Apr 14, 2015

Because sometimes you just need a break

It's been a long time since I've visited this space of mine.  I won't bore with you excuses of why I was gone.  I just needed a break.  I can feel myself losing every fiber of me.  I have been trying to get back into a normal routine, but I think I realized that as a parent, there is no normal routine.  Something new pops up every day.  One thing for sure is that I miss this space.  I miss my connection with you all, and that makes me sad.  This is something that I did because I wanted to, not because I saw someone else doing it and wanted to copy them.  I did this for me, to write and be expressive about my life.  I won't say that I'm back for good because life doesn't allow guarantees, but I will say that I want to write alot more than I have these past couple of months. 

So onto the writing... let me give you a quick life recap:

  • I have purple hair 
 photo purple hair_zpsp1wlwul6.jpg
  • I have met my goal for donations for the March of Dimes walk in honor of Sophia.  Can't wait to walk with friends and family on April 26th.
 photo NICU shirt_zpsrxjtjrs6.jpg
  • Sophia has been getting up in the middle of the night these past week and it's making hubs and I zombies.  I am pretty sure it might be her top teeth coming in.  Hoping we can get past this stage pretty quickly.  
  • I currently feel like shit today and  hoping I can get better ASAP. 
  • Sophia had an early intervention evaluation on Monday morning and it was determined that she qualifies for help in two areas out of five.  I'm glad we were proactive in getting the evaluation and ready for the next steps to help her "catch up".  But I had to relive my NICU experience and it really hit me again that I went through a traumatic experience.  But I am happy to report, that I am getting better day by day with accepting what happened. 
  • Sadie has been on medicine for a month since blood work showed she had elevated liver enzymes.  I am praying that when we go to back to vet for follow up, that blood work is good.  If not, there seems to be talks around liver disease.  I can't handle if my other baby girl is sick, this may truly put me over the edge.  My poor furbaby. 
 photo sadie giggles_zpshbajvysc.jpg
  • Work is good.  For once, I am actually caught up and the craziness has died down a bit which helped me really get my work groove on track. Here's to hoping I can continue to have a work groove.  
  • We may be booking our first vacation with Sophia for this year.... this could be exciting and also scary to travel with baby girl who will just be about one by that time. 
  • My migraines have gotten worse since I have given birth.  Tremendously worse.  So I have been trying acupuncture and can't really tell you if it's working or not.  But I am seeing a neurologist next week to make sure my brain is OK and there's nothing else that may be causing the severe migraines.  Here's to hoping I can get some relief hopefully soon. And hoping for good results. 
That seems to be life in a nutshell at the current moment... or as much as my DayQuil fog brain can manage to think up. 

Happy Tuesday my peeps. 


Jen said...

You look gorgeous! :) I absolutely love the purple hair.

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

LOVEEEEE the hair girl!

Samantha said...

Love the hair! Hope you and your puppy get well asap!

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