missed you around the blogosphere!! Prayers and xoxo

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts coming your way! I'm glad you're immersing yourself in life, the good and the bad. As a small thing, I left the house yesterday and completely forgot my phone. I didn't have it with me for almost 5 hours... and it was wonderful!

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

Happy to hear you are taking some time to enjoy! A cruise in December sounds just about perfect!

Jen said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!! Hugs! So happy to see you blogging.