Jan 5, 2015

We survived the holiday season with a baby

It's official, we have survived baby's first holiday season.

It may not be as bad if she was a tad bit older... I can't image when she's a toddler how the holiday season is going to be.  But we made it.  We had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.

For Christmas, I had the task of cooking a pernil (pork) since my parents went on vacation during Christmas.  I was super nervous to make it and praying it would come out decent.  My sister made a ham... i think as backup. Ha!  But I am super proud to say my pernil came out FANTASTIC.  That baby slow cooked in my oven for 6 hours and it was worth every last bite.  We had a great dinner at my sister's house and ended the night watching movies.

But let me tell you, I understand how they say Christmas is totally different when you have kids.  Truth is in this picture right here:

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Her face cracks me up.  She was so happy just looking at the wrapping paper!
And of course we had to take the obligatroy picture by the tree.

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Sophia pretty much slept through Christmas.

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Christmas weekend we headed on a road trip to DC to visit our dear friend.  We booked a hotel room for the night and our road trip was a success.  It was exhausting but we did it with a 4 month old taking the 3 1/2 hour drive and we made it out alive.   I ended up working Mon-Wed so for new year's eve, my mom cooked dinner.  Sophia stayed up through midnight because she was not missing the party.  Plus, when you have a party dress on you MUST stay up.

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Then promptly 10 minutes after the ball dropped, she was out!  Poor thing must have been so tired she slept for 9 hours that night.  Hubs had to work on Friday so it was a perfect opportunity for Sophia and I to visit to she can meet everyone he works with.  Off we headed to his office and she was great UNTIL the blow out happened.   I smelled poop and of course Sophia would poop when we are out.  I pick up her to go and change her and when I turn her around I see a poop spot on the back of her shirt.  Immediately I go to the hubs and tell him "She had a blow out!".  Thank goodness for extra clothes packed in diaper bag but let me tell you, I was sweating bullets.  I was just glad I saw it before anyone else did. So after Sophia's outfit change we said our goodbyes and headed home but Sophia had some emails to take care of before we left. LOL

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I enjoyed being home with Sophia for the 4 day weekend so much.  But glad to get back into a routine again.  Next long weekend I have to look forward to is Jan 16th when we will be away.  Can't come soon enough.

Happy New Year! How was your holiday?


Jen said...

She looks so cute with all her presents!! :)

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

Christmas is SO fun with kids. What sweet pictures!