Dec 16, 2014

Keeping up with the Joneses - NOT

Let me tell you, Pinterest and blog land make it real hard to keep up with stuff.

All I ever see is perfect parties, perfect photographed kids, perfect holiday cards, perfect houses, etc.

You all are making the rest of us normal human beings look bad. Just saying.

Here's my list of how I am not keeping up with the Joneses...

  • I just did Sophia's birth announcement cards... which I tied together to also be the Christmas card, which just got delivered yesterday, a week before. 
  • I have not had professional photos of Sophia done because I was so inspired by all of you and then when I saw the price tag I was like, yeah.. that's not happening.  Just not possible. 
  • I have yet to send out thank you cards from baby shower. ugh.
  • Sophia's room doesn't look like it should belong in a Martha Steward magazine. Whatevsss
  • I haven't bounced back from pregnancy weight and I am OK with it. Takes the dam pressure off.  I will eventually get there. 
  • I don't have onesies for every freaking holiday to put on my child. 
  • I just put up our Christmas decorations in our apartment and half of them are homemade and not fancy. 
  • I haven't event thought about what I am going to get Sophia for her first Christmas present. 
  • We have yet to take pictures with Santa with Sophia because I refuse to deal with mall crowds for an overpriced picture of bad quality.  We may be going this Saturday to local firehouse so let's see how that works.
  • The laundry is piling up, the house is dirty and the dog needs a grooming session like two weeks ago. 
I am kind of glad I am not keeping up because it sounds like way too much work and I am one tired new mama who is just trying to make it every day. 


Its All Geek To Me 27 said...

Girl, I'm the same way. Behind on everything and just don't want to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

FYI I LOVE the photos you post on instagram, your baby girl is so freakin precious!

Nikki said...

Do you momma, do you!

shay said...

Love this post! You can only do what you can do... i have about 5 piles of CLEAN laundry piled in various spots in our bedroom that i just don't have the energy to put away!

Jen said...

Hey you are doing awesome! Don't worry about anything else. :)